Can guinea pigs eat Bread?

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We have to admit that Guinea pigs are becoming more and more popular as pets kept at home, especially for people who live in cities and have little home space. Although they are widely sold in local pet stores, there is still little education in caring for them. When this information related to their care is neglected, then there are physical problems related to their health, but also stress. Therefore, before taking any pet, it is necessary to read enough information.

Diet and nutrition are crucial in caring for animals. One of the most commonly asked questions about caring for and feeding guinea pigs is: can guinea pigs eat bread? This question is not easy to answer, so we need to take a good look at what bread contains and whether it is good as food for them.

Bread can be full and high in fiber for us humans, in fact, it is our staple food, but is it recommended for guinea pigs? Also, can guinea pigs eat crackers? Yes, guinea pigs can eat a small amount of bread, but it should only be in the form of a snack because bread is full of carbohydrates and rich in calcium. But the downside is that bread is low in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and they are actually the most needed for your guinea pig.

You may have read that bread can be healthy in some circumstances, and it is recommended if someone is sick. But that applies to us humans, not guinea pigs. It should therefore be given in small amounts. We suggest giving it to your guinea pigs several times a month, because of the carbohydrates, calcium, and sugars. But there are also benefits to this diet, but they are not that great. There are several ingredients in bread that can help with a few things, and these are the following.

What can guinea pigs eat?


Fiber is very important for the diet of your guinea pig. It helps the digestive system, digest and regulates blood sugar levels. Fiber has the ability to regulate how much sugar is absorbed, ie the sugars that the guinea pig receives are gradually released into the bloodstream. This is very good because sugar needs more time to break down in the blood, and all this will regulate your pet’s weight because the excess energy is stored as fat tissue. Fiber is not broken down in the stomach, but it is good because it improves digestion. Sure, it does not contribute so much to the smell and purity in the guinea pig enclosure, but it is still good for her health.


Potassium is a very important mineral, which contributes to the health of your pet. It offers many benefits, one of which is controlling and monitoring the guinea pig’s heart rate. Reduces the possibility of heart attack, and also controls the work of blood vessels. guinea pigs die most often from obesity, die from heart attacks. But one thing that badly affects blood pressure is sodium. Just like potassium, it is found in bread, so the benefits of bread are halved. These are the basic ingredients regarding the question What can guinea pigs eat?

Can guinea pigs eat bread?

Bread contains a lot of Phosphorus, but according to research it slows down the growth of guinea pigs, but at the same time reduces their lifespan. One study found that guinea pigs raised on this diet grew slower and lived shorter lives. It is therefore dangerous if your guinea pig eats a lot of bread.

Calcium is also a serious problem in large quantities as it can lead to urinary complications or bladder stones. This happens at the moment when calcium combines with oxalates, thus forming small pebbles in the bladder. Oxalates on the other hand guinea pig ingest through many plants, and that is the basic food of your guinea pig. These Oxalates attract calcium and thus form stones. The pain in humans is incomparable when they occur, and the same goes for these pets.

What can guinea pigs not eat?

When we ask the question “what can guinea pigs not eat”, we are surely thinking of a lot of food options. Now comes the main thing, and that is the recognition that guinea pigs are one of the cutest creatures, fat and chubby, but cute. However, no matter how cute they look, it is still not healthy for a guinea pig to look fat. Obesity is a serious problem in guinea pigs and can lead to unwanted health consequences.

Does bread have an effect on all of this? Bread consists of most carbohydrates, as well as many calories because it is the main source of energy needed for daily activity. The same principle applies to guinea pigs. A piece of bread contains 80 calories, and even half of them end up as fat in your guinea pig. Obesity changes your pet’s lifestyle and increases the risk of heart disease and general health. If she is obese, she will not be able to play on the spinning wheel, she will not be able to run and use objects for fun.

Also, bread does not contain vitamin C, which is very necessary for her health. These creatures need a lot of vitamins, which are mainly found in vegetables and fruits. It is very important that their immunity is at a high level. A disease caused by low levels of vitamin C is called Scurvy.

Can guinea pigs eat bread or crackers?

No, crackers are not recommended as food for guinea pigs, although they are sweet and crunchy. Bread can be tolerated and used, but crackers are not healthy, ie they are an unhealthy version of the bread itself. Even if you take the most organic, this food is not needed for your guinea pig. Crackers are high in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. All of this is unnecessary in your pet’s diet, and just one simple cracker is enough to harm their health.

Consumption of these crackers immediately leads to rapid weight gain. It is advisable to never feed them this food, and if you have guests or leave your guinea pig in storage, make sure they know it well. So, regarding the question of Can guinea pigs eat bread or crackers, bread? Yes, but crackers no! However, do not be disappointed by these facts.

However, at the end of the day, we call this food a snack, so it is considered a luxury that is certainly harmful, but tasty, both for us and the guinea pigs. I hope you found answers to the question that was posted before, “Can guinea pigs eat bread?”.


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