Can Spiders Swim?

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Can Spiders Swim?

It seems as if spiders can do a whole lot of incredible things that you would not even expect them to be able to do. Even when their physical features don’t support it, you would probably find it interesting that a spider can hear, fly, taste, and even smell, among other things. Since it seems a spider can do virtually everything, it begs the question, can spiders swim?

You may be thinking spiders don’t have the features that would aid them in swimming, but you should remember it doesn’t have a nose, and yet they can smell, it doesn’t have ears, yet it can hear, incredibly, a spider doesn’t have wings and it has been proven beyond doubts that they can fly higher than most birds and flying insects. There is no denying the fact that spiders are a group of organisms that have been able to make something out of nothing, and we are sure by now, you won’t be surprised if you were to find out that spiders are actually able to swim. So, let’s find out if indeed spiders are able to swim, or if this is an area where they finally fall short.

Are Spiders Able to Swim?

The answer to this question is not straightforward. This is because there are spiders that can swim and there are other species of spiders that are unable to swim. So, the answer is, yes, spiders can swim, but this swimming ability is restricted to certain species of spiders. While spiders can swim, it is also important to say that most of the spiders that can swim are only able to swim in an open or unenclosed space, due to their low center of gravity. Can Spiders Swim Most spiders are unable to swim in enclosed spaces, and this probably would explain why spiders that are flushed down the drain would drown. However, there is also a family of spiders that can swim in all spaces. In fact, the diving bell spider can live and survive underwater.

What Types of Spiders Can Swim?

Can Spiders Swim

As we have said above, not all spiders can swim, as that privilege is reserved for a  Spiders Swim certain group of spiders. For the purpose of clarity, let’s quickly highlight some of the species of spiders that can swim.

  • Tarantula: Tarantulas are one of the largest species of spiders and they are also one of the species of spiders that can swim. Tarantulas can survive in different types of habitats and you would most likely find them around moist areas. Can Spiders SwimThis means they are used to the water, and this explains why they are able to swim.
  • Diving Bell Spider: Diving bell spiders which are also referred to as Argyroneta aquatica differs a lot from most of the other spiders. This specie of spider has an ability that no other spider possesses, the ability to stay underwater for an extended period of time. Diving bell spiders would not just swim on the surface, but they also possess the ability to actually stay under the water and move in the way a fish would. They are amphibians and they are not the most common species of spiders.
  • Fishing Spiders: Fishing spiders are another species of spiders that are able to swim. Fishing spiders are not just able to swim, but they can swim very well. When you consider the fact that this specie of spider lives beside water bodies such as streams, pools, lakes, etc. then, it is easy to see why they are such good swimmers. Fishing spiders feed on plankton, and other living organisms in these water bodies, and they would usually wait patiently for their prey until they come out of the water body before going on to pounce and feed on them Spiders Swim.
  • Sydney Funnel Web Spiders: The last type of swimming spider we would be highlighting for the purpose of this article is the Sydney funnel-web spider. Can Spiders Swim This group of spiders can also swim conveniently and their natural habitats are moist areas. Sydney funnel web spiders are known to be very poisonous and this ability helps them to get their prey easily.

Can a Spider Swim up the Toilet?

When spiders become a nuisance in our homes, one of the best ways a lot of people have deployed to get rid of them is to flush them down the toilet. In a case when you flush spiders down the toilet, should you worry that they would be able to swim up? After all, we just said spiders can swim, so we understand your concern. Not to worry though, the chances of a spider swimming up the toilet after it has been flushed are next to nothing. Can Spiders Swim Except in rare cases where the spider is a diving bell spider, once you have flushed a spider down the toilet, it would most certainly get drowned and die, so there is no chance that spiders would be swimming up.

What are the Most Common Types of Spiders found in Swimming Pools?

For those who have a swimming pool in their homes, there is no denying the fact that spiders are always around these artificial water bodies, and it could really be a cause for concern most times. no one wants to have spiders moving around or swimming in their swimming pool, and when you consider that a spider’s bite could be really poisonous, you would want to do your best to get rid of them as soon as possible. So, what are the types of spiders you would find in a swimming pool? They include but are not limited to; fishing spiders, diving bell spiders, tarantulas, etc. These spiders would always be in and around your swimming pool because they can swim.

Can Spiders Swim Conclusion

If you are one of those who have been asking in the past, can spiders swim? You must definitely have your answers now Can Spiders Swim? Spiders are a really adaptable set of organisms and they would most likely look for a way to survive and adapt in many situations, so it is not a surprise to see that a large percentage of them can swim.

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