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Cat Sleeping on Back: Seeing a cat sleeping on the back is one of the cutest sights that one can get. Just watching them lie like that peacefully, brings so much joy and happiness.

When it comes to cats, their positioning while resting or sleeping has different meanings. As an owner, you can learn much about your pet through the cat’s position it takes.

Some postures they take to signify that the cats are content, happy, and safe, and give out other positive signals. On another important note, however, cats tend to lie down in positions that are alarming in regard to their health, or some other sort of distress.

Although the experts have a lot to say about cats, why they are sleeping on their backs is not a highly revealed area. 

Be that as it may, in this article, we will try to give some explanations and elaborate on the matter – what does a cat sleeping on its back mean?

Cat Sleeping on Back

Cat Sleeping on Back

If the cat is sleeping with a revealed stomach, then it means that the kitty feels stability and serenity. Also, a good sign is when a cat purrs and stretches its legs up while relaxing on its back. 

On the contrary, when a cat is lying on its back, but the ears are pressed down and its pupils are seeming like being enlarged, it feels terror and insecurity.

However, this also means that while the cat feels this way, is also prepared to give battle to any potential attacker. 

Why Does My Cat Like to Sleep on My Back?

Your cat probably has sneaked onto your back while you were sleeping or just taking a nap in the living room. You probably were left with the question – why does my cat like to sleep on my back so much? Why is my cat sleeping on my back at all?

The short answer is, cats are reaching for security in their lives. If you wake up and notice your cat is sleeping on your back, it’s a positive sign. You provide them with warmth, easement, and security.

Also, this means that your cat actually likes you.  In addition, you might be your cat’s favorite family member, if you are not living alone.   

One of the reasons might be your cat’s relaxed disposition and satisfaction with the environment it belongs to and the treatment it gets. 

This means a lot in these regards, and we will tell you why. 

As species, cats have weak and gentle stomachs. For this reason, they must protect it very well.

That being said, if your cat sleeps more regularly on its back, it means that you are doing a good job to make sure that the cat is feeling like being at home in your place. You have earned the trust and faith of your cat.    

Cats Are Still Cautious Creatures

We have already mentioned that cats are very diligent when it comes to their belly. Having this in mind, do not try to pet your cat on its stomach while it is sleeping. You will very likely startle it, and it may as well attack you.

Cuddling your cat on its belly while it is awake is another thing, and while your cat may accept this, distinguish it from the situation when your cat is sleeping on its back.

To put it short, when you see your cat sleeping on its back, let it be and just enjoy the cute sight, waiting for the animal to get its deserved rest. 

Cats Are Resourceful Animals

While your cat feels safe when it sleeps on its back, this also can mean that they have stocked its weapons – which are its nails on its legs in case of an imminent attack. This is a respectable primal trait the cats still possess.  

How Can I Know That My Cat Feels Scared?

Contrary to the position your cat takes for sleeping while placing itself on the back, which means it feels safe, there are also ways to find out that your cat does not perceive the environment as peaceful and secure. 

When your cat doesn’t feel safe and is distrustful, it can hide in different places it deems as secure and gets its resting and sleeping time in these places.

Similar to the situation when you see your cat sleeping on its back, do not try to have any physical contact with it, or wake it in any other fashion whatsoever.

Again, let the cat sleep. Otherwise, in the worst-case scenario, you may be physically attacked. At best, the cat will be annoyed. Moreover, as an owner, consider making better decisions in order to create better surroundings and conditions for your cat pet.

This way, the poor animal will not have to go hide in hidden spots only to take some rest. 

Sleeping on the Back is Just Convenient

In some cases, we do not have to read too much into it. At the end of the day, cats may do things just because they feel like it.

If they fancy the idea of sleeping on their backs, then they will take this way of resting. 

However, cats that will go with this position, probably are provided with enough confidence and feeling of security in advance.

Cats Sleep on Their Backs in Order to Preserve and Restore Health

Unfortunately, it often happens that when a cat is past its prime years, it may find sleeping on its back convenient to deal with some sort of painful experience. These issues are decreased by sleeping on your back.  

Cat Sleeping on Back Conclusion

We covered many aspects of the main theme in this article – why are cats sleeping on their backs? 

We believe that you find this text helpful in order to understand what are the many different meanings of a cat sleeping on its back.

The reasons for this, as we elaborated, may be various. 

For example, cats sleep on their backs because they feel secure, stable, and comfortable in the environment you have created for them.

It also can be the case that they want to demonstrate a personal trust and connection to you – exposing their weakest part, the belly.

On the other hand, it can be a sign that they are ready to defend themselves in case of hostile action against them. Also, they might be just enjoying the position, or to reduce the inevitable effect of aging.

As an owner, make sure that your cat will feel your home as its own, in order that you see your cat sleeping on its back more often for the right reasons. 


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