Can Rabbits Eat Bananas?

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Can Rabbits Eat Bananas: Key Things to Remember When Feeding Bananas to Rabbits.

Bananas are elongated, edible fruit. Can rabbits eat bananas?  The answer is affirmative. Even so, when we say yes, it’s not certainly good for them and certainly not bad for them. What I mean is that there are health benefits and some limitations, which you will learn later on.
 Bananas comprise of 80-90% of resistant starch as a fraction of their carbohydrate content. As the bananas ripen, the resistant starch transforms to sugars. Bananas are also rich in water, vitamin B6 and C, potassium, antioxidants and other nutrients.

Veterinarians have confirmed rabbits can eat little amounts of ripe bananas safely. However, you need to observe caution against feeding bananas to rabbits, and this applies to all fruits that are very high in sugar content. Stick around to learn one or two things.

Things to Remember When Feeding Your Rabbits Bananas  

 Introduce bananas to your bunny

It would be of help if you first introduce bananas to your bunny; this can be done by feeding him small amounts, especially when you are doing this for the first time.Pay attention to your bunny’s behavior after introducing the new meal.

 Wash the bananas before giving them to your rabbit.

Rabbits do eat the banana peel, so it is advisable that you wash the banana. It may be sprayed with chemicals such as pesticides from the farm or other chemicals in case you bought the banana from the supermarket.  

 Restrain their intake

Bananas are sweet and rabbits enjoy eating them, at the same time they are very addictive, so it is important to limit how much they feed in 24 hours. Offer banana to your bunny as a treat

Remember when feeding your rabbits bananas, it should be a treat. Please serve your bunny banana after he has eaten his daily meal, hay. This is because, in spite the banana’s low GI content, when ripe they are very high in sugar. Therefore, excessive sugars are harmful to your rabbits.

 If your bunny have dental issues don’t feed him banana

Ripe bananas as we have been saying before contain a lot of sugar which is not suitable for a bunny with dental problem.

 Give bananas to adult bunnies.

Can rabbits eat bananas? Yes, but you should not feed it on baby bunnies. You will have to wait for the baby bunnies reach at least four months before you can offer them bananas or any other fruit.

 Don’t offer overripe bananas to your bunny

Nutritional value of bananas changes when it becomes too ripe. Please avoid them.Resistant starch is transformed to free sugars, which eventually increases the fruit’s sugar content and can be harmful to your bunny in the long run.

Why You Need to Feed Rabbits Bananas

Bananas have a lot of benefits and as mentioned, they are rich vitamins. In case you feel like bananas are not good for your bunny, we have explained why you need to feed your rabbit bananas in moderation. So, here are some of the health benefits associated with bananas.

  1. Contents of vitamin C present in the banana helps in building better protection against diseases by enhancing the immune system and ensuring stable blood pressure in your rabbit.
  2. Contents of potassium makes absorption of calcium possible and as a result bones grow stronger.
  3. Good for digestion; bananas are rich in fiber which makes absorption of minerals in the body better and by this your bunny does not suffer indigestion problems.
  4. Bananas have natural prebiotics which helps in keeping the intestinal flora controlled, and the digestive system is healthier.
  5. Bananas are low-calorie fruits which means you won’t worry about your rabbit being on a risk of suffering cardiovascular health problems.

Can rabbits eat bananas? Indeed, when you consider the health benefits from banana consumption then you can offer your bunny the fruit as a treat.

 Repercussions of Overfeeding Bananas to Rabbits.

You have to know repercussions of overfeeding bananas to rabbits before even making the decision to introduce the fruit to your bunny.

Bananas are starchy and contain sugars that can seriously harm your rabbit’s intestine and other organs. Rabbits intestines are designed purposely to digest cellulose and not meals that are very high in carbohydrates and fats. If you let your bunny overeat bananas, then you will have to deal with runny stools, obesity and other problems associated with poor digestion. These health problems besides causing discomfort to your bunny can lead to death.

When you feed rabbits, a lot of bananas, be ready to face the risk of interchanging treats with their main diet. The rabbits will suddenly lose their taste for green leafy vegies, which they actually require for their growth in order to live and will start asking  for bananas instead.Remember,you are minimizing their life span.

If you make your bunny lose their penchant on their green, you will certainly have a hard time ‘winning’ them back to their normal diet. Can rabbits eat bananas? Can you moderate what you feed your bunny? If yes, then let your bunny enjoy their treat.


Rabbits enjoy eating bananas and what you feed your bunny is entirely your responsibility. Your bunny may likely eat everything and anything. You should do sufficient research to find out what foods are secure for your bunny.So, can rabbits eat bananas? Yes, they can, but make sure it is in small quantities in other words, it should be a treat.

Never leave your bunny with a lot of bananas alone or you will be surprised to find him excessively full. Factors like anxiety or hunger can make him overeat.

Remember you should not feed it on baby bunnies. You will have to wait for the baby bunnies reach at least four months before you can offer them bananas or any other fruit.Remember the repercussions associated with overfeeding your bunny. However, don’t let the repercussion stop you from treating your bunny with a piece of banana.


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