Can horses eat oranges?

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Can horses eat oranges? Good question!

Oranges are fruits that we are all familiar with. They are sweet, have a lot of juice, and even have nutritional value for us. You might want to give oranges to your horse but you’re worried that its system cannot handle the citric acid.

The question “Can horses eat oranges” may have also crossed your mind but you are clueless about what the answer might be. If that describes you, then this article is for you. Horses can eat oranges.

Oranges have high acidity levels and some animals have issues when they take them for this reason. For horses, however, an orange is a good fruit. There are many horses that like eating oranges and it is therefore a good option for a treat or snack

What are the benefits of giving your horse oranges and are there fruits you should not feed your horse?  Read more to find out. 

The Value of an orange to a horse

For humans, oranges have great nutritional benefits. The same goes for horses. There are minerals and vitamins that are contained in oranges.

Oranges in particular are citrus fruits and therefore have Vitamin C which helps boost the immunity of your horse.

Vitamin C also helps the muscles of a horse to recover in a quicker manner as it improves the flow of oxygen to the muscles and helps reduce inflammation. This means that giving your performance horse some oranges would be of great help to them. 

For young foals and older horses, oranges will support their overall growth and health. Hesperidin, a substance that is found in oranges is known to boost the function of the brain. 

Also, oranges are a great way to keep your horse hydrated as they have fluids in them. 

Can horses eat orange peels?

Can horses eat oranges

Now that you have the answer to the question “can horses eat oranges”, the next question one would probably ask is “Can horses eat orange peels?” Yes, they can. Orange peels through research have been found to have oil that can help horses in recovery after they have been working for a long time or after engaging in a lot of activity such as running in a race.

These peels are a great antidote for fatigue, and just 30 grams a day for your horse is enough. Peels also help your horse get stronger immunity.

There are antioxidants in orange peels known as flavonoids which reduce inflammation in horses. So not only can horses eat orange peels, but they can also get nutritional benefits from them. 

The bitterness in some orange peels may irritate your horse. To help with this, you can make some salads using the peels by adding fruits that have sweet flavors such as watermelon, grapes, and bananas. Your horse would really enjoy this. 

Just enough; All in moderation. 

Though oranges are a good option for fruits to add to the diet of your horse, it should not be the main source of food for your horse. Too many oranges for your horse may lead to acidity problems, which can affect the digestive system of your horse.

There are also health problems that may arise in your horse if you overfeed them with oranges as they may contain too much sugar. Your horse may not be able to handle this amount of sugar and the result would be stomach discomfort. 

When you want to feed your horse oranges, it is important that you clean the oranges properly. The reason for this is to remove any toxic substances or pesticides that may be on the oranges.

Contaminants may cause health problems for your horse. You should also cut the oranges into smaller pieces so that the horse is able to eat without choking. Quarters or halves will do it. 

What fruits can horses not eat?

A regular and consistent feeding routine is recommended when it comes to feeding your horse.

The diet of the horse should be made of grass or gay mainly. Some treats here and there to supplement this diet are okay and they will also make your horse happy. Sometimes people feed horses foods that are harmful to them because they are clueless about what horses can and cannot eat.

It is therefore important to know what horses eat and also what they do not eat, especially if you own or plan to own a horse.

Foods that are wrong for your horse can lead to stomach discomfort and even cause damage to their digestive system. Horses can eat oranges, but what fruits can horses not eat? There are some foods, including fruits that you should not feed your horse. Some of these foods include tomatoes, chocolate, garlic, onions, meat, bread products, dairy products, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, caffeine products, avocado, and stone fruits.

These goods are either poisonous or harmful to your horse or they can make it choke. The foods that you can feed your horse include carrots, apples, watermelon, pears, plums, apricot, strawberries, mango, grapes, bananas, raisins, celery, pieces of pineapple, peach without the stone, peppermints, and oranges. 

Can horses eat oranges conclusion?

We all want a treat now and again and just like us, horses also do. As we feed our horses their regular foods such as hay, we need to add some treats to reward them for good work when they are training or simply to praise them. Just like your question on “Can horses eat oranges” made you read this article, it is important to find out which other vegetables and fruits are healthy for your horse, and what can be harmful to them. Giving horses the right foods will keep them healthy and prevent them from having problems with their digestive system.

Oranges are a great option any time you would want to treat your horse. Remember that you need to feed your horse oranges in moderation. Too many oranges will end up being problematic in the long run. Maintaining a balanced diet for your horse should be a priority. A mango or two a week will keep your horse both healthy and happy. 


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