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Bringing home a pet is one of the exciting things to do, some people add a new furry member to the family or perhaps a feathered friend, but in our end, we want to have those small fin-tastic ones!

With beautiful colors, magnificent patterns to look at, and hypnotic moves you might want to consider having a betta fish as your new companion. In general, fish provides a silent and dreamy ambiance to your home which is perfect if you want to keep the volume inside the house low. Let me help you in deciding by these betta fish facts.

10 Betta Fish Facts 


Betta Fish Profile

Scientific Name: Betta Splendens

Common Names: Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta

Care Level: Easy

Size: 2.5 inches (6 cm)

Origin: Cambodia, Thailand 

Tank Level: All

Minimum Tank Size: 2 gallon

Behavior: Peaceful with the right mates

Betta Fish Facts – Betta Fish Tank Requirements

If you are considering getting betta fish as a pet you should keep out of your head the idea that these specific type of fish won’t be happy if you will put them in a small environment, though betta is very small, easy to keep, and have the capability to breathe through the air they need to have the best environment possible to live. Think yourself living in a small house where there’s only enough space for necessities like cooking and sleeping, will you be happy and comfortable? Of course, no! We want a spacious area where we can lounge and play. Fish are no different, they also want to swim around but they will not be able to do that if you will put them in a cup or vase. There is a lot of nano aquarium’s in the market today that will be perfect for your betta fish tank. Choose a tank that has built-in filtration and lighting and your fish will be having a long and happy life. 


The recommended temperature for keeping a beta fish is between 78° and 80° Fahrenheit, if the temperature gets lower the metabolism of the fish will also start to slow down, however, if it gets higher there will be lower oxygen level in the water but the fish will still be fine because betta fish  can stabilize their labyrinth organ which allows them to breathe air. With these following, the recommended temperature is the safer way.


One of the interesting betta fish facts is that these fishes don’t quite go along with other betta fishes in the same aquarium because of their temperament and unfortunately fighting is their favorite sport. Betta fishes can hang out with other regular size tropical fishes out there as long as it doesn’t have larger fins like angelfish. 

Betta Fish Types

Betta fish are small and colorful fish with striking visuals and personalities. They are usually classified according to their colors, patterns, and tail type. The tail is the most appealing characteristic of betta fish and usually, names are given according to their tale shape. There are lots of betta fish types out there so before getting one, make sure to check first which variety you’ll like to see on your aquarium.


Betta fish do well with whatever you will put on the aquarium from live or fake plants, rocks, or statues but you have to know that betta fish are small fragile fishes so you might want to consider not putting decorations that have sharp edges unless you want their gorgeous fins to be scarred? No, we don’t want that.


Fishes are more than just pets inside the aquarium, they are a companion and friend though they never do “human talk” to their owners. A well-cared betta can live anywhere from two to five years and could go beyond those years if taken extra more care. If a betta fish dies earlier than its lifespan it’s probably because you did not do your job of taking care of them. So, try to keep the aquarium clean by changing the water once it became dirty; It is recommended to have built-in filtration on your aquarium because it would make the job easier for you in maintaining clean water for your betta fishes.


Feeding fishes is probably the part of the day I most look forward to, why? Don’t you feel on cloud nine whenever you watch them swim and eating their treats and feeding them is the easiest thing to do in the world! There are a lot of choices for fish food brands out there for your betta fishes, and each brand comes with a specific formula for your bettas. Betta’s are carnivores which means they like food high in protein and there are several brands out there to choose from like live foods, pellets, or frozen foods. You just have to figure out which fish food work’s best for you and your bettas’.


Another enthralling betta fish fact is gender differences. It is very easy to distinguish the male and female bettas. Usually, male betta showcases deep beautiful colors and has longer and flowing fins as compare with female bettas. Male bettas have a more definite “beard” which you can find under their gill coverings. Female betta mostly displays vertical stripes and an egg spot once ready to mate. 

Betta Fish Behavior

According to research, betta fishes can recognize their owners, once they will see their owners approaching the aquarium they will swim excitingly around. They are curious which is another interesting fact about betta fish behavior; they like to play detective when new things are put inside the aquarium.


If your planning on breeding betta’s first thing you need to consider is if you are prepared to home the coming baby betta’s? If you are, then that is great because fish are more than just small species who swims inside your aquarium, it’s a life we are talking here. Generally, bettas can’t be with other bettas’ inside the aquarium that is why you need to have breeder boxes or tank divider comes in handy. The breeder box or tank divider will help your bettas’ go through the court process without fighting. Once they’re done flirting both fish can be put in thrsame breeding tank together where they can proceed to the next process in which the male will build a bubble nest on the surface of the water  and the female will drop the eggs, the male will pick them up and put on the bubble nest and that’s where they will stay until eggs will hatch. Once the whole breeding process is done, female bettas should be put in another aquarium while male bettas should stay to protect the eggs.

Betta’s are stress reliever and beautiful to watch, so it is no surprise that having them as a new addition to the family will be fin-tastic! 

Betta Fish Facts Conclusion

I hope these betta fish facts able to help you decide to have one, after all the love for living creatures is the noblest attribute of man. Have a splash!


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