Can Rabbits Eat Watermelons?

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Can Rabbits Eat Watermelons – Is watermelon safe for rabbits?

Watermelon is a sweet and juicy fruit and during a summer period, a lot of you may ask can rabbit eat watermelon and ultimately, how to feed them Primarily, all animals need a balanced diet to grow well and gain weight. So to answer your question, yes, rabbits are allowed to eat watermelons as a refreshing summer meal because, it is delicious and the sugar content is low.

Remember to remove the seeds and cut into small portions to prevent chocking. Offer him watermelon once or twice per week as a treat or reward. Rabbits often need a diet that consists of fibrous hay that is boosted with small quantities of pellets and vegetables. You should highly consider watermelon as a treat and give in moderation when offering it to your rabbit. This article will be focusing on the benefits and cons of watermelon on your rabbit. Let us begin!

How to feed your rabbit Watermelon?

In case you have never fed your rabbit watermelon before, and you are asking yourself can rabbit eat watermelon and if yes how, start by feeding him small portions and check his reaction in 24 hours to see if his stool is normal in color and texture. This will allow you to close out any intolerance the rabbit may have during the period.

Feed your rabbit watermelon once or twice a week in moderation. Consider cutting the watermelon in small cubes when offering it to your rabbit to eat with no difficulty at all. It is very traumatizing when bathing a rabbit, so consider offering him watermelon as a trick to make the process less stressful.

Rabbits develop a sweet tooth just like any human, and if they overindulge in watermelons, they tend to refuse to eat other foods, so serve them in moderation.

Did you know that the leading cause of death in rabbits is the lack of proper nutrients? As a rabbit owner you should make sure that you give him sweet foods accordingly, such that, the amount of fruits they consume should be 10% or less of his diet to ensure he is healthy and happy.

Here are benefits of watermelons when you feed them to your rabbit:


Benefits of watermelon for rabbits

Helps in hydration

During summer, it is always very hot and you can take advantage of watermelons and feed them to your bunny rabbits to stay hydrated because they have high water component and low sugar content. Furthermore, some rabbits can survive with no watermelons at all and only consume their usual hay, pellets and water.

Contributes vitamin A and C

Watermelon contains vitamin A and C as well as magnesium and when consumed by your rabbit, it adds up to his wellbeing entirely. Vitamin A helps with ensuring that his immune system is well boosted and strong while chlorine in the watermelon helps in improving his sleep and muscle functions.

Helps in heart and blood vessel health

A watermelon rind has less sugar than the fleshly part and contains high quantity of an amino acid called coralline, which further helps with heart and blood vessels health in a rabbit.

Helps in hardening of teeth

In addition, watermelon rinds are rich in fiber in comparison to watermelon flesh. The hard structure also helps in hardening your rabbit’s teeth that is crucial because they never stop growing.

Low in calories

Another benefit of watermelon for your rabbit is one of the lowest fruit that is low in calories with prevents him from gaining a lot of weight from excessive calories from other treats.

Cons of watermelon for rabbits

Obesity risk

Can your rabbit eat watermelon in moderation? Watermelons have high  natural sugar contents and excessive consumption can risk your rabbit getting obese because rabbits cannot them break down . Obesity leads to myiasis GI stasis and other health issues, thus, it is essential to keep your bunny rabbit in a healthy weight.. However, It’s advisable to feed them in small portions as the sugars will be passed down to their stools but is consumed in large portions, the rabbit changes the bacterial equilibrium from the intestinal tract  causing diarrhea and loss of appetite.

Can lead to overindulgence

Another con of watermelon on your rabbit is if you serve him lots of watermelon, he may start refusing to eat other important food like hay, pellets and other vegetables. 

Watch out for the seeds

You should watch out watermelon seeds when serving it to your rabbit. As the owner, make sure you remove them before giving the fruit to him. Remember treat watermelon as a treat or a reward but never serve it as a meal or a replacement of the grains

Only limited to an adult rabbit 

We now all know the answer to this question, Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon. However, it is worth noting this only applies to adult rabbits predominately because they have a fully functioning digestive tract. You limit the amount of fruits you give to your rabbit as they are still developing and it does not take much to upset them.

Conclusion Rabbits Eat Watermelons

You now know the answer to can rabbits eat watermelons, and you are satisfied with the benefits and cons of watermelons for rabbits. Now that you have read about safety concerning feeding your rabbit watermelon, feel free and give your rabbit a sweet treat. Am sure majority of rabbits will dig straight into the juicy watermelon you will serve. Do not forget to serve him in small pieces once or twice per week as a treat. Primarily, rabbits eat fibrous hay that is supplemented with few pellets and vegetables.

There are healthy benefits of watermelons for rabbits including, has high water component, rich in vitamin A and Chlorine and magnesium, low in calories, helps in hardening of rabbit’s teeth, rich in amino acid called coralline. However, be careful as too much watermelon overfeeding can lead to excessive consumption of sugar that changes the bacterial equilibrium from the intestinal tract-causing diarrhea. There are other possible cons to feeding rabbits watermelon as they are high in sugar levels and the seeds are harmful in large amounts.


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