Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?

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Can Hamsters eat cheese?

Before you consider getting a hamster, you must have wondered if they really look like they do in cartoons. In fact, we as parents often know how to surprise our children with live pets, but we still try to choose something accessible that they can take care of and hear the first lesson, and that is caring for others and selflessness.

As we have seen in the cartoons, we immediately noticed that the stereotype about hamsters is that they eat whatever they are given. Well, we know that the sweetest food for Jerry in the classic Tom and Jerry cartoon was cheese. Well, if we ask the question if they can eat yellow cheese, unfortunately we will answer that they can, but it is not recommended. The food of these creatures is primarily based on dairy or hay. The other causes digestive problems in the stomach.

Lactose actually plays a big role in hamsters, for the simple reason that they are mammals. We know from biology that mammals are even small or babies suck milk, and through it they get all the ingredients through which they grow physically.The same goes for hamsters, but when they grow up they should no longer be fed milk. However, we humans can tolerate milk later in life (except for those who are lactose intolerant), while hamsters ‘stomachs are different from humans’. In this article we will see if “Can hamsters eat cheese puffs”, “Can hamsters eat meat”, “Can hamsters eat cheddar cheese?”

Can hamsters eat cheese?

Cheese as a food is safe for hamsters, regardless of which, white cheese, feta, mozzarella, gouda and others. We say it is safe in the sense that it will not result in side effects, but that does not mean it is advisable. The fact that it is safe is because the cheese goes through a fermentation process, which makes it edible. Therefore, the stomach can hamsters eat cheese / process cheese more easily, unlike milk for example. Now, we have seen Jerry in the cartoons being mesmerized by the wonderful smell of cheese, and we know that hamsters just like mice love cheese because they are a close family.

The other thing that attracts them is not only the appearance, but also the smell of the cheese. So we conclude that hamsters eat yellow cheese, and their stomachs can handle it up and down. But, it is advisable to be careful what kind of cheese you give them, ie not some old yellow cheese (because just like wine, the older it is, the better). Therefore, we do not recommend Parmesan for example. The soft yellow cheese, cut into pieces, nicely washed without any nectar is enough for your hamster.

Can hamsters eat cheese or yogurt? 

Yogurt is another story, it is full of probiotics which are an additional ingredient in your hamster diet and actually help with digestion and the digestive system. But the possibility of containing bacteria is high, so it can harm the hamster individually. If their faeces are in a liquid state, then it is possible that they overdosed on eating fresh fruit, and also my cheese and yogurt may cause this. This means that they are sick, ie a kind of cold that we humans have. Therefore, yogurt can cause bloating and digestive problems for your hamster.

Can hamsters eat cheese / meat?

Yes, in small amounts, but we do not suggest it. Therefore, we do not recommend giving your hamsters eat cheese yogurt or cheese, especially not in large quantities. If you decide to give it, a teaspoon placed in a bowl of water should be yogurt, so the hamster will receive it enough and gradually, drinking water. Hamsters are big eaters, they would eat whatever is within their reach. Because they do not know the different types of food until they put it in their mouth. Therefore, you as a guardian should take care of your pet, and even they see us as guardians.

That is why we have an obligation to feed them according to their health. But by no means give them natural yogurt, but buyers where all the ingredients can be read and where it has gone through factory processing. Although cheese is primarily made from milk, hamsters should avoid milk, as lactose is a great enemy, and milk lactose levels are high, and can even hurt your hamster’s stomach. Hamsters suckle from their mothers one month after birth, so when they grow up they have trouble processing milk. All humans and animals are to some extent lactose intolerant, some more and some less so because they all went through the process of breastfeeding when they were young. But we need to know that our stomachs are not the same as those of hamsters.

Can hamsters eat cheese puffs?

No! It contains sugars and corn. You can feed your hamster products that you have already bought and that are in your fridge. For example, meat, vegetables, yogurt and cheese. But you need to educate yourself about the safety of that food. But it is healthier if you feed your hamster with pre-made food or mix, through which the hamster will get the necessary ingredients. Indeed, the purchased food contains more minerals and added vitamins. So you do not have to think that you have to give them cheese to add the necessary minerals, they are already contained in the food you buy, which is intended for their diet. The mix we recommend contains protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Conclusion Hamsters Eat Cheese

We concluded that hamsters eat cheese as a snack, but not that it should be their main dish. Great care is needed in the way your hamster is kept and of course a good education. Most cheeses on the market have a high percentage of fat and contain additional salts that are harmful to the hamster in large quantities.

Therefore, it is necessary when you are already buying yellow cheese from the market, to buy the one that has low fat. Also yellow cheese that has no additional flavors and preservatives. Uneaten cheese should be removed from the enclosure, as it can catch mold. Cheese is a great source of protein and calcium, so it should be given especially to your hamster if he has small babies, as he will need it to make milk. I hope we answered the question “Can hamsters eat cheese?


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