Can Dogs Eat Human Food?

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Can Dogs Eat Human Food? Throughout history, man has evolved so much in terms of food preferences. From hunting wild mammoths by using crude spears and stone-tipped arrows to preparing the most delicate froufrou cuisines in the most expensive three Michelin-starred restaurants from around the world, leaps and bounds have been made in terms of making food delicious, accessible, healthy, and nutritious. 

And alongside man, throughout history in wars, famine, plagues, and the onset evolution of civilization by means of industrialization is his ever-loyal companion all throughout the millennia: the dog.

As man has feaster over bonfires and tables, his canine companion has been with him and has shared meals with him, so it’s no surprise that the answer to the query “Can dogs eat human food?” is a resounding yes, there is more nuance that needs to be discussed further to properly answer such a query, thereby boiling the answer down to It depends on what you feed your dog.

A Dog Is Man’s Best Friend – But What About His Lunch? Can dogs eat human foods?

Dogs, like humans, have evolved throughout the millennia ever since their domestication and eventual immersion into the lives of their masters. It is showcased from them exclusively feeding onto meat from deer, elk, and rabbits from their wolf ancestors to be able to eat fruits and vegetables, as well as anything you would eat yourself. 

Dogs over time have become omnivores, and despite such traits, it is still within your responsibility as the dog owner to discipline and control what your dog eats.

Despite the evolutionary leaps and bounds that dogs have undergone in terms of being adapted to what we humans are able to eat, there are still some kinds of food that you should not give to your dog under any circumstances.

One of which is chocolate. We, humans, obsess over chocolates. We cannot get enough of it because of how delicious it is and how good it goes with everything, from bread to even milk. In fact, throughout history, we have waged wars against tribes who have had monopolies over a chocolate by wiping them out through genocide just so we can have more access to chocolate.

They’re good for us flavor-wise, but not for our dogs. The reason of which is theobromine. In humans, this chemical is easily digested and processed by our system, whereas for dogs, theirs is slower to digestively react to such a chemical and the delay in itself is the sole reason why if not digested soon enough, this chemical becomes toxic to dogs and could be a cause of their death.

Another food that is safe for humans yet not to feed your dog is macadamia nuts. Experts both in the internal medicine sector as well as the veterinarians have not discovered what constitutes these nuts to be so bad for dogs, but the obvious signs of macadamia nut poisoning such as muscle stiffness and lethargy should be enough reason for any responsible dog owner to avoid feeding any of it to his or her dog.

what can dogs not eat

What Sorts Of Human Food Is The Best Kind That Can I Feed My Dog? What Can Dogs Not Eat?

It might not be strange for anyone that the kind of food that dogs usually eat is in some way, shape, or form derived from what we humans eat.

But if we are speaking from the standpoint of nutrition and health, the best kind to feed your loyal companion is the same kind that is healthy for you.

Whole grains, most fruits, and vegetables are the sorts of food that is both good for you and your dog. However, not all aspects of grains, fruits, and vegetables are overall applicable to both of you.

Research and look for ideal ways to serve these kinds of foods to your dog. What these ideal ways and tips would revolve around is the amount to give to your dog, whether slicing these into bite-sized pieces is a good idea or not, and whether this kind of fruit is poisonous to them or not.

As you would eat responsibly as a human being, the same is applicable to your dog. It is within your prerogative to only eat what is enough for you, for eating too much will cause you to become fat and obese, or eating rotten food will cause you to have food poisoning. 

Dogs Do Not Taste As Much As Us But Can Smell MoreCan Dogs Eat Human Food Than Us

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not as tolerant as humans when it comes to being able to stomach certain kinds of fooCan Dogs Eat Human Food’. 

In fact, dogs have lesser taste buds in their tongues than humans and are therefore less likely to taste strong flavors. It is the reason why strong-flavored food such as garlic, onion, and chili peppers are not recommended to be given to your pet dog due to them being less susceptible to their otherwise repelling tastes.  Dogs Eat Human Food

However, the strong scents these spices often give out are enough of a detriment to fend off some dogs, due to their sense of smell being many times stronger than that of humans.

Dogs are a curious bunch, and this extends to them basically munching on anything it can wrap around its snout on. It is within your responsibility as a dog owner to watch what your dog eats and limit how much of it your dog can eat.

can dogs eat human food

In summary to the query which states: “Can dogs eat human food?”, we have discussed that the answer to such a query depends on what you feed your dog.

Most kinds of human food are safe for dogs, and the ones that are unsafe such as chocolates and macadamia nuts have their own reasons why. 

If in doubt about whether your dog is safe to eat any particular human food that you would want to feed your dog but are unaware of its safety, it is best to consult a veterinarian for a more professional opinion on the matter.

And as always, feed human food to your dog in moderation.



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