10 Fastest Horse Breeds in The Racing World

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What’s the Fastest Horse Breed? – 10 Fastest Horse Breeds in The Racing World

Horses are not just your typical farm assistants or show performers. They are disciplined mammals who are strong and well-built.

That’s why equines are also amazing athletes that can easily outpace human power. Speaking of which, do you know what is the fastest horse breed

Maybe you’re just as curious as many other people who wish to know what are the 10 fastest horse breeds out there. But before we spoil the list, let’s dig into why are equines explosively powerful runners.

The straightforward answer to this subject of curiosity roots from a horse’s efficient legs.

The fastest horse breeds that exist can quickly land their stride. This is possible because how horses have lesser muscles on their lower leg, but more tendons.

That’s the secret that these horse breeds of racing champions have in their genetic composition, which easily allows them to have an edge over slower horse breeds.

Top 10 Fastest Horse Breeds in the World

1. The Fastest Horse Breed and King of the Racetrack – Thoroughbred

Removing all the fuss, the Thoroughbred is the fastest horse breed and basically rules the world of horse racing. Many horses of the Thoroughbred breed hold Guinness World Records – a  feat that other breeds haven’t achieved.

The fastest horse speed record in a race is also attained by a Thoroughbred named Secretariat who set a 49 mph run speed in the 1973 Triple Crown.

Are you wondering why the Thoroughbred is the undefeated fastest horse breed? The answer to that is in the long history of horse racing way back in the 1700s.

Thoroughbreds were selectively bred in England specifically for the purpose of racing. To put it simply, racing is inherently in the blood of the Thoroughbred, with the fastest horse in history also belonging to this breed of horse.

2. Short Distance Maneuver Master – American Quarter Horse 

Although the Thoroughbred rules any list of top 10 fastest horse breeds in the world, a talent that is the American Quarter won’t be left behind.

In terms of short-distance sprints, this horse breed can definitely surpass any record of fastest horse speed, even of those of Thoroughbreds.

3. Beauty and Speed Majesty – Arabian

Not only is the Arabian breed regarded as one of the most beautiful horses, but it is also known for its stamina that can be on par with the Thoroughbred.

It’s not surprising that they have that capability because most racing horses today have traces of Arabian ancestors in their genetic makeup.

4. Trotting Champion – Standardbred

This breed of horse has a bigger build than the Thoroughbred. Standardbreds may not have the record of the fastest horse in history, but they do have a reputation in harness racing.

Horses from this breed are efficient trotters, which is a way of running with shorter steps and an average pace.

5. Flashy All-around Athlete – Appaloosa

Appaloosas are easily recognizable because of their spotted coat and although they are seen in Western performances, this horse breed can do just about any horse activity!

Aside from dressage events, Appaloosas are great endurance runners and show jumpers because of their agility.

6. Fast and Popular Performer – Andalusian

You might commonly see Andalusian horse breeds at dressage events because they are one of the most beautiful horses for it. A not-so-well-known fact though, Andalusian is a light horse breed which means they weigh significantly lighter than other breeds.

They may not be the best of the top 10 fastest horse breeds in the world, but they surely can be swifter than other breeds.

7. Mini Swift Competitor – American Miniature Horse

Usually found as therapy horses, the American Miniature has a very noticeable height attribute.

Yes, its physical feature is fundamentally defined by what you’d expect of a miniature horse, yet be wary of the speed and power that this breed possesses, especially in group competitions.

Although Minis are not ideal for running, they do join racing competitions of cart pulling.

8. Rare and Elegant War Mount – Akhal-Teke

Unique and known as a mountain breed, the Akhal-Teke breed can easily be one of the most ancient purebreds that still exists today.

Akhal-Teke horses are commonly brought to trail riding these days, but they are a well-known breed as war mounts in the past and are still sufficient horses for sports.

In Turkmenistan where the Akhal-Teke originated, horses of its breed are the preferred contenders for racing.

9. Small-Scale Quarter Runner – Quarter Pony

A horse breed frequently seen as a royalty companion, the Quarter Pony like the American Quarter breed to which it’s similar, has speed and power even for its small build.

The Quarter Pony is particularly famous in Western ridings like steer wrestling and rodeo.

10. Nimble and Gentle Contender – Black Forest

Originating from the Black Forest in Germany, this horse breed today is primarily found in riding events as coach horses.

The Black Forest breed is sturdy and was initially used as farm helpers. Because of their stamina, they can be a match for endurance running.

Even though they don’t excel as the fastest horse breed, the Black Forest is an admirably diligent breed.

Final Verdict

An equine can have any purpose in our lives as humans. Aside from being a loyal friend, a competitive nature is also inherent to horses.

As awesome athletes with strength capacity beyond human potential, it’s not strange how mighty different horse breeds are.

Without a doubt, equines are fast, muscular engines that rule the racetrack. Finding out about the top 10 fastest horse breeds in the world tells us how respectable horses are.

Even more so, knowing the fastest horse breed among all competitors gives us an insight into the versatility of horses.

Whether you’re a fan of the fastest breed of Thoroughbred, an admirer of the mastery and grace of the Arabian breed, or an enthusiast for the smaller yet capable horse breeds, we can all agree on one thing – and it’s the fact that horses are fearless animals dear to us as companions in the racing world.


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