Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro?

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Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro: The Guide and the Answer.

In this article we will talk about can Rabbits Eat Cilantro? Cilantro, also known as coriander, Chinese parsley or dhania. All parts of cilantro are edible.  Cilantro is a spice and just like many spices, it contains antioxidants that can attach heavy and unwanted metal pieces in the body. Cilantro also has components that can fight against salmonella; thus, giving the “participator” a healthier digestive system. 

Can rabbits eat cilantro? The answer is yes, cilantro has health benefit for your rabbit because it contains high levels of minerals, vitamins and fiber. The fiber content help in the elimination of body waste of your bunny. So, you can freely feed your bunny cilantro but in moderation.

If you initiate new foods to your rabbit rapidly, the bunny’s normal digestion will be disturbed your bunny may get sick. Stick around to find out what you need to know when feeding cilantro to your bunny.

Feeding Cilantro to Rabbits

Can rabbits eat cilantro? Yes, but add different type of food. If your bunny is still not yet fully grown, you should initiate cilantro along with other green vegies little by little. Your bunny should be at least three months old for him to be considered ready to feed on cilantro. When feeding cilantro to your bunny, add one leaf of it at a time and if there is no stomach upset, then you are at liberty to add more during the following feeding time. If you want to know if your bunny’s intestine is in good condition, check his stool. If the stool is solid, then that means your bunny’s digestive tract is not distracted. If it stops eliminating digested for 24 hours, it is advisable you get a veterinarian straight away.

When feeding cilantro to rabbits, make sure that you have washed the leaves rigorously to wash off the pesticides. Even if you brought cilantro from an organic farm, there is still a possibility that it will mess up with some possibly harmful bacteria like E. coli. Washing is also important because it adds wetness to the leaves. Wet leaves are suitable for feeding because they add the liquid content of your bunny’s food. Thereby, the digestive mechanism of your bunny will keep up running well, hence making the bunny healthy and comfortable.

Keep in mind also to serve your rabbit fresh cilantro leaves only. Cilantro leaves get bad quickly when removed from its stalk and a bunny is very sensitive to rotten food so there is need to call for extra caution. Can rabbits eat cilantro?  Of course, but not rotten ones.Try smelling the food you are offering to your rabbit. If it smells rotten then you are advised not to offer it to your bunny since it would make him constipated. In contrast, if you decide to serve drying cilantro leaves, your bunny will not pay attention to it much because it is not even desirable to his eyes. 

Always remember that a mature bunny needs to have four cups of different vegies at least a day. Its food should be offered at arranged intervals so that your bunny will not have swollen stomach. Cilantro leaves has a strong smell and this attribute will make your bunny wanting to try it. Even so, if you continue feeding him with the same vegies then he would simply get tired of the food, if it is the only green that is being offered. Another reason why cilantro should not be the only vegetable in your bunny’s diet is to provide your bunny with extra nutrients that cilantro cannot provide.

Your bunny should not just feed on vegetables but also hays and pellets. Hays are favorite meal of bunnies in general. They can be fed in immeasurable amount. A rabbit needs pellets that contains vitamins, trace nutrients and minerals, the fibers that are in hays to regulates the intestinal health of your bunny. 

Health Benefit of Rabbits Eat Cilantro

Cilantro has many health benefits to rabbits, we are going to take a look at some of them. 

Rabbits eating cilantro leaves really helps in taking care of excess exertion of intestinal gas from your rabbit body. 

The essential oil and the smell of a fresh cilantro act as very good appetizer. It essential oil have antimicrobial agent that hold back common infections. Its aroma alone, stimulates digestive juices and enzymes in the stomach.

Cilantro increases the amount of good cholesterol in your bunny’s body and decreases bad cholesterol that is blocking the arteries and veins. That being the case, a moderate intake of cilantro in your bunny’s diet can keep it from gaining unnecessary weight and having a reduced likelihood of having a heart attack.

Cilantro contains high amount of iron, potassium, calcium and other possible minerals needed by your bunny. There are also presences of antioxidants in the herb. Antioxidants counteract free radicals in the body of your bunny. Hence, the more antioxidants your bunny consume, the fewer free radicals will harm his body cells. 

Can rabbits eat cilantro? Definitely yes, considering the health benefit that the herb offers to your bunny, then it is recommended you feed your Rabbits Eat Cilantro in moderation.

Conclusion Rabbits Eat Cilantro

Cilantro herb is a very good addition to nearly any bunny’s diet. So, can rabbits eat cilantro? With no doubt, you can feed your rabbit cilantro. It is a low-calorie herb, rich in fiber which will keep your bunny healthy and regular. It also has antioxidants that are really helpful in preventing him against many common diseases including heart disease and arthritis.
In moderation, food rich in antioxidants like cilantro may help to slow the bodily decline related to aging, lengthening your bunny’s life. Remember to feed your bunny other food like hay which is the major food for your bunny; giving him nothing but cilantro will cause digestive and nourishing problems.
Remember also, to wash the herb thoroughly and introduce cilantro along with other green vegies little by little. Serve cilantro to your bunny as a treat. Because Rabbits Eat Cilantro. Thank you for reading and we hope the guide is helpful and your question was answered. 


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