Can Rabbits Eat Cucumbers?

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Can rabbits eat cucumbers? Here Is What You Cannot Give Them!

Cucumbers are wonderful; cool, refreshing, affordable, and super healthy. They provide a wonderful source of water, as it makes up roughly 96 percent of their structure. Additionally, science tells us that the stuff inside it is good for our connective tissue. Speaking of cucumbers being good and healthy, many pet owners around the world have stressed the question:


Can rabbits eat cucumbers? Can rabbits eat cucumber seeds? Healthy and refreshing for us – healthy and refreshing for them, right? Well, yes and no.

This article has all the answers that you need, including what benefits and disadvantages cucumbers have for rabbits, whether or not they are worth being a part of their diet, and what quantities are appropriate. The question “Can rabbits eat cucumbers?” is actually pretty easy to answer. Yes, they can. The real question is, should they? And that is what we’re going to explore in this article.

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumbers?

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumbers

As you have probably guessed by the title and introduction, the answer is yes, rabbits can eat cucumbers. However, we need to keep in mind that the products that we feed our little pet rabbits

need to be organic or, at the very least, thoroughly washed with fresh running water. This is to make sure that the harmful chemicals that are inevitably on the skin of most fruits and vegetables are rinsed off before they can harm our rabbit’s delicate stomachs.

Organic cucumbers or those grown in your garden are always a better idea, but even those need to be rinsed for safety.

Rabbits are not allergic to cucumbers, nor does their digestive system tend to react negatively towards any part of this plant, so rabbits can eat cucumbers and they would make very yummy treats for your little furry friends. Fresh veggies are an important part of the balanced diet of a pet bunny and this diet is the key to keeping them happy and healthy, so read on to find out more details.

Cucumber Benefits And Disadvantages For Rabbits

Can rabbits eat cucumbers? Clearly. Should they? You decide. The list of cucumber benefits and disadvantages compiled below is meant to help you decide.

Cucumbers are primarily water and hydration is extremely important for bunnies, so munching on fresh cucumbers on a summer’s day is perfect for your little furry friend.

Additionally, cucumber, like most other veggies, is packed with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, which are extremely necessary for your rabbit’s nutrition and well-being. Now that we discussed cucumber benefits, it is fair to talk about the disadvantages of overly feeding your pet bunny with cucumbers. As we stated, cucumbers are mostly made of water.

Overhydration in rabbits causes loose stools, which is a big problem. Part of rabbits’ digestion process is re-ingesting some of their feces that come out partially digested in order to receive more nutritional values from them. If the rabbit has loose stools due to excessive consumption of water, this process can not occur.

That would mess up your rabbit’s digestive system, and we definitely do not want that. Then, how many cucumbers can I give my rabbit, you might ask?

How many cucumbers Can I Give My Rabbit?

Like all other fruits and vegetables, cucumber should be rationed for your rabbits to be able to have a balanced diet. Pet bunnies can have a maximum of a few thin slices in one sitting, which should not be more than three times a week.

In the very beginning, make sure to introduce cucumbers slowly and just give your rabbit one thin slice in a couple of days and pay attention to how their system reacts. Balance is key, so make sure you never overdo it.

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber Seeds?

Since most seeds are poisonous to cucumbers, it is only normal to ask this question. Cucumbers are an exception to that rule, because they have tiny, soft seeds that do not cause a choking hazard, nor do they have any harmful toxins inside of them like, for example, apple seeds.

Not only can rabbits eat cucumber seeds, but they are also dense in nutrition. As we all know, cucumber seeds make up a big part of the entire plant, so it would make no sense to remove the seeds and give your bunny only what is left. 

How To Serve Cucumber To Rabbits

As we have clarified, rabbits can only have cucumbers in small amounts, no more than a few times a week. It is better to leave the skin on, as it is filled with vitamins and nutrients. Just make sure to wash it thoroughly and dry it.

You can slice the cucumbers into small pieces, dice them, or look up online for recipes to make them into treats.

You can also mix cucumbers with other vegetables, especially leafy greens. If you have access to cucumber leaves, you can also feed them to your rabbit, provided that you know they are organic and safe. As a matter of fact, your rabbit will probably prefer the leaves because of the rabbit’s tendency to favor crunchy, leafy foods.


When it comes to cucumbers and rabbits, less is more. The question should not be “Can rabbits eat cucumbers?” but “How many cucumbers can I give my rabbit?” Thanks to the article, now you are well aware of the many advantages of this yummy, hydrating snack, just like you ate aware of the consequences of overconsumption of cucumbers or really anything else that is not in the category of foods that need to make up eighty percent of what rabbits eat (hay, greens).

Cucumbers should be cut into small pieces and served in tiny portions according to the weight of the pet rabbit. Cucumber seeds are safe and it is recommended that you do not remove them. Cucumber leaves are also good for your rabbit and are even considered better than the actual vegetable, so, if you do have access to them, give them to your bunny by all means.


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