Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli?

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Forget Your Spoiled Toddlers, Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli?

More often than not, little children will swish their broccoli around on their plate for a while, then tell their mom that they do not want to eat it. However, different from little kids, your pet lacks the fine skills to talk to you directly to tell you that it does not want to eat something that you gave it.

Since that is the case, pet owners are always seeking to learn what not to give to their little furry friends. Because we started this article talking about broccoli, we might as well explore a very frequent question that pet rabbit owners have; can rabbits eat broccoli? If yes, how much of it?

Also, what part of broccoli can rabbits not eat, or can they also eat the parts that we always throw away? How do their preferences differ from ours and how can we use the knowledge that science gives us to keep our rabbits happy and healthy? If these questions interest you, then let’s explore them together down below!

Is Broccoli Safe For Rabbits To Eat?

Being a green vegetable packed with nutrients and vitamins, it is no surprise that you would want to give your rabbit broccoli every now and again.

Aside from that, broccoli is also crunchy, which means that it is great to keep the rabbit’s ever growing teeth in check. Most importantly, as you probably already know if you have a pet rabbit, rabbits need dietary fiber to be in at least 15% of the nutrients that they get every day and broccoli is a great source of fiber.

That means that broccoli is great for rabbits. But is a lot of broccoli safe? And do they like it? Well, most rabbits like broccoli, but it is important to monitor how yours reacts when you give them some. 

If they do not react well to it, simply do not give it to them as they probably just dislike it and there are many other foods that you can give them instead. If they eat it, watch for signs of discomfort or gas, because broccoli can sometimes cause it.

If it does not, continue giving it to them every now and then, but be careful not to overdo it. Many of you are probably wondering,is cooked broccoli safe for rabbits to eat? Well, yes. Just be careful not to add anything to it to make it more flavorful, because the seasoning might be harmful to the rabbit.

What Part Of Broccoli Can Rabbits Not Eat?

Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli

There is actually no part of broccoli that a rabbit cannot eat. So you can go all out and have them try everything. That being said, science has found that some parts of broccoli can cause more gas than other parts and we also know that this will differ from rabbit to rabbit because all of them are different.

It is recommended to take all the individual parts of broccoli and slowly introduce them to your rabbits, one at a time.

That way, you can see which parts do not do well in their tummy and avoid them in the future. A rabbit’s favorite part of broccoli has been shown to be the leaves of the plant so, if you have access to them, it is recommended to introduce them first. Overall, your bunny can probably eat any part of broccoli, so it is more of a matter of what they like best. Feel free to go all out and introduce it all to them. 

How Much Broccoli Is Safe For Rabbits?

Broccoli is a wonderful veggie and it can do great things for your rabbit’s organism when given in moderation. It is important to keep in mind, however, that broccoli has more sugar than other vegetables, thus it can not take the place of, say, leafy greens.

However, it has its own place and the benefits that it provides are far too good to not be taken advantage of. Then, how much broccoli is safe for rabbits to eat in a day? It is recommended to begin introducing broccoli in small quantities.

One tablespoon a day during the initial week is really appropriate. As we said before, leave your rabbit alone if they do not like it and move on to a different food. If they do like it, however, monitor their stools to make sure that the broccoli is not causing them digestive problems like bloating, gas and diarrhea. What part can rabbits not eat? Well, nothing.

Any part of broccoli is good for rabbits, so you can slowly introduce all of them to see what they like best. If everything looks good, you can increase the quantity of broccoli that you feed to your rabbit in a reasonable amount, keeping in mind its sugar content and the effect that can have in your rabbit’s health.

Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli Conclusion

Unlike our little kids, not only can rabbits eat broccoli, but they can also eat the parts of it that we throw away because of how strong their teeth are. As we learned from the article, broccoli can surely become a part of your favorite furry friend’s healthy, well-balanced diet.

The only side effect that broccoli is known to have is digestive discomfort, which includes gas, bloating and ,sometimes, loose stools. The way around that is the slow introduction that starts with about one tablespoon a day and then monitoring how your rabbit reacts. If they seem to enjoy it and it does not upset their stomach, you can then include it in their diet for good.

Just always remember that every rabbit is different and that it is always a good idea to check with your vet if you have any doubts. Additionally, remember that diversity is key and that broccoli, although it is a good food filled with fiber and vitamins, cannot make up a large amount of what your rabbit eats. It is good to mix and match and try different things.


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