Can horses eat watermelon?

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Can horses eat watermelon? Read more to find out!

A nice juicy watermelon is great for a hot day. We enjoy eating watermelons and even having them in fruit salads. We all want to find healthy options that we can add to the diet if our horses as well. There are different alternatives for vegetables and fruits that can be healthy alternatives that you can feed your horse.

Is watermelon one of those options? The question “Can horses eat watermelon” will help you find out whether watermelon is one of those fruits that you can share with your horse. The answer to this question is yes, horses can eat watermelon.

And they enjoy it! As with any new treat or food that you want to add to the diet of your horse, make sure that you pay attention to how your horse reacts in the first few days. If there are any significant changes or side effects from your horse, reach out to your vet immediately. 

How beneficial are watermelons to horses?

Watermelons are sweet and tasty, but beyond that, they also have some beneficial aspects for your horse. One of the benefits of feeding watermelon to your horse is that the high water content that is in watermelon is great for helping your horse cool down on a hot day in the summer.

It is a fact that water forms about 92% of watermelons. For the cooling effect, freezing the watermelon or having it in the refrigerator for a while will be useful for this.

Watermelon also has potassium, Vitamin C, and vitamin A, all of which provide nutritional value to your horse. Watermelon also has fiber which helps the digestive system of a horse function better and more effectively.

Potassium is beneficial to the well-being of the horse, and since horses lose potassium as they urinate and sweat, watermelon will add it back to the horse’s body.

A deficiency of potassium for a shores causes fatigue, loss of appetite, and weak muscles. Amino acids that the watermelon rind provides have been found to lower the blood pressure of the horse, aid in the growth of muscles and healing of wounds, and in boosting the horse’s immune system. 

Can horses eat watermelon rind?

Can horses eat watermelon

We have seen that horses can eat watermelon, but can horses eat watermelon rind? Yes, they can. Though one would not expect this, there are horses that actually prefer the rind to the fleshy watermelon part. 

The watermelon rind has health benefits of its own. It has higher concentrations of fiber and potassium than the fleshy watermelon parts which makes it healthier for your horse to feed on. When you decide to give the rind to your horse, wash it thoroughly to remove any toxic substances or pesticides that might be on it. The best way to do this is by using a mixture of salt and water. Make sure to cut it up into small pieces before you feed it to your horse so that it does not choke. 

Can horses eat watermelon seeds?

The fleshy part of the watermelon is good for your horse. The watermelon rind is even better. Now, can horses eat watermelon seeds? We have all eaten watermelon at some point and we know that watermelon has seeds in it. Horses can eat watermelon seeds, but it has to be in moderation. What you should remember is that horses should not be fed watermelon seeds by themselves. There are some horse owners to opt to remove seeds from watermelon before they feed it to their horse, which is also fine. 

Not too much

Horses like watermelons. If you fed them an unlimited number of watermelons, they’d probably eat as much of them as possible. This is not recommendable however, as overfeeding your horse with watermelon can cause your horse to have digestive problems. Make sure your horse eats regular food and only feed them watermelon as a treat. Giving a horse too much watermelon can make it not finish its usual meals, and it will end up not having a balanced diet. 

Too much watermelon for your horse can also cause colic for your horse, which is a gastric upset that can be fatal for your horse. It is both costly and difficult to treat such a condition. Give your horse only a small amount of watermelon a day for the best results. 

When not to give your horse watermelon

There are a few cases where horses cannot eat watermelon, due to dental problems or issues with their diet. It is important to know whether your horse has either of these problems so that you do feed them watermelon. 

Another category of horses that should not be fed watermelon is horses that have hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP). This is a condition where a horse that eats potassium has debilitating episodes. Since watermelon has potassium, the horses that suffer from HYPP should be kept away from it. The last group of horses that should not be fed watermelon is horses that have problems with insulin. Watermelon contains sugar, and giving these horses watermelon would be harmful to them. 

Can horses eat watermelon conclusion?

Watermelon is one of the fruits that we enjoy eating. This article on “Can horses eat watermelon” shows you that horses do eat watermelon and they also enjoy it. Watermelon is a great choice to add to the diet of your horse, better than any processed foods that humans take. Manmade watermelon treats should also not be in your horses’ diet as they are not as healthy as natural watermelons.

Some great ideas on watermelon treats to give your horse include frozen watermelon, watermelon chunks, bran mash with watermelon, and chopped watermelon.

Remember, moderation is key! If you have not tried watermelon as a treat for your horse, try it today. Should the horse react in a manner that is not normal or have any side effects make sure to give your vet a call immediately. If your horse loves it, then you will have yourself an easy option for a horse treat. 


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