Can horses eat bananas?

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Can horses eat bananas? You’re just about to find out!

I once visited a farm that had a herd of horses. I like to enjoy my fruits and on this particular day, I was having a banana. As I ate my banana the question just popped into my mind, “Can horses eat bananas?” I decided to ask my friend who also had no idea. If you are as clueless about the subject as we were on that day, then you’re in the right place as you will find out all you need to know as you read along.

Horses can eat bananas, and they actually like it. For us humans, bananas are a great addition to our diet as it is good for human health. They are not only nutritious for our bodies but they taste as well. For horses, it is no different! Bananas can be great treats for horses and their benefits to the health of your horse are a plus. 

Why bananas? 

Bananas are a great choice of fruit to feed your horse. They contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, magnesium, fiber, and potassium, all of which have high nutritional benefits for your horse. 

Potassium is a mineral that is essential for horses as it supports the functioning of the muscles and it also enables the horse’s nerves to work better. 

Another reason why bananas can be your go-to fruit for your horse is that they are palatable, which means that the horse has an easy time chewing and digesting them. For senior horses, bananas would be a great option as they are soft and mushy such that the horses that have dental issues find them easier to feed on.  Now you understand why the answer to the question “Can horses eat bananas?” is a big YES. 

Can horses eat banana peels?

Can horses eat bananas

Horses like bananas. They enjoy having bananas probably as much as monkeys do. The other big question is, can horses eat banana peels? Horses can eat the peels of a banana. However, they do not enjoy eating banana peels and prefer the inside part of the banana instead. If you have ever tried to chew on a banana peel, then you know why horses do not like the peels very much. But just like different people like different things, you might find that one horse that actually likes eating banana peels. 

If by any chance you have that one horse, make sure that your peels do not have any stickers before giving them to the horse to feed. You should also confirm that the peel is organic and safe for the horse to feed on. Wash the peels and make sure that they do not have any pesticides. Just like you would with a banana, cut it up before you give it to the horse to eat. 

Can horses eat bananas and honey? 

Bananas can be eaten in a variety of ways. We take banana cakes, banana chips, and even banana pudding. As we take raw bananas, we also put some honey in them to add to the flavor. Humans enjoy it, but can horses eat bananas and honey? Yes, they can. It is safe for a horse to eat bananas with honey as long as it is done in moderation. Both honey and bananas are foods that a horse that has a metabolism that is normal can eat. There are a couple of ways in which you can prepare bananas to feed your horse, and this is one of those combinations that would be great to try. 

A banana a day: All in moderation

Now that we have established that bananas are healthy for your horse, should you give your horse as many bananas as it can feed on? No, you should not. A horse is a horse, if you give it many bananas a day it will still eat them, but that is an option that is not healthy for your horse. 

When a horse eats too many bananas, it is unable to digest them. A horse that overfeeds on bananas may cause a reduction in the health benefits of the horse, which is definitely not what you want to happen. Having your horse feed on a large number of bananas can also cause the sugar levels of the horse to spike, which can be very dangerous for horses, especially those that have insulin-related problems. There is also the risk of the sugar rush that comes from overfeeding on bananas can create excessive excitement in a horse which makes it a possibility that the horse will injure itself. 

It is recommended that you feed your horse only a few bananas a week. You can give it half or a quarter of a banana each day. As you feed your horse a banana, make sure that you cut up the banana into small pieces so that it does not choke. 

What can horses not eat?

Bananas are on the list of foods that you should feed your horse. Now then, what can horses not eat? There are quite a number of things that you should not feed your horse. Horses are designed to have a diet that is plant-based meaning that there are some foods outside of that category that they cannot feed on. Some of the foods that you should not feed your horse are chocolate, tomatoes, garlic and onions, potatoes, fruit seeds, house plants and caffeine products. 

Can horses eat bananas conclusion?

The next time you hear someone ask “Can horses eat bananas?” do not just mention that they can, but also add the great health benefits that come with feeding bananas to a horse. Horses enjoy eating bananas and would have as much as they can if they had the opportunity. However, take into consideration that it is not recommended to overfeed your horse on bananas. Bananas should never be the main source of food for your horse, and it is best to give bananas to your horse as a treat. Two bananas a week will do it. Make sure to consult your vet before adding any new foods to the diet of your horse, including bananas. 


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