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Hamster Teeth: Hamsters are tiny animals that have tiny teeth. The teeth of a hamster are of even length, and they tend to be yellow in color. Don’t be alarmed when you find that the shade on your hamster’s teeth gets darker with age.

This is all normal and natural for them. Hamsters have two sets of teeth, at the top and at the bottom. Each tooth in a particular set should have roughly the same length.

If a tooth in a set seems shorter than the other, chances are that it is a tooth that broke. This may cause discomfort for your pet as it is painful, but it will eventually grow back.

There are however problems that may be associated with hamsters’ teeth, which we will have a look at. Working towards keeping your hamster’s teeth healthy should therefore be a priority for any person who owns this pet.

What problems do Hamster teeth face?

Hamsters can face various problems with their teeth. They have the type of teeth that continuously grow throughout their lives.

If your hamster does not wear out its teeth, you may need to trim its teeth occasionally. Here are some of the problems with hamster’s teeth:

  1. Overgrown Hamster teeth

Hyposodontal teeth are the teeth that continuously grow herbivorous, which therefore require regular trimming. These teeth have crowns that go beyond the gums and what you can see.

Hamsters have these kind of teeth. Since hamsters’ teeth keep growing continuously, their teeth may become overgrown at some point.

The incisors are the easiest way to realize that your hamster has overgrown teeth, as they can grow so long that they curve and stick out of the hamster’s mouth.

This may be harmful to your hamster because they can even grow into the gum of the mouth of the hamster, or even get stuck on things.

It is rare that the back teeth in a hamster become overgrown. However, a hamster that has overgrown molars will have trouble chewing its food.

  1. Trimming of Hamster teeth

If done correctly, the trimming process for your hamster should not be painful. Since these tiny animals have small mouths, it is not safe to use a Dermal tool which is used on their larger herbivores when trimming their teeth.

For your hamster, some nail clippers or scissors should get the job done. It is important to be careful not to make the teeth too short because it may not only cause trauma to your hamster’s teeth but may also be painful for your hamster.

If you do not think that you can trim the teeth of your hamster yourself, take it to a vet or technician in a pet hospital who will get this done in an easy way.

Though rare, when hamsters’ molars get overgrown, a vet can trim them using surgical instruments that are designed to do this kind of job.

  1. Cheek Pouch Disease

The cheek pouches for your hamster may get impacted by big pieces of food or other items that your hamster may have had in their mouth.

This kind of problem can be trouble for your hamster, as they may develop into abscesses that look like large swellings. These swellings will be seen at the sides of your hamster’s face, and they may be quite painful for it.

They will interfere with the manner in which your hamster eats, as they are very uncomfortable.

Keeping Hamster Teeth Healthy

  1. Go for different dry foods as options

There are a variety of dry foods that a hamster can feed on. Some of these foods include seeds and pellets.

It is best to stay away from foods that are either ground or mashed, as this kind of food may cause problems for your hamster teeth. You can try different foods and see which ones your hamster pet enjoys more.

  1. Provide fresh healthy food to your hamster

Hamsters enjoy foods that can also be considered healthy foods. Their diet should include some vegetables and fruits, along with the dry foods that are essential for their diet.

Not only does is it nutritious for them, but it is also great for hamster teeth in the long run.

  1. Restrict commercial treats

Though hamsters may enjoy commercial treats that are bought from the shop, these may not be the best option for them.

Sweet treats should be offered to hamsters in moderation. It is important that you avoid giving your hamster treats that have too much sugar so that you can keep your hamster’s teeth healthy.

  1. Get a chew toy for your hamster

As we looked at, overgrown teeth can be a major problem for your hamster. It does not only cause discomfort for your hamster, but it also prevents your hamster from being able to eat or chew properly.

Rush to the vet when you realize that the hamster teeth are overgrown to have the problem dealt with. The best way to keep the teeth of your pet trimmed naturally is to have them wear out on their own.

You can get a chew toy for your hamster so that it can keep itself occupied nibbling on the toy. This will wear down their teeth and you will not have to keep trimming their teeth regularly. Choose toys made of material that will not be harmful to your pet.

  1. Keep away from human foods

The digestive system of hamsters is very different from that of human beings. This is why you should not give your pet human foods, as it is not best for them.

In some cases, bacteria from the mouth of a human being may be harmful to a hamster. Do not share the food you are eating with your pet to avoid any mouth problems that may cause teeth problems.


Keeping the teeth of your hamster healthy is very important because, like us, they use their teeth when feeding.

A hamster that does not have healthy teeth will not be able to feed properly and will always show signs of discomfort. When you start thinking about the dental hygiene of your hamster, do not get worried.

We have looked at ways in which you can keep hamster teeth healthy and your hamster happy. Healthy teeth in a hamster are straight, equal in length for each set, and there should be no sight of blood.

You will notice something is wrong if the hamster is having trouble eating.

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