Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

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My dog ate a raw egg. What should I do?

Have you ever had a moment when you’re out there on a sunny Sunday morning, the cold autumn wind blowing past the town making the weather suitable to walk your dog while listening to music, and suddenly you spot your musclehead of a friend jogging along with a protein cup in hand full of raw eggs? You exchange pleasantries, and talk for a bit and once you part ways, you notice that your dog keeps looking back at your friend, eyeing the concoction in his hand. As you squirm in disgust at the thought of raw eggs in a cup, you begin to wonder if it’s actually safe at all.

“Can dogs eat raw eggs?” You ask yourself.

“Of course, not. They’re full of salmonella! Everyone knows that.” 

The truth of the matter is, not everyone knows that. And not everyone is aware of the reality of the differences that raw eggs have in particular, such as where they are sourced, the conditions, treatment, storage, and many other factors that need to be considered before coming to a conclusion.

Boiled Eggs for Dogs – A Possible Alternative?

Boiled Eggs for Dogs – A Possible Alternative?

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, not to mention vital amino acids and fatty acids. Boiled or cooked eggs do not only make ideal treats for your pets, they also are a good dietary supplement to ensure that your dog gets its much-needed vitamins from the food it eats. 

Eggs are also a good home remedy for your dog if it has an upset stomach.

You as a dog owner would always be concerned about the safety of the food you are feeding your pet, and having previously discussed the possibilities of feeding it raw eggs will draw different conclusions from different sources, a much safer route could then be to ensure that the food should be in any standards be as safe for your pet to eat as it would also be safe for you as well, were you to decide eating eggs yourself.

A much quicker

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

, convenient, and safer alternative then would be to boil the eggs in a boiling pot of water until it is hard enough. A preferable amount of boiling time would be around five to seven minutes. It is not recommended to add anything else when serving such as salt or butter, as these additives are not beneficial in any way to your pet. 

Salt would dehydrate them and butter, although delicious for us, may not be suitable for dogs as some of them may be lactose intolerant, not to mention that the composition of butter serves no nutritional value whatsoever since it contains mostly saturated fat. 

If Not Boiled, Can My Dog Eat Fried Eggs?

In the general sense, it is safe for dogs to eat fried eggs. Although much of what the consensus of dog owners who are concerned about the diets of their pets agree upon is that yes, dogs can eat fried eggs it isn’t ideally healthy to feed them so. 

You have to put in mind that in order to fry an egg, you either place butter or oil in the pan, and the fat content that these have severely undermined the health benefits that the eggs have.

If you happen to be cooking fried eggs for yourself and have decided to add herbs and spices to it, you must exercise caution especially when you have a pet dog hovering about the vicinity which is probably stalking keenly on the food that you’re cooking, with intent to consume and gulp down before you even notice.

If you season your fried eggs with onion, garlic or salt, it’s best to keep it away from paw’s length given that onions and onion powder are notorious for upsetting the stomachs of most dogs and are likely to cause diarrhea and vomiting. 

Onion also is packed with disulfides and sulfoxides, which are notorious for damaging red blood cells, which when unmanaged will lead to your dog suffering from anemia. 

Garlic, in the case of feeding some of it to your dog, isn’t something to be trifled with as well. Although some dog owners claim to use garlic to get rid of fleas from their pets, the same can’t be said in terms of consumption. Garlic can be toxic to some dogs, and if either your pet has accidentally eaten something that has garlic in it or you’re planning to feed some of it to your dog, your safest bet is to consult a veterinarian and find out whether it’s safe for your pet to consume garlic or not. 

How Many Eggs Can I Feed Dog In A Day?

my dog ate a raw egg

One egg should be enough for any dog to eat in a day, and even one egg is too much for puppies and other small breeds of dogs. 

Giving an extra boiled egg shouldn’t be an issue if your pet is still hungry, although it is important to point out that despite the many nutritional benefits that eggs have, it is advisable to feed your dogs in moderation, as the neglect of doing so will lead to other problems for your dog such as obesity.

To wrap up, it begs to repeat the consensus on whether or not can dogs eat raw eggs, to which the clear and healthy answer is no. 

Unless you’re certain to a degree that where the eggs are sourced, collected, stored, and transported are definitely E. Coli or Salmonella-free, it is always a good practice to assume otherwise.

If for an unforeseen circumstance, you find yourself in a bind where your dog has accidentally eaten raw eggs, the ideal thing to do is to observe your dog first, and see if it’s exhibiting any negative symptoms whatsoever. If you notice that your dog is vomiting or is either having constipation or diarrhea, it is best to consult your dog’s veterinarian and coordinate with him or her the best course of action to remedy the situation your dog is currently in. 


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