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Can Betta Fish See In The Dark?

The Betta fish, pretty much like humans when it comes to activity, are efficient when there is light and fall into inactivity while it’s dark. They need light in order to receive their daily meals and swim inside the tank. On the other hand, they need the dark for their rest.

They need at least eight hours up to ten of light during the day. This is why you should provide them with it and do not keep them in a dark place all of the time. It is important that you make sure they have light as much as it is important for us having the Sun.  

Betta fish are one of a kind and this is why every owner, or every potential one, must pay attention to all the aspects needed to be known about the living habits of this unique species. 

In this article, we will cover the daily and nightly activities of this type of fish, and give an answer to the very question- can Betta fish see in the dark?

So Can Betta Fish See In The Dark

Can Betta Fish See In The Dark

While the Betta fish are able to see, their power of sight is not that strong. But, they can do fine in a tank which contains more claggy water.  The Bettas are special in more than one aspect, which is why many people choose to keep them in the first place.

For example, their sight is monocular, so they can see in two different ways at the same time with each one of their eyes.  On the other hand, Betta fish’s eyesight struggles to fit in any kinds of circumstances, since their iris needs more time to be functional, and as a result, the Betta fish do not recognize things very well.  

When there is light, they swim and are playful. When the lights are off, it’s time to rest. 

Do Betta fish sleep? Yes, of course they do. 

Can Betta Fish Sleep In The Dark

Yes, they can. Moreover, they need darkness in order to get some sleep. 

Unfortunately, the Betta fish lack eyelids, so they cannot close their eyes in order to rest like we humans do. This is why, during the night, they still keep their eyes open. 

When it’s time for your cute Betta fish pet to rest, make sure that their surroundings are all clear, in a sense that they need complete silence in order to get some sleep. 

The reason for this is the fact that the Betta fish are very responsive to activities which are taking place in the area they live in. Any distraction can disrupt their rest so you must be very careful where you place your aquarium, which is where they live in. In the aquarium you keep your Betta fish, they create space especially for their mating, and they look after it.

If you want to know whether the Betta fish can see in the dark or not, we recommend that first and foremost, you need to keep your special Betta friend inside a specialized Betta aquarium, with an additional lighting system. 

Now, let’s find out whether the Betta fish can see in the dark.

As a first step, turn off the lights in the aquarium and observe the Betta fish’s adaptation to the darkness. 

Keep a close eye on the Betta fish as much as you can. The fish will be scared and in terror. This is part of the adaptation. After they settle in, they will probably search for an accommodating area in the tank where they can sleep and rest. 

Do not be deceived by their appearance – even though they might look like they don’t see a thing, this is not true. With the help of their sensors, connected to their nervous system, they can see in the dark. 

So, we have the final answer to our main question we asked in this article. 

Their sensors are amazing, and they can locate the ends of the aquarium, and whether the Betta fish is getting closer to them. Also, these sensors are even an addition to their cuteness: When you keep more than one Betta fish in one aquarium, the sensors help them coordinate themselves better, and prevent a collision of one Betta fish with another, since they know exactly where the rest of the fish are at the moment. So you see, the Betta fish can look out for each other and be careful. 

Can Betta Fish Eat in The Dark? 

The Betta fish are put in a favorable position thanks to some of their traits. Their lateral line system, where their sense organs can be found, are their valuable tool for identifying activities, movements, but also smells. The last mentioned ability helps them to locate their food in the darkness.

Further, their lateral line protects them from any potential danger to them in the aquarium. They can literally sense the hostile behaviour that another fish shows, which gives them alarm so that they can hide in a timely manner and escape mortal danger. 

Can Betta Fish See Color

The answer to this question would be – yes, they can. They are able to recognize multiple kinds of colors. In order to be able to see colors better, they need light, where they can perceive them more easily. 


We covered a lot of areas which needed to be explored in order to find out how the Betta fish’s orientation skills work, and we learned a lot about their adaptation in the environment where they are living in.

This article’s goal was to help you find out more about your favorite Betta fish pet, and the more you learn about them, you realize just how amazing and unique these wonderful species are.

The key to answer the question whether the Betta fish can see in the dark lies in their sensors. They help them adapt to the dark environment pretty quickly and also enable them to see in the darkness. 

So while the Betta fish do not have a very good eyesight, do not be deceived by this information. Their sensors are quite advanced and pretty much make up for the areas where the Betta fish lack some abilities. 



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