Hamster with Red Eyes.

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 Is this normal?

Hamster with Red Eyes: Human beings have different eye colors and we are aware that this is a normal thing that is determined by genes. Some may have blue eyes, others have brown eyes, and others have dark brown eyes.

Well, while black may be the common eye color for hamsters, you may find a hamster that has red eyes. Not all hamsters have the same eye color.

The color of a hamster’s eyes will depend on the color of its coat. However, different colors of coats have different combinations of ear and eye color. In some cases, Syrian hamster that has coats that are either blonde, fawn, honey, or lilac may have eyes that are red in color.

Some hamsters with color coats such as copper and mink also have red eyes that may become darker as the hamster ages. The albino hamster is one of the well-known hamsters to have red eyes.

The red eyed albino hamster

The albino hamster is a white-coated hamster that has eyes that are pink or reddish in color. This causes mixed feelings in different people as some find it cute while others would say that it is just creepy.

Many people would think that the albino hamster is a breed of its own but this is not true. The albino hamsters are all under the Syrian type of hamster.

These small animals are difficult to find in the wild since their white color makes them stand out and they often fall prey to predators. The albino hamsters are known to be quite aggressive and they will bite their owners when they are being handled.

Why are the eyes of the hamster red?

For albino hamsters, these rodents having red eyes is a normal thing. It is often a result of the lack of melanin pigment which is responsible for the color of the coat and of the eyes in a hamster.

When the hamster dies not to produce this pigment, its cost will have no color and end up being white, as its eyes will be pinkish or red in color. There are however cases where a hamster that is not an albino gets red eyes.

There may be various reasons for this, which we will have a look at below.

  1. Dust irritation

The reason that you find your hamster with red eyes may be because dust has gotten into the eyes of the rodent.

When a hamster is allowed it walk around the apartment or house freely, it may be faced with dust from outside that may get into the eyes and make them turn red.

If this is the situation that your hamster is in, you should wash its eyes using a solution of chamomile decoction or potassium permanganate that is weak.

  1. Blindness

One characteristic of acquired blindness in a hamster would be red eyes. A hamster that is born blind is easy to identify. These hamsters will not frolic with other hamsters, they will barely make any movement if respond to movement.

On the other hand, if a hamster has normal eyesight when it is born, it may become blind after getting an infection or an injury to the eye.

Once you realize that the iris to the eye of your hamster has turned red and there is pus coming out of it, immediately contact your vet to get your hamster checked out.

  1. Infection

A reason that you may find a hamster with red eyes is that it has an infection in its eyes. A hamster may get its eyes infected if the cage is not cleaned out regularly and the poop took out which may make it unhygienic for the hamster.

If a hamster is staying in a dirty unhygienic environment, it may begin suffering from conjunctivitis which may be a reason that the hamster may get red eyes.

Do not try to handle the eyes of your pet if they suddenly turn red and there is pus coming from them. Take the hamster to a qualified vet for appropriate treatment.

Other problems with a hamster’s eyes

The eyes of a hamster may be faced with issues other than the ones given above. Give your hamster a regular check to find out if it has any problems with its eyes.

Stick eye- This is a condition that is caused by secretions that the eyes of a hamster may produce as it sleeps. It is common in hamsters that are older but you may also find it in younger hamsters.

The secretions that are produced become dry around the eye and hold the eyelids together such that the hamster cannot open its eyelids when it wakes up.

Protruding eyes- This is a condition that happens when one eye of your hamster is sticking out more than the other.

You may realize this when you check the eyes of your hamster and they are not symmetrical. It is a condition that is caused by an injury or an infection.

Eyelid Rub- This is a condition that occurs when the shape of your hamster’s eyelids changes slightly and it rubs against the hamster’s eye.

This condition can be painful for the hamster and it should be taken to the vet immediately.


Hamsters are some of the most adorable pets that we have today. They are cute and cuddly and can be quite friendly and social.

The care you give to a hamster is important for its general health and it determines the lifespan of the hamster. You may have come across a hamster with red eyes before and wondered if this was normal or if there was something wrong with the hamster’s eyes.

Maybe you even thought that the hamster was blind. This article has given you all the information you need to know about hamsters with red eyes.

It could either be that the hamster is an albino hamster and the red eyes are completely normal or it could be an indication that there is something wrong with your hamster and you should call the vet immediately.

The next time you see a hamster that has red eyes, find out what the reason behind the eyes being red is.


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