Can Rabbits Eat Kale?

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Can Rabbits Eat Kale –What you all need to know about feeding kale to your rabbit

In this article we will talk about Can rabbits eat kale? Kale is an excellent source of vitamins K, C, A and B6, it is also a source of minerals such as manganese, copper, fiber, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Kales have health benefits to human beings all over the world, so they make sure that kales are available in their diet. You may be asking, can rabbits eat kale? The answer is, yes, rabbits can kale, but they need to be fed in moderation. The same way kales have benefits to human beings, it also have health benefits to rabbits and they love feeding on them. However, when you do not feed your bunny in moderation, some downsides might arise. 

Can rabbits eat kale?

If you initiate new foods to your rabbit rapidly, the bunny’s normal digestion will be disturbed and your bunny may get sick .Stick around to find out what you need to know when feeding kales to your bunny.

The Amount of Kale Your Rabbit Should be Fed

 The question can rabbit eat kale shouldn’t be a bother to you anymore, what you need to know is the amount of kale your rabbit should fed on. In case you are initiating kale to your bunny for the first time, start will little amount and observe signs of discomfort and the stool of your rabbit. While initiating vegetable, do not introduce a different one in less than three days. Furthermore, mix several leafy greens and try to reduce the veggies that contain high oxalic content and vary the leafy greens that you feed him.

Feed your rabbit kale when he has become adult to avoid any complications. Start with little amounts of kale; one leaf at a time for a period of one week and then observe the effects. Before feeding him, wash the kale to remove any chemicals and dirt that may be present from the farm. After that, your bunny can now happily chew the kale leaf without any need of more preparation.

It is recommended that the kale to be raw, organic and fresh. Do not cook it because once cooked, the vitamins and minerals content will be lost and your rabbit will not enjoy eating the treat.

Health Benefits of Kale for Rabbit

Kale is a source of iron, which is important in the body of your bunny since it is responsible for transporting oxygen to all parts of the body and is responsible for producing blood.

Kale is a good source of vitamins K, which helps in blood clotting in your bunny, vitamin A, which protect your bunny’s immune system and organ health. Kale also has calcium, magnesium contents and other nutrients.  Rabbits need calcium available in the kale for their body to function well, think about 510 mg for a healthy, medium-sized rabbit. Kale has 101mg of calcium per cup. With this, it is clear that a bunny can achieve their calcium intake when fed kale. 

Since rabbits easily gain weight when they don’t exercise. But a little amount of kale in his diet  will not only give his energy to participate in activities and other physical exercise but also help him lose weight.

 Can rabbit eat kale? My answer will still be yes, because apart from health benefits of kale for rabbit, is that it widens your rabbit’s diet.

Risks of Feeding Kale to Rabbits

Kale contains many nutrients and unfortunately, there is one or two healthy issues that come with consumption of a lot calcium. Excess calcium can cause urinary problems such as bladder sludge, bladder stones or even kidney stones. What you are supposed to do is alternate or combines kale with other greens that have low content of calcium.

Rabbits are supposed to be fed in moderation because if not fed in caution, they can suffer from running stool, get sick or even end up dying if they consume kale in excess. However, rabbits are different just like human beings; they may have a different response to kale.

In addition, feeding your bunny kale in moderation can protect your rabbit’s immune .These are problems that, if they do not kill your rabbit, can cause serious health problems and discomfort. There are many risks of feeding kale to your rabbit, but adhere to them and all will be well.

Other rules you should know while rabbits eat kale

  • Wash all the vegetables you feed your rabbit, including kales. Bunny’s gastrointestinal system does not do well with chemicals.
  • Consider cutting the stems in small pieces to prevent your bunny from choking exactly like celery.
  • Never offer your bunny scrubby or fallen kale leaf; because you can damage his digestive tract .Remember, your bunny is conscious of this kind of food.
  • Bunnies can only consume just 5% fruits in their diet regimen as well as some other 10% vegetables. Remember; offer him kale as a treat and not a replacement of a diet that is supplemented with hay, pellets and vegetables.
  • 5% of the entire diet regimen) as well as some veggies (no greater than 10% of the food he is having).

CONCLUSION Rabbits eat kale

Kale is a dark green, leafy vegetable. Can rabbits eat kale? Yes, but you have to understand few things. How much you should feed your bunny, and of course, you now know that you should feed your bunny kale in moderation. Be keen on the nutrition kale provides, introduce it into your bunny’s diet slowly, and ensure you limit your servings of the kale to every other day. The nutritional benefits from this vegetable should motivate you fed your rabbit and again you should know the consequences of feeding kale in excess to your rabbit also other health problems that rises from the consumption of the vegetable. However, let your rabbit enjoy kale treat especially the adult one because rabbits eat kale. Thank you for reading! I hope that you have acquired enough knowledge on Can rabbits eat kale and feel prepared to initiate kale to their diet or look for other food choices.


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