Can Dogs Eat Garlic?

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Can Dogs Eat Garlic?

The smell of roasting garlic is the one that makes us full of appetite and makes us feel hungry. It is featured in many cuisines around the globe and finds its way to most of our favorite foods without notice. Facts also state that; garlic has medicinal benefits for humans. So, can dogs eat garlic? Unfortunately, it is a NO for dogs! Right, garlic is extremely dangerous for dogs and cats. In this post, dogs are the subject and don’t let them anywhere near foods spiced with garlic.

what to do if your dog eats garlic

Garlic: Are they safe for dogs? 

I will tell you why garlic is a no-go zone for dogs, even when they wittingly salivate as they ask for foods spiced with garlic. If you are tempted to give them a bite, soon you will find yourself at the doorsteps of a vet seeking medication notwithstanding. Here is why? Dogs metabolize certain foods differently than us. According to vet experts, garlic and members of the allium family contain a component of Thiosulfate toxic for dogs and not humans. It is believed that Thiosulfate causes oxidative damage to red blood cells, leading to hemolytic anemia. Symptoms of hemolytic anemia are; pale mucous membrane, lethargy, rapid breathing, jaundice, and dark urine. Garlic is also known for causing gastrointestinal upsets that emanate through vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains, loss of appetite, depression, and dehydration.

How much garlic can I give my dog?

No, don’t even try! According to studies, it takes approximately 15g to 30g of garlic per body kilogram in dogs to cause harmful changes to red blood cells. Let me put it into perspective! An average glove of garlic weighs around 7 grams, so your dog will have to consume a lot of food spiced with garlic to get sick and repeatedly. However, not all dogs are the same, some may have sensitivity towards garlic and that’s when even testing small amounts can become toxic. The problem is, we can’t tell if a dog is sensitive or not. Small doses of garlic over a few days repeatedly may cause problems for your dog. It, therefore, means if your dog ate foods with garlic accidentally might not cause serious harm, but feeding them intentionally can be a recipe for disaster.

What to do if your dog eats garlic

Dogs are curious and might be tempted to taste anything that’s appealing like garlic. Unfortunately, we cannot control every movement our dogs make. If you realize your dog has ingested a sumptuous amount of garlic accidentally, your best bet is to take your pup to a vet immediately. Garlic poisoning in dogs is rarely fatal but at least, your dog needs supportive care to pull through and flush out toxins from the body. Intravenous fluids may be recommended to keep your dog from dehydration. The first step is to induce vomiting to get rid of the garlic still in the stomach. A prescription that will prevent vomiting might be useful and in severe cases, a transfusion may be called for by your vet. Once your dog gets better, you might need to give your dog iron supplements for one to two weeks and strictly follow the vet’s instructions because too much iron is poisonous for dogs. After two weeks of strict care for your dog, you might need to return to your vet for a blood test to be certain that the toxins are over and your dog can start normal living.

Is garlic supplement safe for dogs?

It is evident that garlic is used as a supplement in canine friends often, however, studies have not shown consistent results regarding the use of garlic supplements for the treatment of health conditions. It is wise to consult your vet before taking any steps to give garlic supplements to your dog.Can Dogs Eat Garlic?

Garlic for fleas on dogs

Fleas can become a problem for dogs sometimes. Chemical-based treatments are effective for controlling flea infestation in dogs. However, they can cause health hazards for dogs and their owners. It is this toxicity for dogs and owners that have led them to try some natural ways to get rid of fleas. One of them is adding garlic to a dog’s diet. Adding garlic to a dog’s diet is a natural way to control fleas. After repeatedly consuming garlic, the dog’s blood will have sufficient garlic flavor making it unpalatable for fleas.

Feed the dog with most of the garlic clove by peeling away the dry outer husk. The garlic treatment should commence at the first sign of flea infestation because it takes up to a week for substantial garlic flavor to be felt and to start repelling fleas. But first, weigh your dog to determine the amount in grams your dog can ingest without posing serious risks of chronic anemia. The recommended dose for dogs less than 30lbs is one clove while those heavier will require up to two cloves as a daily dose for around two to three weeks. 

You won’t have issues with feeding your dog with raw garlic because often, dogs love strong smelly foods and would likely accept garlic in its raw form. If your dog is picky and doesn’t like the garlic taste, you can disguise garlic clove in a treat like meat. Break the clove into pieces and drop them in your dog’s favorite meal or crate the cloves if your dog still detects the garlic pieces.

how much garlic can i give my dog

In summary…

There is a lot of confusion regarding dogs and garlic, studies have positive results but not consistently. So, can dogs eat garlic? In light of this contra information, it is wise to avoid feeding your dog foods spiced with garlic. Even if garlic improves the digestive system of your dog, it is not worth comparing it with chronic anemia in your dog. Let your dog steer far away from foods spiced with garlic or garlic powder because they will harm than good for your dog.

When you want to give your dog a little occasional treatment, consider vegetable or fruit treats like apples, blueberries, carrots, strawberries, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes, your dog will get valuable nutrients from such.

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