Can guinea pigs Eat Grass?

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Can guinea pigs eat grass?

The grass is not something that we humans are used to, that is, we do not have it in our diet. But, of course, it is the first source of nutritional value for many animals, especially herbivores as their first choice.

In this case, grass plays a big role in the food and diet of the guinea pig. If you are planning to keep a guinea pig or you already have it in your room, this text will be of great benefit to you. Because it is important to educate ourselves before doing anything else, and in this case, it falls under our care and love for these little creatures. Keep reading and you will find out what your guinea pig needs.

Now, the question arises, can guinea pigs eat grass?

Of course, yes. But before you give it to your Guinea Pig, make sure that the grass is clean and locally grown, ie it has not been sprayed with chemicals, or other pets have not used it for the toilet. If you are planning to take that grass from the yard, you should know that if you have made a contract with a professional lawn care company, we know for sure that in the care of your lawn, they use chemicals that they put on the grass.

That is why we do not recommend picking that grass and using it in the diet of Guinea Pigs. Of course, the same is true if you or your parents put chemicals on their own.

We are aware that most people care about the appearance of their backyards and gardens, and that they adore bright green grass and a variety of flowers. But life in the city needs constant care for the nature that is home, that is, to get that particular look of grass and flowers, you need poisons, chemicals, and pesticides that will surely be dangerous for your Guinea Pig.

The bottom line is that backyard grass is not recommended for your Guinea Pig. But do not worry about this, because there is a solution, because the grass is a big part of the Guinea Pig diet. 

Can guinea pigs eat leaves?

The fact is that we have clarified whether Guinea Pigs can eat grass. They certainly can, but is it advisable and healthy for them? Also, Can guinea pigs eat leaves? The reason they are allowed to eat grass is that it is rich in vitamin C, and Guinea Pigs need this vitamin a lot because they cannot produce it on their own.

So, as long as you have a source of local, fresh grass that has not been sprayed with pesticides, poisons, and chemicals, your Guinea Pig can enjoy the perfect balance of food choices. Also, she can also eat leaves, but we suggest that you focus more on the grass, because leaves contain more bacteria. 

Can guinea pigs eat grass hay?

But life in the city certainly makes it harder for us to take care of our dearest pets. We rely entirely on local magazines, which are often either expensive with their products or not sufficiently stocked for all types of pets.

The grass is all around us, but can it be picked up from anywhere and then used in the diet? So the question is, what if we do not have access to fresh grass, which we can later give to our Guinea Pigs? Of course, there is a solution to that problem.

If you like plants and if you have a yard or accessible land, you can grow that grass yourself, which will be an inexhaustible source of food and will certainly save you money! If you live in an apartment, you can grow that grass in pots or containers.

That way you will have complete control over the food you give to your Guinea Pigs. If you have not kept Guinea Pig, you do not know how much she enjoys the grass, ie Guinea Pigs love grass very much! We can even say with confidence that this is their favorite choice, especially when you get used to it.

To answer the question “Can guinea pigs eat grass hay?”, we must note that the basic food for her is hay, but the hay does not contain the proper vitamins, that’s why you should give her grass.

But how much food should be given to a Guinea Pig? While they are smaller, they should be given a few pieces, and when they grow up, a whole handful. Although it may seem simple, you should know that if Guinea Pig is not used to it, it will not accept it at first.

Therefore, in the beginning, they should be given a little, because a large dose of grass can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. The transition from winter to spring is crucial for her, as we do not have access to fresh grass all year round. So they need time to get used to it.

Over the course of a week, you should get used to your Guinea Pig, gradually giving more and more of the grass, because when they get used to it, they will not stop eating, but overeating is also a problem for the stomach. Also, if you take a break of two weeks, ie two weeks Guinea Pig did not eat grass, the same process must be repeated. 

Conclusion: Can guinea pigs eat grass or What can guinea pigs eat?

Fresh grass and hay are also very important in the diet of your guinea pig, mostly because of the amount of vitamin C, which in addition to health prevents their teeth from growing large. It is important to start with a little grass and increase the dose more and more.

You should also not allow her to lie on wet grass for long periods of time, as skin infections can occur in the abdomen. It is also important not to give her food that is sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, and when choosing fresh grass, it is recommended that it be some softer, not stems.

Do not be disappointed if you live in an apartment and do not have access to fresh grass! There are many educational videos that will show you how you can grow grass and other plants at home, which are of course also part of your Guinea pig diet. With all that we have written, we have answered the question What can guinea pigs eat? Your Guinea pig will enjoy his diet, eating fresh grass! Enjoy.


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