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Can Cats Eat Mango: One of the most important questions every cat owner has is whether a certain food is good for their diet. We all want to share diverse and nutritious food for our pets, and we often wonder whether they can eat a particular food we find delicious. 

Fruits are often one of the food groups for which we are wondering whether they are good for our cats. We are all familiar with their nutritious value, but we are also concerned about the amount of sugar they contain and whether they will harm our cats. What fruits can cats eat

In this article, we will discuss one of the most frequently asked questions: can cats eat mango? One of the most popular and sweet fruits in the human diet, which can be found in so many households around the world, it’s no wonder if we want to share this delicious fruit with our cats. We will also cover some other common fruits, so stay tuned!

Can Cats Eat Mango?

Can Cats Eat Mango

Mango, also known as Mangifera indica, is part of the Anacardiaceae family. It’s a cashew family, that also includes cashews and pistachios, but also poison ivy and marula. They are native to South Asia, and this is the place where the mango we know today originates. There are other types of mango, however, they are not as common around the world, and are usually a localized use in South Asia. 

The benefits of mango for people are numerous: it contains a lot of antioxidants, it helps in keeping healthy levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, it is good for the sight, thanks to the large amount of Vitamin A, its fibers are good for healthy digestion, and it has an overall positive effect on strengthening your immune system. Therefore, apart from its wonderful taste, mango is a great healthy snack. 

Knowing this, cat owners would surely ask whether they can share this wonderful food with their pets. They can – mangoes are not poisonous to cats. And cats enjoy mangoes, too! They are usually drawn by the sweet, fruity smell of the mango, so sharing a small chunk of mango with them is definitely a good idea! 

However, keep in mind that one small chunk would be enough for your cat. The main reason for this is that a healthy cat already gets all the nutrients that the mango has through its daily diet. So anything above the small mango piece will disrupt the balance of their organism. 

We know that for us humans, fiber is very important for maintaining healthy digestion, and we need to eat as much food with fiber as we can get. However, cats do not need this big fiber amount in their diet, as their digestive systems do not function the same way as ours. 

Like many other animals, cats also produce Vitamin C on their own, so they do not have to rely on food rich in this vitamin as we do. However, cats greatly benefit from the vast amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin B6 mango has. 

Keep in mind though, that mango cannot be a substitute for the cat’s regular diet. It can definitely be served as a snack for your beloved cat, but you still need to retain their regular meals. Cats are carnivores, and even though they are curious and would enjoy a small fruit snack, meat is essential for their daily diet. 

Another question you might have is can cats eat mango ice cream? Even though mango is beneficial for them – ice cream contains milk, and this can cause great problems to your cat’s digestive system. So stick to the mango, but do not give mango ice cream to your cat – unless it is an ice cream for which you are sure it does not contain dairy. 

Cats and Other Fruits

Now that we’ve seen that cats can eat mango, let’s review several other fruits and whether they are beneficial for your cat. 

Can Cats Eat Papaya? 

Short answer – yes. However, same as with the mango, papayas, despite their nutritional value, cannot substitute a meal for your cat. 

Stick to your cat’s carnivore diet, and if the cat expresses curiosity over the papaya, feel free to give it a small chunk, but do not overfeed them with it. Papaya also contains a large amount of sugar, which is also not so recommended for your cat’s diet. 

Can Cats Eat Strawberries? 

Once again – yes. Strawberries are not toxic for cats, so if they want to try strawberries for their snack, feel free to give them some. 

A small strawberry chunk would be sufficient as a snack. Cats are known to like the taste of strawberries, mostly because of the large amount of sugar. This is also why you should not give a larger amount of strawberries to your cat – sugar is bad for them, especially concentrated in large amounts, like in these fruits. 

Can Cats Eat Bananas? 

Another yes. But a very, very small amount. Bananas are rich in nutrients, but a larger amount than a very small piece might disrupt your cat’s digestive system and cause constipation. 

Also, make sure that the banana peel is out of the cat’s reach. Apart from the fact that it can also cause a disruption in their digestive system, banana peel can also be a choking hazard. 

Can Cats Eat Mango Conclusion

Fruits, despite their high amount of vitamins and minerals, should not be a regular part of a cat’s diet. As carnivores, they can survive solely on meat, even though occasional grains and other nutritious additives are added to their food, mostly for balancing their daily dietary needs. 

Cats are often curious creatures and would very much like to know what are you snacking that smells and looks so nice and juicy. Many of them are fans of fruits and would eat as much as they could if they got a hold of them, but be careful with the amount of fruit you serve them. A small piece would be just enough for them. 

Cats can definitely survive without fruits, but if they are fans of them, you should not deprive them of a nice, fresh, fruity snack. Just make sure that the particular fruit is not toxic to them, and prepare them a nice between-meals snack! 


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