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Betta Fish Eye Swollen

Betta fish are adorable pets to have in your tank at home. At the same time, proper care for them should be provided from every owner.

Fish can suffer from many sorts of diseases, and every one of those can cause them big trouble. In general, fish that you keep at home are small creatures, and their body can be very vulnerable if under any threat.

Because of these reasons, you should take every sign of uneasiness of your Betta fish seriously. In this article, we will seek for the answer of the question – what to do when your Betta fish suffers from popeye? Let us find out what can cause your Betta fish eye swollen, as well as what can you do to prevent it, and what other can this condition mean? How dangerous can that be?

We will, of course, also help you by finding out how can a swollen eye on Betta fish be cured.

Betta Fish Eye Swollen – eye bulging and cloudy?

The normal betta eyes can turn into being swollen for a number of reasons. Let’s find out what can make your poor Betta fish’s eye suffer. This is crucial in order to learn how the condition can be treated and cured.

Every type of fish can suffer from exophthalmia, which is how really the popular “swollen eye”, or “popeye”, is called by the experts.

Betta fish’ eye gets swollen when it is pressed from behind, which causes it to protuberate.

We can make a difference when it comes to this condition, between one swollen eye, or when the two of your Betta fish’s eyes are affected.

Betta Fish Eye Swollen – One Swollen Eye on Betta fish

When your Betta fish has one swollen eye, it is very likely that the eye is not seriously negatively affected. It probably means that your Betta just hit into some of the items or into the glass of the tank on its road. Therefore, the unilateral popeye is, in all likelihood, not too bad news.

On the other hand, your Betta may have been hurt by another fish, if you are keeping it with another Betta specimen, or other sort of fish in a community tank. Bettas can not live together with all other sorts of fish, and two male Bettas in one aquarium are the worst combination you can think of. If your Betta is hurt by its tank mate, better react quickly and separate the fish in different tanks, before further damage is caused.

Two Swollen Eyes on Your Betta Fish

When your Betta fish has two of its eyes swollen, it is, unfortunately, probably bad news. Your poor cute Betta pet suffers by being infected. And this infliction is provoked by bacteria, parasites, and fungus. Usually, the Betta fish you keep is affected by an additional sickness besides the swollen eyes, so it would be wise to look up at your pet more carefully and find out whether this is the case, and act on it timely.

Symptoms of Swollen Eyes on Betta Fish

If you are being a careful owner, like everyone should be, you may prevent the eyes of your Betta being popped out, if you notice that they are surrounded by a white-colored circle. This is the first sign that their one, or both eyes will get swollen. You should act before it becomes the case and provide your Betta with proper treatment.

Furthermore, if your Betta fish’s one or both eyes suffer from being swollen, then, first and foremost, they will be popped out. This is an ultimate sign that your Betta is afflicted by this infection.

When your Betta fish is ill and has swollen eyes, also, this can be followed by a change of the color of their eyes. The color may shift to being pale white, or your Betta may appear as a cloudy eye fish. These symptoms appear in a case when its cornea is fractured. In addition, their eyes may be stained with blood, which means that probably your Betta was engaged in a physical duel.

Some other symptoms that can allude on the fact that your Betta has swollen eyes can be loss of desire for eating, lethargy and idleness.

How to Cure Popeye in Fish

If your Betta suffers from swollen eyes as a consequence from being harmed, you should treat it in a manner which we will now describe. First, transfer a part of the water from the tank to a canister. Dissolve some Epsom salt, in a quantity recommended on the product. After that, place the betta inside the canister, and put the dissolved Epsom salt inside. Leave the Betta fish inside for around ten minutes, and then place it back to the tank. The water inside your aquarium should remain warm.

If your Betta fish suffers from an infection, first, put the fish into a quarantine aquarium. If you keep other fish inside your main tank, change the water, because that way, you prevent the other fish from the sickness.

Mix ampicillin with aquarium water, and then place it inside your tank. Put one container of ampicillin for betta fish on ten gallons of water. Every third day, clear the tank from its old water and fill it with a clear one. After that, put the ampicillin mixed with aquarium salts.


We provided you with many answers for the questions in relation to the infection that causes your Betta pet eyes to get swollen. We believe and hope that you will find them useful.

Proper and careful treatment, as well as prevention, if you are able to do it, are needed in order to save your Betta fish. Is it possible that the pop-eye will kill your Betta fish? Not very likely, but your poor pet can perish if the swollen eyes are followed by another, more serious affliction, which we mentioned already that may occur to be the case.

When dealing with swollen eyes, you need to be patient. Your Betta fish may need longer time, sometimes even months, so that it can be fully cured from the swollen eyes and they would get back to normal.

In cases, like this, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals. They will surely have answers and solutions for your pet’s problems.


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