How Much Does It Cost to Buy A Horse?

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How Much Does It Cost to Buy A Horse? – The Real Price of Owning an Equine

Are you a horse owner planning to buy a new equine friend? Or an enthusiast just planning to buy your first horse? Perhaps someone is curious about how much it cost to buy a horse. In this comprehensive article, we will be answering questions about the cost of buying an equine along with the expenses that an owner has to sustain their horse.

Horses are strong and special creatures that can be farm helpers, performers, or even athletes. With the right owner, horses can also be the most gentle animals you’ll ever have as a pet. There are many reasons that can motivate you to buy a horse.

But let’s admit that before actually buying one, we need to plan our budget and prepare ourselves for the responsibility of taking care of a horse. So, without further delay, here’s the realistic expense you should expect from buying to owning an equine.

The Cost of Buying A Horse – Realistic Expenses

The Average Price – How Much Does It Cost to Own A Horse?

Contradictory to what most people think, the reality of owning a horse is not that expensive for a household. A common misconception is that buying a horse would mean you have a lot of money to spare but it’s not the case at all.

To know how much it cost to buy a horse, you have to consider the purpose of your purchase. Are you buying a horse for recreation? Or you’re on the more extreme spectrum who wants a horse for professional racing?

The University of Maine made a publication about horse ownership, and it states that horses for regular use cost around $3000. This figure can go higher depending on the horse’s family tree and the purpose of the horse.

What About The Actual Maintenance Expenses?

The question of how much it cost to own a horse may vary from the answer to how much it cost to buy a horse. The cost of a horse and the expenses you have to sustain once you already own one are quite different factors.

Owning an Average Horse

Based on the data from the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), the average expense for horse owners per year is around $2,500 with the exception of stabling expenses. This value applies to owning a fine, healthy horse.

Owning a Retired Horse Athlete

On the other hand, the Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER) indicates that an average of $3,600 a year is required for sustaining the needs of a retired racing horse who needs a new home.

Diet and Feed Expenses

We would have to further break down the annual expense that would be used for the care of your horse if you were to buy one. The first thing to consider when asking how much it cost to own a horse is their food. The diet of horses is a bit more complicated than other mammals, but it doesn’t mean that their food is immediately expensive.

The optimal food for horses is a mix of grass, grains, and hay. A 50-pound grain mix usually costs around $6-$15 while a bale of hay would be in the range of $4-$11. Aside from these equine edibles, the horse diet usually requires supplements with a price that depends on content and brand.

Healthcare and Vet Fees

If you’re really intent on how much it cost to buy a horse and maintain its lifespan, healthcare, and vet fees are to be expected. Just like any other domestic pets, horses can get sick and they need special consultations, vaccines, health exams, and other treatment concerns.

The price of equine healthcare varies depending on their needs, so it’s best to consult someone knowledgeable about this aspect. Also, be prepared for expenses on the hoof and dental maintenance if you’re now planning on how much does it cost to own a horse under your care.

Equipment and Facility Concerns

We won’t be specific about the expenses on this section of equipment and facilities for horses, because these are optional and may vary per the owner’s preference. Do keep in mind, however, that a barn with a stable for your horse would be crucial for their needs, as well as the means for managing their manure. Meanwhile, horse riding equipment is not necessary, but it would be a shame if you and your horse can’t enjoy rides together.

What are the Horse Prices by Breed?

You also must have thought about knowing horse prices by breed in case you were considering that factor instead of buying a horse depending on what purpose. Ponies, which are generally what you call a small horse breed, are among the popular choices and many would inquire about how much a pony costs.

The answer to how much a pony cost ranges from $3000 – $20,000. Other popular horse breeds are Standardbred horses sold for $500-$5000, and the Arabian horse breed with a starting price of $1000 or lower.

Conclusion – Worth it or Not?

The cost of buying a horse is not as expensive as someone would have thought. What you should focus on, however, is the price of maintaining such glorious animals. Is it an endeavor worth aiming for? It’s true that buying and owning a horse is not a cheap activity, but neither is it too much of an expense.

One of the achievements you’ll get from owning a horse is getting to earn their trust. They also make great companions and forming a bond with them is a responsibility that isn’t easy to attain. All in all, having a horse can make your life better with the time that you can spend with them. Finding out the answer to the inquiry on how much it cost to buy a horse might be too overwhelming for first-time horse buyers. But it’s surely an experience worth spending on. After all, it’s the connection you’d make with your future equine friend that matters the most.

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