Can Rabbits Eat Blackberries?

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Can Rabbits Eat Blackberries? How Ripened Do They Have To Be?

Since berries are fruits that grow in the wild, we can think that the ancestors of the adorable pet bunnies that we keep at home would constantly feast on them in the bushes that they found around the forests.

That is true, but also not. Then, can rabbits eat blackberries? While bunnies and berries really do go a long while back, rabbits could only eat blackberries during their season and, even then, the number of berries they could reach was pretty limited.

That being said, rabbits are no strangers to these delicious fruits and, just like us, they see blackberries as a yummy treat. So, yes, your pet rabbit can definitely eat blackberries.

Which ones and how many are the questions that should really concern you, as there are several things that could go really wrong? However, worry not, as we will discuss them all in this article and teach you how and when to serve these yummy treats in order for your sweet furry friend to stay happy and healthy.

Benefits Of Blackberries In Rabbits

Can Rabbits Eat Blackberries?

Blackberries and other dark berries have a reputation for being the healthiest fruits on the planet. If that is really the case, can rabbits eat blackberries? Well, the answers, as you may have already guessed, is a resolute yes.

What are the benefits of blackberries for rabbits then? Blackberries are juicy, delicious, and very easy to eat because of their small size and soft texture.

Aside from that, they are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory nutrients. The body of a rabbit can only produce Vitamin C, so it needs to outsource all the other vitamins through fruits and vegetables that you feed to your rabbit. Blackberries

can bring a series of benefits to your rabbit’s skin, immune system, and overall well-being. So it would be a good idea to introduce this new yummy dessert to your little fluffy friend if you haven’t yet, just make sure you give them the right color!

How Should Blackberries Look Like For Rabbits To Be Able To Eat Them?

How do you like to eat blackberries? Easy and simple – ripened and sweet. Avoid any blackberries with a hint of red, as they can upset your bunny’s stomach.

The same thing goes for your sweet little pet bunny. Blackberry leaves (the softer ones) and frozen blackberries are also appropriate and can be served to your bunny if its digestive system reacts well to them. 

Now that you know how to let your rabbit eat blackberries, let’s talk about how many blackberries they should eat and how you should serve them, in order to keep their stomachs happy and healthy.

Let’s Talk about Quantity

Can rabbits eat too many blackberries? Well, since blackberries are quite dense in sugars and fats, your little pet rabbit can quickly make himself sick by eating one too many blackberries because of how good they taste. One or two medium-sized blackberries, ripened and thoroughly washed under fresh water should be more than good enough for an average bunny.

Avoid giving blackberries to your bunny if they are younger than twelve weeks, as their digestive system is not as strong yet and they need to eat mostly rabbit food and timothy hay until they grow a little older.

If you have given your rabbit a handful of blackberries once or twice, there is no need to panic. As we explained, blackberries are not toxic and they will not directly harm your rabbit, but it should not become habitual for them to eat plenty. Read on to find out exactly why not.

Blackberries Side Effects To Watch Out For

Blackberries do not cause any immediate side effects and they are absolutely not toxic to rabbits, but there are still some important things to watch for. As they are high in sugar, blackberries can cause negative effects on rabbits that are obese or overweight.

Other than that, they can cause digestive problems if administered in a quantity bigger than what we discussed in the previous point, so make sure to only give your pet bunny the right quantity of blackberries.

Aside from that, you do not want your rabbit to get full-on blackberries, because, throughout the day, they need to eat mostly food that is rich in fiber and, by rabbit standards, blackberries are not. However, since rabbits tend to eat low-calorie food, fruits high in carbs and calories can make them gain weight easily, so watch out for that.

Can Rabbits Eat Blackberries Conclusion

Blackberries have a high content of sugars, antioxidants, and vitamins. Because of that, you should regard them as candy and only feed them to your dear pet bunny as occasional healthy treats.

Not only can rabbits eat them, they will probably love them and ask you to give them more, but refrain yourself, no matter how cute they look. One or two ripened blackberries should be more than enough for your little furry friend. Avoid giving your pet rabbit blackberries more than a few times a week and remember that diversity is the most important part of a rabbit’s diet, as eating the same things over and over can do them more harm than good.

Aside from that, remember that berries are high in sugar. Do not give your rabbit blackberries if they are overweight or obese.

Even if they are not, be careful with how much sugar you let them eat. A bunny might be unable to refrain and feel quite sick after because blackberries can have side effects. Overall, blackberries make an awesome dessert choice for your rabbit, just make sure not to overdo it and remember that balance is key in all diets, and that of a rabbit is no exception.


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