Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

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Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

It’s Can Dogs Eat Cheese? perfect Saturday weekend. You just want to chill in your apartment, grill yourself a couple of cheese sandwiches and watch some newly-released movies, dramas,s and crime series on your favorite streaming platform. 

As you are putting cheese spread on some bread slices can Dogs Eat Cheese? your dog looks at you with that look: tongue licking its lips, googly, beady eyes, and a soft whimper. 

You know what that look means. It wants to eat whatever it is you are making. 

But before you chuck in a piece of bread with cheese in it to your dog, you make an educated query onto yourself:

“Can dogs eat cheese?”

The brief and Can Dogs Eat Cheese? the concise answer to that query is yes, they most definitely can eat cheese, it is worth investigating further as to what benefits cheese has for your canine companion as well as some other things that you have to keep in mind when incorporating cheese into your dog’s dietary regimen.Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

Say Cheese! Here’s Why Cheese Is Good For Your Dog

Cheese comes from milk, and actually contains a lot of good vitamins and minerals which are ideally wonderful in the case of your dog’s overall health, growth and well-being.

But how nutritious is cheese, actually?

Depending on what kind of cheese you are planning to feed your dog, the amount of nutrition, calories, carbohydrates, and fat content can vary from one type of cheese to another.

But to have an idea of what cheese contains nutrition-wise, let us select two types of cheeses and discern their nutritional facts. Can Dogs Eat Cheese? Let us proceed with mozzarella and cheddar, as these are Dogs Eat Cheese? the most common types of cheeses available for purchase in Can Dogs Eat Cheese? most supermarkets and stores alike. 

One ounce of mozzarella contains: 

  • eighty-five to ninety calories
  • approximately one hundred thirty-eight milligrams of sodium 
  • one to two grams of carbohydrates
  • one hundred forty-three milligrams of calcium 
  • six to seven grams of fat 
  • approximately seven grams of protein.

While one ounce of cheddar cheese contains: 

  • one hundred ninety milligrams of sodium
  • around one hundred twenty calories
  • two hundred milligrams of calcium
  • one gram of carbohydrates
  • seven to eight grams of protein
  • ten to eleven grams of fat

In most aspects, both cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese have almost identical numbers in terms of nutritional content, therefore making them similar based solely on those metrics.

Is Cheese Bad for Dogs? I’ve Been Told That My Dog May Be Lactose Intolerant – What Do I Do?

LactosCan Dogs Eat Cheese? e intolerance in dogs may not pose such grim limitations as to what they can or cannot eat, but it is still ideal that you must consider the health ramifications of what it might entail for them if they ever ate cheese, be it intentionally or accidentally. 

Lactose intolerance in most dogs occurs after they have begun to wean off from their mother’s milk, their digestive system changing into that of the sort that suits and adapts well to digesting solid food.

If such is the case for your dog, it is best to avoid giving it cheese altogether, as the side effects might spell trouble for your canine companion.

One Can Dogs Eat Cheese? a such side effect is stomach upset, indigestion, flatulence, and excessive production of damp or liquid feces.

If these cause alarm for you as a dog owner, the best course of action would be to contact your dog’s veterinarian and seek some professional advice as to what would be the ideal course of action to address your dog’s lactose intolerance.

My Dog Loves Cheese! What Are The Best Ways I Can Feed My Dog Cheese?

is cheese bad for dogs

Cheese, if you are not aware, contains high amounts of fat. It is therefore recommended that cheeses be given in seldom and rare instances to your dogs to prevent problems in the future such as weight gain and obesity. Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

Due to how scrumptious cheeses are for your dog, it is best used as a training aid. By training your dog to follow simple commands such as “sit”, “come”, “fetch” or “play dead”, you can give cheese as a reward for obedience.

Cheese is also a good addition to your dog’s usual daily meal. By using a cheese grater, grate and sprinkle a small amount of cheese on top of your dog’s meal to complement it and to give your dog a wonderful and delicious experience in eating its food.

Cheese spreads in bread are also ideal, the carbs in the bread, as well as the cheeses, will not only serve as a delicious treat for your dog but a healthy snack as well. 

As mentioned at the top of this subtopic, cheese contains high amounts of fat and so do most kinds of bread, so it is best to give only small amounts of cheese spreads in bread to your dog.

In conclusion to the query “Can dogs eat cheese”, we have discussed that they can, provided that they are being fed with cheese on the premise that it is being done so responsibly and in rarity.

The reason for such limitation is that cheese is high in fat, more so if the cheese in question is processed, therefore might contain not only large amounts of fatCan Dogs Eat Cheese? but flavorings to retain their tastiness, as well as preservatives to prevent the early spoiling of cheese. 

Cheese can be given in small bits as a training aid to reward your pet dog for obedience, enticing it to obey your commands more in exchange for a yummy, delicious treat. 

Cheese can also be grated and spread on top of your dog’s daily usual meals. It is recommended that only a little amount of grated cheese be put on top of your dog’s meal.

As for lactose intolerant dogs, or if you suspect your dog to be lactose intolerant, it is not advisable that you should give your dog any cheese since this will cause your dog some ailments like stomach upset and indigestion. Seek advice from your dog’s veterinarian if you have more queries.

As with any kind of food, cheese must be fed to your dog in moderation.


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