Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon?

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Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon?

Yes. According to ASPCA, cinnamon is non-toxic to both dogs and cats. But this is not without saying, excessive intake of people’s food with cinnamon spice is harmless. It can cause stomach upsets in your canine friend as it does to humans when ingested in excess. Of course, you need to desist from treating your dog with excess people’s food spiced with cinnamon, treat your dog with food made for dogs and they will be happy and healthy! So, can dogs eat cinnamon? Now you know you can safely feed your dog food spiced with cinnamon. 

Is cinnamon bad for pets

Is cinnamon bad for pets, especially your dog?

The good news cinnamon is non-toxic to dogs. If ingested in excess, your dog may not suffer fatal effects but light skin irritation and sensitivity. This happens to humans too. Opportunities for dogs to ingest cinnamon manifest in ground cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, cinnamon in baked goods, and cinnamon essential oils. But not without effects. Consuming ground cinnamon or chewing cinnamon sticks or essential oils will leave your dog with an irritating mouth, choke, or difficulty in breathing. Giving your dog food with cinnamon spice is the best way to feed a dog without causing serious effects.

How much cinnamon is right for your dog? Pet poison recommends less than a teaspoonful for an average dog, but essential oils can cause problems even in small dosages. The weight of a dog matters on what amount of cinnamon it can safely ingest. Cinnamon overdose might lead to vomiting, diarrhea, liver disease, change in heart rate, and low blood sugar. 

Can dig eat cinnamon rolls?

Maybe. Although, cinnamon rolls are high in sugar and fats which may cause indigestion in dogs. And too much sugar and fats in dogs lead to pancreatitis which can be painful or fatal for dogs. Yes, cinnamon may be safe for dogs but if ingested in large amounts, it can cause stomach irritation. If you learn that your dog has had issues with cinnamon ingestion, rice with unseasoned chicken or ground beef will help reduce the effects.

Can a dog eat cinnamon toast crunch?

While enjoying your breakfast of cinnamon toast crunch and your dog begs for it, don’t hesitate to share unless s/he is diabetic. Although your dog will gain nothing beneficial from the cereals. It only serves to occupy space for valuable nutrition instead. If you are tempted to give plenty of toast crunch, know that your dog gets hungry soon and is deprived of nutrients. Alternatively, give your dog crunchy grain-free for a healthier choice than cereals. Your dog will stand a chance to benefit from bran flakes more than cereals. If you must give your dog cinnamon toast crunch, treat them with a sparingly small amount. Never allow your dog to eat cinnamon toast crunch as a full meal or to entice them for a real meal, it will only serve to fill the stomach without nutrition.

Can dogs eat cinnamon sticks?

Cinnamon sticks offer health benefits when consumed in moderation but the good news is, cinnamon is not toxic to dogs. Feel free to include cinnamon in your dog’s health threats. And if your dog ingests multiple cinnamon sticks, you will have a reason to be concerned, monitor their behavior carefully and consult your vet if necessary. If your dog takes multiple sticks of cinnamon and you are worried, here are some of the signs and symptoms to look out for;

  • Vomiting
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Diarrhea
  • Sores in the mouth
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Coughing 

Can dogs eat cinnamon applesauce?

Feed your dog with applesauce but in moderation. Applesauce contains a lot of sugar hence not recommended for dogs susceptible to diabetes. It is, therefore, healthy to feed dogs applesauce but only small amounts at an interval. There is no harm in feeding your dog with sweetened applesauce because apples, in essence, are healthy and nutritious fruit. Additionally, dogs stand to gain beneficial minerals from apples like vitamins C and K plus calcium and fiber which provide benefits for physical growth in dogs.

As a matter of concern while feeding your dog applesauce, leaves, stems and seeds of an apple fruit contain cyanide compounds which are toxic for dogs. Precautions to take note of while feeding your dog. Applesauce found in the markets contains preservatives, pesticides, or colored apples which are unhealthy for your dog. And if you must give applesauce try organic and sugar-free types in small amounts for the good health of your pet. Less than 5% diet in a dog should be allowed but only at intervals and should never form part of a daily meal for a dog. More so, puppies are the most vulnerable and may suffer from dehydration after acute diarrhea or vomiting. 

Feeding your canine friend applesauce conditionally will cause no health issues and will benefit from the splendid minerals their body needs. If your dog is picky and can’t eat applesauce as is, you can go for applesauce-based products for dogs available in the market. The most beneficial applesauce-based food for dogs includes 4-star nutritional pork which is nutritious and safe for dogs. 

Spices safe for dogs

There exist plenty of other spices safe for dogs with health benefits apart from cinnamon. These include; parsley for dogs, turmeric for dogs, oregano for dogs rich in antioxidants to combat radicals, peppermint for dogs known to soothe stomach upsets and relieve diarrhea, ginger for dogs for inflammatory issues, fennel for dogs, and more. 

can dogs eat cinnamon sticks

In Summary…

So, can dogs eat cinnamon safely? Dogs can feed on food spiced with cinnamon without health issues and stand to benefit from its content but only if taken conditionally and in intervals. The health benefits of cinnamon do exist for dogs as it is for humans but has not been conclusively proven as of now. Vets recommend feeding your dog with cinnamon in dog food and not human food arguably because not all human food is healthy for dogs. To make it short, dogs can eat cinnamon but only in small quantities, if taken in large amounts, irritation, and stomach upsets may ensue.  


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