Can horses eat celery?

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Can horses eat celery? Yes or no?

We all know that the diet of a horse includes grass or hay. It forms the main source of food for the horses. Not many of us know what else a horse can or cannot eat. You may have seen horses eat some fruits or vegetables.

These are important to supplement the diet of a horse and keep it healthy and well-nourished. Maybe you have never seen a horse eat celery and you have wondered, “Can horses eat celery?” If you are not sure about this, then this is the right place as you will find out. Horses do eat celery. 

Why feed celery to your horse?

Celery can be very beneficial to your horse. One reason for this is that celery contains fiber. Fiber is useful to your horse as it will help it have an improved digestive system. It also cleanses the digestive system of your horse.

Another benefit of feeding celery to your horse is that celery contains large quantities of minerals and vitamins. It has vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus, and magnesium. 

Vitamin A which is in the form of Retino helps brighten the eyesight of your horse and in the smoothing of its skin. Vitamin A in the form of Beta Carotene contains antioxidants that work to prevent radicals that may damage the cells of your horse’s body.

Celery contains Vitamin C which generates collagen and helps in the repair of tissue that has been damaged. Collagen is an important protein in the body of your horse as it helps in the building of tendons, ligaments, and skin. 

Phosphorus, a mineral in celery is fundamental for the maintenance, growth, and repair of the teeth of your horse, as well as its bones. Magnesium, also in celery, helps maintain the functioning of the muscles and nerves.

Celery contains foliate, which assists in the development of white and red blood cells. It also helps in the breaking down of carbohydrates which results in the release of energy. Another benefit of feeding celery to your horse is that there is a lot of water that is contained in celery, which helps in keeping your horse well hydrated.

These are some of the reasons why if you have not been feeding celery to your horse, this is the time you should begin doing it. 

Can celery be harmful to your horse? 

In some cases, celery can be harmful to your horse. One of the instances in which celery can bring harm to your horse is when there are microbes or parasites in the celery that your horse feeds on. As you pick celery for your horse, make sure that you choose fresh ones that do not have rotten parts or any molds. 

Another instance in which celery can be harmful to your horse is when it contains pesticides or it has toxic substances on it. The best way to avoid feeding your horse this kind of celery is to clean the celery you plan to feed it thoroughly and ensure all the toxic substances have been removed. 

Can horses eat celery leaves?

Can horses eat celery

You now know that horses can eat celery, but then you may be wondering, “Can horses eat celery leaves?” or “Can horses eat celery stalks?” It may not be very believable, but horses actually eat both celery stalks and celery leaves.

All you need to do is clean the leaves well before you feed them to your horse. Make sure that they are organic leaves and that they do not have chemical fertilizers on them. 

Like humans, horses also choke. This can be when they eat something that is large and gets stuck in their throat.

Feeding large pieces of celery to your horse can make it choke. The best way to prevent this is by ensuring that you cut the celery you want to feed your horse into small pieces. This will allow the horse to swallow the celery pieces more easily. 

Is your horse refusing to eat celery?

You have a newly acquired horse and you’re still learning about what to feed it. You had thought of feeding your horse celery but on realizing you were clueless about what the answer to “Can horses eat celery” was, you decided to ask. You found out that yes, horses do eat celery, but when you gave your horse some celery, it refused to take it.

Do not be surprised. Just like we have preferences on what we like eating and what we do not like, horses are similar. Some horses may like eating carrots, while there are those that don’t. The same goes for celery. The reason your horse is refusing to eat celery is not that it can’t, but because it does not want to. 

Celery has a strong smell and it is not necessarily sweet tasting. This may be some of the reasons why your horse does not like it. Do not worry when your horse does not eat the celery you offer it. You can find ways to improve the taste of celery for your horse by creating salads that include fruits that are sweet flavored such as watermelon, bananas, grapes, and oranges. 

Can horses eat celery conclusion?

It is both safe and of nutritional benefit to feeding celery to your horse. Horses can eat all parts of the celery, including the stalks and the leaves. You should however not feed your horse too much celery as it may cause digestive problems for your horse. Feeding it celery just twice or thrice a week is enough.

The feedings should also not be in excess. Two pounds in one feeding will be a good serving for every time you give your horse celery to eat. As you have seen, should the question of “Can horses eat celery” arise, then your answer should be a confident yes! Remember to clean the celery before you feed it to the horse and cut it into small pieces so that the gorse does not choke. Mixing celery with other foods or fruits that are sweet will also make it tastier for your horse.


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