Hamster Hibernating

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Hamster hibernating

As the temperature drops outside, especially in winter, we humans begin to protect ourselves from the cold. We cover ourselves with blankets, drink tea and hide at home. We care about the cold weather in that sense, and the same weather matters to the animals! Some of them show it, some survive it, but everyone is cold!

Some of them have adapted to the cold weather and evolved to develop a special sense of how to cope with the cold, and hamsters did just that. They have developed a special mechanism through which they manifest it.

At certain times they fall asleep and it is difficult to wake them up, ie they show the behavior of teenagers.

But is it something to worry about, or is it a serious problem. Hamsters hibernate in order to survive cold weather or bad weather, storing food or being exposed to darkness for a long time. But if your hamsters hibernate for a long time, there is a risk that they will suffer from dehydration and hyperthermia. This is not a serious problem, but if something like dehydration or hyperthermia occurs, then a serious problem occurs.

Hamster Hibernating

Now, to reassure you and us about the period of hibernation in the hamster, especially in the long winter months, we have prepared an article through which we will clear up these issues, on questions: How long do hamsters hibernate for?; Can hibernation kill a hamster?; How to “save” your hamster from hibernation?

To get to our text, we first need to clarify what Hibernating is and how many hibernations there are. We know the most, and that is the external manifestation through which our pet sleeps, and we have encountered the same in bears, who spend the winter hidden and sleeping.

There are two types of Hibernating in hamsters, and the same is true for other hibernating animals.

  1. Seasonal hibernation. In the wild and wildlife, animals such as squirrels or bears fill up on food supplies in order to spend the winter, where it is cold outside and not enough food can be found. Also, many insects do this, that is, they hide during the winter, and before that they collect food reserves all the time, such as ants, etc ..
  2. Permissive hibernation. If you consider the name, this type of Hibernating can occur at any time of the year, regardless of the season and regardless of your pet’s behavior. But it is most often caused at any time as an immediate effect of unexpected weather changes. This type of hibernation can last for hours or days. Do not be afraid, this is a normal occurrence in the behavior of your hamster. Hibernation in your hamster is not seasonal, but it belongs to the second type, and it is characterized by deep sleep, but since they do not prepare like other animals in the wild, there is a risk that it will suffer from dehydration or hyperthermia and when you woke up you will see that your hamster died suddenly.

Do all hamsters hibernate and can hibernation kill a hamster?

First, it can kill the hamster! There are many people who ask the question whether all types of hamsters hibernate? But we can answer this question if we look at how many types of hamsters there are, but we will still answer that all hamsters hibernate, some more and some less.

If you give your hamsters great care and attention, they will not need to Hibernating, that is, they will be satisfied. If their temperature is affected, if they have enough food and enough water. However, if the temperature around them drops below 18 degrees Celsius, then they will slowly enter a process of hibernation. Of course, this is not immediate, but if the temperature continues to fall.

Hamster Hibernating

Russian and Dwarf hamsters originate from cold regions, so they are less likely to hibernate, as they are accustomed to cold winters and changeable weather. They also have thicker fur, which protects them from the cold weather. Consequently, unlike other hamsters, they would have a harder time entering hibernation. As the Syrian hamster comes from the desert, where although there are unbearable hot periods during the day, we still know that at night in the desert the temperature drops to minus. Consequently, Syrian hamsters would hibernate faster than other species. If you have a different species, you need to educate yourself and see which of these species enters Hibernating at how many degrees, in order to know how many degrees to maintain your room temperature.

How long do Hamsters Hibernating for?

A fed and drunk hamster, that is, a satisfied hamster, can sleep about 12 hours a day, and this process usually occurs during the day, although some of them are lazy and might continue their sleep the next day. If you follow your hamster and his development, if you follow how long his eyes are closed, then the length of his sleep would not be a problem. But if they suddenly start sleeping and it lasts for several days, and even start shaking during their sleep, then there is an option when  hamster died suddenly.

How to “save” your hamster from Hibernating?

If you see your hamster hibernating, you need to pay more attention to it, watch its behavior closely and not wake it up immediately. You need to add artificial heat, ie it is best to warm them with your hands, but you can also use a hot bottle of water that you will place under them. You also need to open the blinds and give them more light, which is very important.

Finally, you can massage your hamsters to boost their blood or blood flow. If your hamster continues to sleep despite these things, then you should seek the help of a veterinarian, as there may be some other danger.

In relation to your terrarium, you can place heaters inside, which will heat your pet, you can also put an extra blanket, which the hamster will use for sleeping. Be sure to place your cage next to a light source and also feed them high-fat foods. Also, the light protects them from feeling anxious and scared, because a satisfied hamster will not go into hibernation, and this includes paying more attention to them! Playing with them will make them more active, but it will also help you discover what their potential problems are. So don’t worry, your Hamster hibernating is not a problem at all.


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