Can Spiders Be Kept As Pets?

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Can spiders be kept as pets? Sure, it can be done!

Talking about pets, people have some strange choices when it comes to having pets at home. While some people may be happy with a little dog, or a little cat, or even a little hamster around home, some others prefer very exotic pets like snakes, monkeys or spiders.

There are so many reasons in why people may prefer to have such strange options, most predominantly to differentiate themselves from other people. A very human thing to do, individuality, even when choice a pet.

Right away, we can say that spiders can be kept as pets. We do not need to ask if that is even possible because there are so many movies and series that tell us that it is possible (although in a rather scary way). Let’s see how we can keep spiders as pets at our home and the different thing to take into account.

How to choose the right spider?

When it comes to how to choose the right spider, there are some considerations to note. The spiders are not your average dog or cat and such, they would need especial attentions, depending of the species of spiders that can be kept as pets.

The ones that can make a good pet can be as varied as venomous spiders, big spiders, hairy spiders and so on. These are the kind of questions you should be asking yourself when considering a spider. The best ones are the tarantulas, the wolf spiders, jumping spiders, fishing spiders and garden spiders.

One option to get a spider is to buy it directly from a pet store. Be careful though, because not all spiders are created equally. There are some spiders that would cost you more to maintain than others. In that case, make your research first before taking the plunge. And always ask to the other people in your home if they are okay with a spider pet at home. Not all people are okay with spiders, even if they are in a container.

Another option could be to just get it from somewhere in your house. Spiders are widespread in many areas and so, they could be easily found in some places like window sills and cracks in walls. Again, be careful if you do not know which kind of spider you have found. If it is venomous enough, they could really harm you and put you in a hospital.

You can catch spiders with a jar that has a lid. Be sure to make some holes for the spider to breathe. Also, you can try to lift them with a card or something stiff and put them into the jar. Practice caution when doing any of these actions though.

How to give a good home for a spider?

Spiders can be kept as pets as long as you have a nice home to offer them. So, how to give them a good home?

For starters, give them a good cage to wander around. Not to tall to make it risky for a ground dwelling tarantula (if they fall from a high height, it would be fatal). Add some materials like rocks, dirt and leaves and also add a space where the spider can hide. A piece of wood or a small flower pot could do the trick.

Making your own cage for a smaller spider can also be done. Just be sure to clean it very thoroughly without the use of strong chemicals (mild soap and water could do it) and dry it after that. Adding the previously mentioned materials and some peat or moss can also be interesting for your little spider.

In both cases, remember to have good airflow without allowing them to escape. Also, put the cage out of reach of other pets and children that can endanger the spider by accidentally dropping the cage to the floor. Use mostly natural light whenever is possible and try to maintain a good temperature, around the 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to care your pet spider?

So, it is done. You have a new pet spider at home, but now what? How to care your pet spider?

Spiders are generally low maintenance pets and so, feeding is not as frequent as other kinds of pets. Giving them some crickets or bugs without overfeed them should be quite nice, and that can be done just twice a week.

Another thing to care about is hydration. Fresh water is so important for spiders. A bottle cap would be enough if you do not have the room, but if you have, a small bowl can also work out just fine. You can also use a damp cloth, but try not to make the ambient so humid because spiders can’t do okay in humid environments.

Last thing to know, spiders do not like or do not need to be handled as much as other animals. They may be fragile, but some like tarantulas can be handled by put them over your hand palm. Remember to be careful and not to mishandle it. And not let them to crawl all over your body, tarantulas are especially good at escaping.


So then, can spiders be kept as pets? Well, yes, they can. But they would require some attention that are very different of what you are accustomed to while having other normal pets like cats and dogs.

The spiders are low maintenance pets that just need water and a bi-weekly dosage of food, a good place to stay and a safe place to hide.

They not need to be handled by any reasons, especially tarantulas. Try not to handle it as much, it is not necessary.

These spiders can be very interesting pets to have and you can always learn some things from them. You can keep notes on behaviors and actions they do while they are in your home. You can keep an eye on your spider so that you can get to know it better and know its habits. Very interesting creatures to study too, while active and when not.


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