Dog Eye Discharge Home Remedy

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When we notice something unusual in our dogs, most of us go into panic mode. Amidst all these potential complications and diseases, there’s still some good news – you can treat your dog’s eye discharge with these home remedies!

Dog Eye Discharge Home Remedy

A dog eye discharge usually indicates an infection or two. Depending on other symptoms that accompany it, its underlying cause may range from benign to severe. Dog eye infections are relatively common for dogs to have such that almost every dog has had one in their entire lifetime. Other fluids can also be discharged from the eye aside from water or tears; there may be pus, mucous, and even blood in some severe cases. 

Causes of dog eye discharge may range from something as harmless as environmental allergies or as severe as corneal ulceration. Regardless of the severity of the dog eye discharge, it should still be addressed and treated as soon as possible to prevent it from growing into something more serious. 

Having dog eye discharge is not necessarily and inherently a bad thing. Through tears and discharge, the dog is able to remove any irritants that may remain in their way all throughout the day. However, if you notice that the dog eye discharge becomes too much, the best thing to do is take them to the veterinarian. You can also still clean up the discharge off your dog’s eye at home as well. After proper diagnosis, you can do these home remedies for dog eye discharge

6 Home Remedies for Dog Eye Discharge

Saline Solution

Dog Eye Discharge Home Remedy
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Dirt gets in our eyes all the time, and even more so for our dogs. When you see the large amounts of eye discharge in your dog, it’s time to clean them regularly with saline solutions. It’s made up of water and just a little bit of salt; that small amount actually has an antibacterial effect that helps clean the infected eye and removes foreign particles that may be causing discomfort as well. 

Creating a saline solution is simple. Just mix ½ teaspoon of plain table salt (make sure this isn’t iodized), and eight-ounce of filtered lukewarm water, and voila! 

Before using this on your dog, you need to prepare and restrain your dog first. All materials and tools you’ll need should be with you already, such as a sterilized eyedropper and cotton swab. Choose the right conditions as well – your surroundings should be well-lit and your dog should be relaxed as well. 

During restraint, it’s recommended that you lay your dog on a table. Place an arm over the body of the dog and have the eyedropper on the same hand that’s draped over their shoulder. Should they continue to thrash or wiggle, put your weight over your dog’s shoulder to prevent them from getting up. 

From there, keep the eye clearly opened by lowering the lower eyelid. Carefully administer the drops without touching the surface of the eye with the eyedropper. Afterward, your dog should still be allowed to blink their eyes. 


Dog Eye Discharge Home Remedy
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In less severe cases of dog eye discharge, you can just simply wash it off their eyes and face. Using a damp and soft washcloth, gently wipe away the discharge. The warmth of the washcloth will also act as a soothing compress if you leave it pressed on the affected eye for several minutes. 

Aloe vera

Dog Eye Discharge Home Remedy
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Aloe vera is most commonly known for its moisturizing effect in skincare products. However, it has also proven to be effective in treating many types of infections in animals. You can use this in your dog’s eye to treat the possible infection it may have contracted; the gel isn’t harsh on the eye, which makes for the perfect versatile topical treatment and nutritional supplement. 

Aloe helps in disinfecting cuts and scrapes as it encourages cellular regeneration resulting in faster healing and less scarring. In terms of eye discharge, aloe vera contains many antibacterial properties that prevent further inflammation and infections in your dog’s eye. 


Dog Eye Discharge Home Remedy
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Sometimes, the cause of dog eye discharge may be too obvious that it’s easy to overlook – like their long hair. It can poke into their eyes and cause irritation and discharge. To treat this, try taking them to a professional groomer to trim the hair around the eyes. 

Colloidal silver

Dog Eye Discharge Home Remedy
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Colloidal silver isn’t as scary and harmful as it sounds. It’s composed of tiny particles of silver floating in water that is used as a quick and safe way to fight off any infections. Not only that, but it also has a number of health benefits for your dog such as a boost in their immune system and better overall health. 

Bacteria, fungi, and viruses rely on oxygen to power their metabolic processes. To prevent that from happening, colloidal silver attacks the enzyme they use to flourish, and weakens them from within. From there, the pathogens are then unable to utilize the oxygen in the body and will, eventually die out. 

Apply a drop of colloidal silver in your dog’s eye every few hours to remove the eye discharge and to prevent further infections. 


Dog Eye Discharge Home Remedy
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Chamomile is a gentle herb that has various functions, and one that benefits dog eye discharge is its anti-inflammatory effect. This can be added to a sterile solution and used as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial eyewash. 

Goldenseal is most effective in treating irritations and infections of the eyes as it also contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. 

Echinacea is an herb that boosts the immune system when taken internally. Applied topically, it proves to be effective for infections and contains anti-inflammatory properties/

Gotu Kola is an herb used topically, which promotes the healing of blood vessels, connective tissue, and skin. 

When you have these things handy in the comforts of your home, you can attend to your dog’s eye discharge and infections with proper care and attention. However, these are not complete substitutes for a veterinarian’s diagnosis and treatments. Remember, when in doubt, always consult a professional first! 

Dog Eye Discharge Home Remedy
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Have you tried a dog eye discharge home remedy? Let us know your experience in the comments down below! 


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