Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

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Chilean Rose Hair tarantula (Grammostola porteri): 

When we speak about Grammostola porteri, we are talking about New World terrestrial specie, every spider’s enthusiast first Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula. Also known by the name Rosie, this tarantula is one of the most common tarantulas in the world. It can be easily found in pet stores and of course at an affordable price. Because of her calmness and ability to hold on, many people have bought her and kept her at home as a pet. These are wonderful spiders because of their docile, hardy nature and attractive coloring.

They are unfortunately undervalued since they are imported in such large numbers from Chile and sold for ridiculously low prices. Of course, when we decide to dedicate ourselves to caring for a pet, it often comes down to the responsibility we have towards it. But the care associated with this tarantula is minimal, as it does not require any special care, which makes it easy to keep. They are especially known for their pink belly color, and also get their name from the thick and widely spaced hair. These hairs make this Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula tempting to hold in your hand, to show in public, on television.

Chilean Rose Hair tarantula Behavior and Temperament

The beauty of keeping a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula is the ability to hold it in your hand, due to the need for the keeper to be emotionally close to it. Unfortunately, tarantulas can not be bred as well as dogs, but there are certain forms and signs that we can recognize that relate to their current mood. Thus, frequent holding in the hand can make the tarantulas aggressive, so that they rise to the front legs and attack. But the characteristic of this tarantula is that it does not attack in that way, but throws out its hairs which, if inhaled, can cause allergies, chest pain and shortness of breath.

It is known as an irritating rash that can stick to human skin and can be removed with adhesive tape, soap and water. This Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula is mostly active at night, and then it is calm and can climb and walk through the terrarium. Because it is a terrestrial tarantula, it loves to make holes and tunnels, that is, to rearrange its terrarium. This is the only difficulty encountered by the keeper, who often knows how to mix the pot with water and soil, uproot the plants and destroy the cover.

Chilean Rose Hair tarantula habitat

Keeping reptiles and spiders often requires a lot of space and lighting. That’s one of the big reasons why people do not take this step, of course, there is also the fear. But the good thing is that this species of tarantula needs little space, ie a small terrarium. Therefore, often those terrariums are decorated and become part of the interior of one room. Properly, the terrarium should be three times the size of the tarantula and not too tall, because there are different types of tarantulas that like to climb and walk through the terrarium, and one fall can result in death. The terrarium must be protected by a doorknob, ventilated and tightly sealed.

Tarantulas like to move on the roof, so they can often be injured when opening. Although friendly, these spiders like to hide in a space that is usually made of coconut husk or cracked wood. Of course, it should be nicely baked at a high temperature, because this type of tarantula is very tender. Inside the terrarium, artificial flowers are recommended, not natural ones, due to the possibility of bacteria. All these things will make the Chilean Rose Hair tarantula habitat more satisfied and less aggressive, because it will feel safer inside. As for the temperature in terms of caring for this tarantula, it should be around 22 °C. It is very important to avoid moisture in the terrarium, a dry environment is needed.

Chilean Rose Hair tarantula care

In terms of diet and food for this tarantula, they prefer live food, so it needs to be raised alongside the spider. It is necessary to find out what kind of insects these tarantulas eat, which will contribute to nutrients and healthier growth. They should be fed twice a week, but food during the molting period should be avoided. It is always necessary to have a small container of water, but it is necessary that the water does not spill out on the substrate, because this tarantula lives in a dry environment.

It is interesting that this species is confused in relation to the season of the year, so they do not know when to put themselves on a diet and eat constantly. It often happens that two years pass without any food. The process of molting is a stressful period of your tarantula, so don’t be astonished when you spot your Chilean Rose Hair tarantula, because it means that she will grow bigger and more beautiful! If female, she can live up to 30 years! So, put a little effort regarding the Chilean Rose Hair tarantula care and you will have a life companion! 

Finally, if you decide to pay attention to this tarantula, you must prepare to provide excellent conditions. Of course, it can be bought cheaply from a retail store or from a local breeding enthusiast. If you buy from a local enthusiast, then you are proving that you do not support the industry that exploits this common species. If you buy an adult tarantula, you should look for a female, because they live longer than males (about 5 years). Characteristic of this species of spiders is their distribution in the world, more specifically in North America, and this is due to the cheap source of tarantulas that are illegally caught from Chile, but also due to domestic breeding by those who keep them. Because of this, it is cheaper in the market which makes it a perfect pet gift, especially for a child. If you want to show your exotic love for spiders, we highly recommend this tarantula: Chilean Rose Hair tarantula (Grammostola porteri).


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