Can Horses Eat Peanut Butter?

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Can Horses Eat Peanut Butter? – “Human Foods” Horses Can and Can’t Eat

Many of us humans who adore horses must have thought of sharing our food with them as “treats.” But before you do or before you do it again, in case you’ve already tried sharing a human sandwich with your favorite equines, ask yourself first whether it’s safe for them. Can horses eat peanut butter? How about cheese? 

Can these mighty herbivores really eat “human foods”? No need to rummage through the internet for answers. This article provides you with a comprehensive list of “human foods” that horses can and can’t ingest. 

What you should know is that this is not a full list and should not be the basis for planning the diet of your horses. We should always leave those matters to the experts that are vets. In spite of that, it’s still important to know what “human foods” you can share with the horses you care for.

These 3 “Human Foods” are Safe for Horses to Eat

1. Can Horses Eat Peanut Butter? – A Good Old PB&J Won’t Hurt

Surprising as it is to many, giving peanut butter to equines as treat isn’t bad for them. They are rich in potassium, but it’s better to opt for the one with the organic label. Added sugar and salt contents that peanut butter has that we humans usually eat are not good for horses. One similar question you might have in mind is whether can horses eat peanuts.

Peanuts are actually edible seeds that cultivate in pods which are called legumes. So, can horses eat peanuts? Yes, they are legumes and horses love munching on those. Just one caveat to keep in mind, horses can have food allergies like us humans, and peanut allergies are no exception. As always, consult a veterinarian regarding these concerns.

2. Can Horses Eat Candy? – Treats for Horses with Sweet Tooth

The straightforward answer to in case can horses eat candy is a resounding yes. Most horse owners share how their horses love peppermint-flavored candy. Aside from the sugar level that is up to us to regulate, peppermint candy is a great treat for horses who have a liking for sweets.

Peppermint leaves are known to reduce inflammation with their antibacterial properties, making them healthy for horses. Aside from the usual peppermint-flavored candies, horses can also enjoy candies with fruity flavors, like Skittles and Jolly Ranchers – oh the joy of sharing our favorite candies with our cherished equines.

3. Can Horses Eat Eggs? – Aren’t Horses Herbivores?

Finding out that horses can indeed eat eggs is much more of a shock than when we found out the answer to whether can horses eat peanut butter. This one is honestly still debatable for many horse owners. One persisting argument is that horses are herbivores and there is no way that they should be eating meat.

Contradicting this reasoning, however, eggs are not exactly meat. The ones we buy in the supermarket aren’t fertilized, so if horses were to eat these poultry products, they’re just basically ingesting the same nutrients that chicks need to grow. If you’re still unconvinced about whether can horses eat eggs but want to try it for a glossy mane (yes, many horse owners do it), it’s best to discuss it with the vet.

These 3 “Human Foods” are Bad for Horses’ Diet

1. Can Horses Eat Chocolate? – Watch Out for Theobromine

There’s a simple reason why you should never feed chocolate to the horses you hold dear and that’s theobromine – a chemical present in cacao seeds. Similar to how chocolates are toxic to dogs, horses can’t ingest this sort of foodstuffs because it can cause damage mainly to their kidneys, nervous system, and heart. If you really must feed them a sweet treat, go back to the question in the case can horses eat peanut butter or any other candies, just NEVER feed them chocolate.

2. Can Horses Eat Cheese? – Horses are Lactose Intolerant

If you don’t know it yet, keep in mind the fact that horses are lactose intolerant. So, under no occasion can horses eat cheese and other dairy products. This includes yogurt which might be one of your favorites and want to share with horses, but DON’T. There is no way can horses eat cheese, yogurt, or milk that we enjoy because it can give them serious diarrhea. 

3. Can Horses Eat Bread? – Too General to Even Consider for Horses

Contemplating feeding bread to horses is too broad to deem as safe for the diet of equines. There are simply too many types of bread and most of them are processed. When it’s processed, we aren’t always sure of its ingredients and that can pose a serious threat to their health.

It’s best to stick to the more particular options, either can horses eat peanuts or can horses eat eggs? But talking bread can really be messy if ingested by equines because of its doughy texture that may lead to colic and blockage in their digestive tract. If you really must feed bread to your horses, make sure it’s to a minimal extent.

Bringing it All Together

There you have the common “human foods” that people inquire about when thinking of new snack options or just any treat that they want to feed their horses. Have you tried feeding the safe ones to your lovely equines? How about the ones that are bad for them? 

If your answer is yes to the latter question, be more cautious because their well-being lies in your hands. An interesting attribute of horses is their complex dietary processes. As a matter of fact, they can eat more options in comparison with other farm animals we keep as pets. Just be sure not to take advantage of this so their lives won’t be endangered.

The next time you ask yourself whether can horses eat peanut butter, eggs, dairy, and other “human foods” you might want to share with them, remember what’s safe for them and what might bring toxicity to their system.


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