Dog Stomach Gurgling: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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At some point in your dog parenting journey, you’ve most probably heard that familiar gurgling in your dog’s stomach. But what do they mean? Is it already an indication of a serious illness? Should you worry? Read on to find out more information about dog stomach gurgling!

Dog Stomach Gurgling: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Is dog stomach gurgling normal?

dog stomach gurgling
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If you hear some gurgling from your dog’s stomach, it’s more likely that it’s a normal occurrence. Every dog experiences some type of stomach noise at least once throughout the day. These noises are called “borborygmi,” which refers to the movement of gas through your dog’s intestines. When you put your ear against your dog’s abdomen, you will likely hear soft gurgling sounds occasionally. There are some instances where the volume of these dog stomach gurgling sounds will increase enough that you will be able to hear it even when you’re not pressed up against your dog. As concerning as these sound, they are not usually a cause for concern. 

Why is my dog’s stomach gurgling?

dog stomach gurgling
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  • Swallowing too much air. This is almost similar to when we burp. When your dog swallows too much air as they eat, there’s a higher chance that they will let out a louder stomach noise and burp while they’re at it too. This usually happens when your dog is too excited to eat that they inhale as much food as it can while breathing in at the same time. To prevent this from happening, try feeding your dog smaller portions but more frequently. You can also use a food-dispensing machine to slow down their eating
  • Eating foreign objects. Dogs can get a little too curious about things they’re unfamiliar with so much so that they even eat them. These foreign objects could be a piece of paper, a part of a toy, or any object small enough for them to swallow. This causes their digestive system to overwork just to break down these objects. The severity of this problem depends on the size and type of material that they swallowed. There are instances where the object will be able to pass through without much problem. However, there is still the possibility that they could contract serious illnesses from it, and a symptom you can watch out for is dog stomach gurgling.
    • Empty stomach. Similar to ours, a dog’s stomach will make a sound if they have an empty stomach. They have quieter dog stomachs gurgling under normal circumstances, but given that their digestive tract is empty, that sound will be much louder. Keep track of your dog’s feeding schedule and if ever this happens, give them a treat or a snack to tone down the dog’s stomach gurgling. 
  • Intestinal parasites. Dog stomach gurgling is also a symptom that your dog may have contracted intestinal parasites such as giardia, hookworms, and coccidia to name a few. 
  • Inflammatory bowel disease. This is a condition that interferes with the digestive processes of your dog’s system, as well as its ability to absorb the necessary nutrients in its food. 
  • Dysbiosis. This is also known as a leaky gut syndrome, which causes an upset stomach in dogs. This indicates that your dog has more bad bacteria in their digestive system than good ones which cause inflammation. Other causes of this condition include stress, antibiotics, parasite infections, and other processed dog food. 

What do I do to treat dog stomach gurgling?

dog stomach gurgling
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  • Check their feeding schedule and if they are eating on time. Sometimes, it can get difficult to track down their eating habits so it’s our responsibility to track them closely. If you notice that they haven’t eaten anything on schedule, offer them their food. If they eat them normally and with the same enthusiasm as usual, you shouldn’t worry too much. 
  • If the dog stomach gurgling is accompanied by other symptoms, expect diarrhea or vomiting to develop. To alleviate this and prevent this from happening again, consider changing their diet to something easily digestible such as boiled boneless, skinless chicken breast with steamed white rice. 
  • If your dog seems sick while producing loud stomach gurgling sounds, go to your veterinarian immediately. 

When should I take my dog to the veterinarian?

dog stomach gurgling
Image From Alexandru Sofronie

Keep a very close eye on your dog and see if they’re exhibiting other symptoms together with dog stomach gurgling. The following are the symptoms you should look out for: 

  • Decreased appetite
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Hypersalivation
  • Lethargy
  • Hunched posture

Although these conditions may sound normal enough to not cause concern, as dog parents, you should still be cautious and vigilant in preventing this from turning to much more serious complications. 


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