Can Horses Eat Pears?

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Can Horses Eat Pears? –  Pears and More Apple Substitutes Horses Could Eat

When browsing through the internet with the question of what fruits can horses eat, the most common answer you’ll probably get is apples. It’s true though because apples are all-time favorites for your lovely equines. But can horses eat pears? can horses eat bananas? how about oranges?

With the delicate digestive system of equines, a balanced diet must be incorporated into their meal. So, feeding horses apples all the time isn’t really the right course to go. That’s why knowing that there are other fruits out there for your wonderfully lean equines is useful.

What’s more, consider the annual seasons that affect the supply of various fruits. Case in point, the favored horse treats, apples are the sweetest during summer. Thinking about when the weather changes, what are better alternatives that horses could eat? Here, you’ll find apple substitutes that are palatable and full of nutritional value for horses.

The 5 Best Fruit Options for Horses that Are Not Apples

1. The Best Apple Substitute – Can Horses E at Pears?

Whether can horses eat apples or not is no longer in the gray area. But if you still prefer an apple substitute that is nearly like an apple, pears are definitely the best alternative. It is a pome fruit related to apples and is just as sweet and crunchy.

Pears are low in protein and high in fiber, which is the optimal diet for horses. So how should you feed pears to horses? Can horses eat unripe pears? Although ripe pears are preferable, unripe pears for horses are okay. But be warned as it might disrupt their digestive processes.

To prepare pears for horses, just simply remove the stem and cut it into chunks as you would do when feeding them apples. Since horses can only eat with one side of their cheeks at a time, cutting fruits into chunks can be helpful.

2. Energy-Packed Fruit Option – Can Horses Eat Bananas?

When making an inquiry on what fruit can horses eat aside from apples, you should consider not only if it’s tasty but also if it’s sustaining enough for them. That’s how bananas come into play with their potassium-rich fruit and skin.

Deciding if either can horses eat pears or can horses eat unripe pears poses a snag that bananas don’t have that lies in their texture. Unlike pears and apples, these fruits are mushy and therefore great for older horses who have dental issues.

Just a small reminder of feeding bananas to your horses the first time, take it slow, especially with the peel on. It might be too bitter for them, but cutting them into pieces would help. Make sure that it also has an organic label to keep your horses safe from ingesting harmful chemicals.

3. Easily Safe and Simple Fruit Snack – Can Horses Eat Grapes?

What’s great about grapes that apples don’t have is their uncomplicated preparation for horses. No need to peel it and remove its seeds or pits, horses can eat it just as is straight from the orchard. Among the answers to what fruit can horses eat, grapes are undoubtedly one of the safest.

If you’re still concerned about the seeds of grapes for your equine’s health, seedless grapes are available. Whether it’s the green or red variation, these small and sugary fruits are loaded with vitamin C. A caution though is to not feed too many grapes to your horses because of the fruit’s high sugar content.

4. Healthful Citrusy Alternative – Can Horses Eat Oranges?

Perhaps a benefit that oranges have over apples, aside from the bountiful vitamin C, is the rich antioxidants in its peel. Sure, the answer is yes to the question of whether can horses eat apples. But can apples provide your dear equines with hesperidin? 

Another benefit from oranges, hesperidin can improve the brain activities of your horse. More nutrition from the orange peel is its ability to aid in fatigue, especially for hard-working horses who help a lot in farm duties. 

Feeding oranges to horses also allow recovery of blood circulation, so it’s really good for reducing inflammation and reinforcing horses’ immunity. A caveat, however, is the high sugar content of citrus fruits which makes it not the best option for horses with high insulin resistance. 

5. An Exotic and Tropical Choice – Can Horses Eat Pineapples?

Similar to oranges, pineapples are a great source of vitamin C and feed your horses. Although when thinking of what fruit can horses eat, pineapples are not always the first choice. It’s a tropical fruit and it’s more on the exotic spectrum of fruits.

Settling on whether can horses eat pears, bananas or other apple substitutes that were mentioned above are more conventional choice in comparison with opting for pineapple. Some even have the misconception that these fruits are poisonous to horses, but fear not because that’s a myth.

Horses can enjoy pineapples as much as they enjoy apples. Just remove the skin and the core so your favorite equines can eat it without any hazard.

Final Thoughts

With the numerous fruit selections alternative to apples that horses can eat, what would you be feeding to your equines next? Horse owners and horse lovers out there are aware that our dear equines have a digestive system unlike no other. Thus, knowing what horses can or can’t eat is crucial information.

Having a vast option of what goes into their meal is important to keep them in great shape. Although apples are traditional treats for horses, don’t hesitate to try out other fruits too! It opens a door to more nutrition and fewer colic risks. 

Pay heed that anything too much is not good, regardless if it’s an all-time favorite or any new fruit you just found out they enjoy eating. So, the next time you ask yourself whether can horses eat pears, bananas, or other apple substitutes, do feed them with dietary supervision and care for our dear equines.


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