Can Dogs Eat Bacon?

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Can Dogs Eat Bacon?

There’s nothing else better in this world than to be able to load up the grill with charcoal with a beer in hand, ignite the loaded grill with some lighter fluid and a match, and cook yourself up a couple of bacon strips. 

As the aroma begins to rise from the searing meat that is sizzling in the grill, you notice your dog gaping at what you are cooking, staring anxiously with slobber dripping from its mouth, as if waiting for you to toss it a piece or two for it to savor, enjoy and voraciously devour on. 

The smell gets you excited, too excited even that you begin to ask yourself silly questions like “Can dogs eat bacon?” and “I wish they didn’t because I do not want to share”.

Selfishness aside, such a question bears weight, especially for those dog owners who have questionable dietary restrictions that they impose on their pets (Looking at you, “vegan dog” enthusiasts)

In this article, we are going into depth as to the various ways you can feed your dog bacon. 

What’s the Deal With Bacon For Dogs?

Let’s face it: Bacon tastes delicious. No one can get enough of it and most of us crave it. Once we get a whiff of its aroma in the air, we can’t help but become hungry and crave bacon.

But we are aware of how unhealthy bacon is, most especially for our dogs. Dogs need lean meat to sustain themselves with all the proper nutrients for growth and overall healthy living. 

Bacon does contain meat, but only in small amounts. What it does contain in large amounts is fat and sodium, which is something your dog only needs a little of. Not to mention, bacon also contains a lot of cholesterol, which is unhealthy for both you and your pet dog. 

Bacon Bits Can Dogs Eat Bacon?

To get ahead of you on this rather obvious inquiry, yes, it is safe for your dog to eat bacon bits. 

Despite the deliciousness that bacon has not only for you but for your pet as well, the frequency at which you must feed your dog bacon should strictly be in moderation.

Bacon bits in gargantuan quantities are not exactly healthy for either humans or dogs, for they contain lots of fat and sodium, none of which is ideally optimal for a healthy dog in the long run. 

If left unchecked, you are going to have to bear with an obese dog that will be unrelenting in begging for bacon bits.

Oh No, My Dog “Accidentally” Ate Raw Bacon! Will He Be Okay? 

Going back to that scenario when you were supposedly grilling bacon in the backyard, you turn away for a bit to put down the bottle of beer from your hand towards the picnic table.

Once you return to the grill, you notice that the stack of bacon seems to have been reduced by a small fraction. You look around and you see your dog happily munching and devouring a slab of bacon at the corner of the backyard.

Any concerned dog owner would come to different conclusions. Can dogs eat raw bacon?

On one side, one would say that it’s okay since dogs are carnivores and raw meat is not something foreign in their diets. On the other hand, a more cautious and paranoid owner might come to a different conclusion, panicking over whether or not their dog might have contracted a bacterial infection caused by salmonella or E. Coli.

So, which is it?

The safe answer is a probable no. Bacon is not exactly toxic for dogs, but bacon is fatty and should not be consumed in large quantities due to the onset of pancreatitis. Raw bacon might also put your pet dog at risk for trichinosis, a parasite infection.

A Greasy Situation Indeed! Is Bacon Grease Something To Worry About?

Let’s say you spilled a bit of bacon grease on the floor and you find your dog licking it clean, chances are your pet will be okay. 

However, bacon grease is too loaded with fat and salt and should be avoided as much as possible. If fed too much, your dog will run the risk of having pancreatitis which will impact its digestive tract’s abilities to digest food and absorb nutrients.

Not A Pork Bacon Kinda Person, So Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bacon Instead?

While not exactly a preferred upgrade health-wise on the path for bacon-themed food groups, turkey bacon is a much healthier alternative over pork bacon. 

As for the kind of turkey bacon to feed your dog with regards to health, an optimal kind would be to choose turkey bacon that is the low sodium and uncured kind, keeping in mind to only feed your dog in moderation as well as keeping the additives to a minimum. 

If you are thinking of serving turkey bacon to your dog, here are some tips and advice on how to do so:

  • Turkey bacon should be provided on the likes of a special treat. It isn’t ideal to use turkey bacon as an everyday treat or as a training treat.
  • As a topping for your dog’s dinner meal. Sprinkling a few chunks of turkey bacon on top of your dog’s usual dinner should serve an appetizing meal for your pet.
  • Bacon grease, as mentioned in the previous subtopic, is not healthy for your dog and should be drained before serving.

To summarize the question of “Can dogs eat bacon or not?”, we have already explained that yes, they can, although it should be done so responsibly and in moderation. 

Turkey bacon is the healthiest option out there due to its low fat and salt content in comparison to pork bacon.

Bacon grease should be left out of the Can Dogs Eat Bacon?paw’s reach. Temptingly delicious, sure. But not good in large quantities. 

You shouldn’t feed your dog raw bacon due to running the risk of them contracting bacterial infections such as salmonella and E. Coli.



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