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Dental hygiene isn’t just a thing for humans. Dogs also need special effort and attention when it comes to oral care so, as dog owners, we should take responsibility not just in the actual brushing of their teeth, but also in choosing which dog toothpaste would be the best for them!

7 Best Dog Toothpaste You Should Use On Your Dog

Before picking out the best dog toothpaste from the pet store, you should still educate yourself on what makes a dog toothpaste effective, what to avoid, and how to know which dog toothpaste would be most effective for your dog’s dental hygiene. 

Periodontal disease is one of the main diseases that are caused by bad oral hygiene in dogs. It affects the teeth and gums by plaque formation and gingivitis. Dogs eat and the particles of their food get stuck in their gum line enough to accumulate plaque. This is especially important to take note of as periodontal disease can carry bacteria into your dog’s bloodstream. Ultimately, your dog will have difficulty in eating and their organs in filtering and pumping blood. 

What You Need to Know About Dog Toothpaste

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Dog toothpaste is the solution to periodontal diseases. They contain ingredients that help wash away stains and plaque buildup in your dog’s teeth. The best type of dog toothpaste is what we call the enzymatic toothpaste. As hinted by the name, it contains enzymes that lessen tartar buildup and bad breath as it reduces bacteria. 

Aside from its special ingredients, there are more reasons why dogs need to have a separate toothpaste just for them, and the most important thing to remember is that human toothpaste is bad for your dogs. How bad? The components of our toothpaste are especially toxic to dogs and it could lead to many complications. 

Human toothpaste mainly contains xylitol and fluoride. Xylitol is the artificial sweetener that makes our toothpaste tastes differently and can even be added with certain flavors. Fluoride is primarily used to strengthen the outer layer of our teeth, which is called the enamel, and thus, helps prevent cavities. 

Aside from not being able to tolerate the minty flavor of our toothpaste, Xylitol can cause potential liver damage and blood sugar drops in your dog. Moreover, fluoride can cause gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and vomiting. As opposed to its function in human toothpaste, fluoride actually decreases the calcium in your dog’s blood and increases the potassium levels instead. 

These are the best dog toothpaste you can get, and each has its own specialty. Find out which ones would suit your dog best! 

Petsmile Professional Pet Toothpaste

Hailed as the first dog toothpaste to be ever recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, expect to find quality results. The VOHC recognizes products that meet pre-set standards of plaque and tartar buildup in dogs and cats – how credible can a dog toothpaste get?

Petsmile Professional Pet Toothpaste is formulated with Calprox ingredient which effectively removes plaque and has been clinically demonstrated to provide a 62% greater reduction in plaque as compared to a control toothpaste. Not only that but the taste is something that dogs even like as well! You can expect that this is a great overall dog toothpaste that could attend to the general problems concerning your dog’s oral hygiene! 

Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste

This dog toothpaste specializes in reducing plaque and tartar formation in your dog’s teeth. If you have such concerns, this is the dog toothpaste for you! With its patented enzymes, this non-foaming formula does not require rinsing which makes for easy dog teeth brushing (especially for us, dog owners)! In terms of flavor, the Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste comes in a delicious poultry flavor that surely dogs will love. 

Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Care Kit

Does your dog have especially bad breath? If so, you should definitely use the Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Care Kit. It’s gentle yet effective in eliminating the dog’s breath and also helps in reducing tartar buildup. Moreover, this dog toothpaste helps in whitening and brightening your dog’s teeth as well. What makes this dog toothpaste especially interesting and effective is it’s made from natural ingredients. These natural components ensure optimal dental health for your dog with the tasty vanilla ginger flavor. 

KissAble All-Natural Dog Toothpaste

The KissAble All-Natural Dog Toothpaste doesn’t require rinsing at all, so this is perfect for those who have a difficult time brushing their dog’s teeth. It’s made with vanilla and tea tree oil, which has antiseptic and antifungal properties, for a healthy formula for your dog! Given all of these natural components, it also promotes healthy gums and prevents tartar buildup. 

Pura Naturals Pet Organic Dental Solutions Kit

This dog toothpaste is free from all harmful ingredients for your dogs such as xylitol, preservatives, dyes, pesticides, GMOs, gluten, fluoride, and other artificial additives. It helps freshen breath and its firm bristles invigorate your dog’s gums, remove tartar, and fight plaque. It’s made in the USA and is also cruelty-free. You can trust that this dog toothpaste adheres to the proper standards of a good product as the American factories that produce these engage in environmentally friendly practices and comply with strict quality standards.

Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste

If you’ve got a lot of pets other than dogs in your house and you don’t want to spend on different kinds of toothpaste for all, this one’s just right for you! This Enzadent Toothpaste contains ingredients that help eliminate your pet’s bad breath and combat harmful bacterial growth in your pet’s moth. This non-foaming toothpaste removes food debris and plaque for healthy, polished teeth and fresh breath. Its triple enzyme formula also effectively cleans pets’ teeth and can be safely swallowed without rinsing! 

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Teeth Gel

If your dog just doesn’t want to get their teeth brushed, use this Tropiclean Fresh Breath Teeth Gel! Just apply two drops to each side of your dog’s mouth and voila! You don’t even need to do any brushing! Despite its easy application, the effectiveness of this dog toothpaste is not compromised. It is formulated with a unique combination of ingredients including green tea that works together to help remove plaque and tartar safely and effectively. 

best dog toothpaste
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We, dog owners, should be responsible for ensuring that our dog’s dental hygiene is healthy and consistently so. These best dog toothpaste will definitely help with whatever issues we have concerning our dog’s teeth. Try them on your dog and see for yourself! 


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