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Woody Pet Green Machine
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"Green Machine" is a steel constructed, electrically operated sifting machine which automatically removes the manure from the bedding, both cleaning and mixing the bedding in one smooth operation.

Just shovel both the manure and bedding onto the vibrating screen. The bedding is instantly mixed and cleaned and drops back onto the stall floor ready for spreading. The manure rolls off the end of the machine into your bucket or wheel barrow.

Your stalls will become cleaner and your bedding will last longer, average stall cleaning time is 4 to 5 minutes per stall. Using the "GREEN MACHINE" should save you up to 65% less cleaning time and 50% less bedding cost. No more arm or back pain, no odor and fewer flies.

The "Green Machine" works with all bedding materials as long as they are small enough to pass through the 1/2 inch X 1 inch diamond grid screen.


1...Scrape the bedding from under where you are using the machine. 2...Wheel in the machine.
3...Turn it on.
4...Place the bucket or wheel barrow under the end of the machine.
5...Using a large flat bottom shovel, gently dump the bedding and manure onto the vibrating screen.
6...Do not load the screen before turning on the machine.
7...Remove the machine and bucket.
8...Spread the bedding.

Cleaning Stalls with a Sifting Machine went through a two year evaluation test with JOHN LYONS at his ranch in Colorado. Perfect Horse Magazine published a review in the December 1999 issue:
"...we tested this product extensively, and found that using it saved time, effort and shavings... we found the dirtier the stall, the more you see the advantage over hand picking. We found we ended up with a cleaner stall..." Only five minutes is the average cleaning time per stall which is a 65% cleaning time savings for most folks. You should also save as much as 50% on your bedding cost. No more arm or back pain. No more odor and fewer flies. The more stalls you have the faster the machine will pay for itself.


The powder coat finish on this all steel constructed machine makes the surface almost indestructible. The mechanical components are reliable and easy to service. Powered by a 1/3 HP commercial electric motor with large 20 inch, heavy spoked wheels and solid tires, makes the Green Machine the highest quality, most cost effective machine of its kind on the market today!


The Green Machine can be purchased directly from WoodyPet for shipping anywhere within USA and Canada. Some assembly is required to attach the legs and wheels. For pricing and delivery costs please call our Toll Free number 1-888-535-9816 or email sales@woodypet.com

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