How Can I Instantly Calm My Cat?

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How Can I Instantly Calm My Cat

Cats are such interesting creatures. Although they have a reputation for being calm and collected at all times, there is a reason we have the expression “scaredy cat”. What do you do when your cat is suddenly scared, aggressive, or hyper?

How can I instantly calm my cat? First identify the behaviour you are seeing and go from there.

How Can I Instantly Calm My Cat – What To Look Out For?

When your cat is scared, it is fairly obvious. The hair on their back and tail may be standing up. Consider the fight, flight, or freeze reflex. They may run away and hide, freeze in place, or be aggressive. You may see them urinate or defecate uncontrollably, and some may even spray from their anal glands without meaning to. Scared cats may also refuse to use the litter box.

When considering how to calm down a scared cat, first identify if there are any obvious triggers. Perhaps a stranger has just entered your home, or maybe you got another pet. There may be a rambunctious child around. They might have had a stressful event like a trip to the vet, a move, or some other trauma. If at all possible, identify and deal with the trigger.


Dealing with a scared cat can be as simple as leaving them alone as long as they are healthy. Give them time to relax. Move their food, water, and litter box nearby and make sure they are using them. They will come out when they are ready.

Consider making your home environment more relaxing. Play soft music or white noise. Provide lots of hiding places for your cat. Let them be near you without giving them excessive attention.

How to calm down an aggressive cat

An aggressive cat is nothing to trifle with. Their body language is quite clear that they are feeling hostile.

They hiss, growl, or yowl threateningly. Their claws are exposed and their mouth is open. They will swat at what is threatening them. Their ears are flat and their body is stiff.

Again, knowing how to calm down an aggressive cat requires that you know what is causing the aggression. First of all, if there is no obvious cause and it is out of character for your cat, take them to a veterinarian to rule out health issues. Once that is clear, evaluate the situation.

Is it a fear reaction? Were they just playing too rough? Is it directed at another cat? Are they being territorial?

If the aggression is based on fear, you need to work through the steps above. However, if their aggressive behaviour is linked to play, you need to stop playing with them in that manner.

You can redirect their feistiness to a toy such as a stuffed animal. If the aggression is towards another cat, then give each cat their own space in the house. That includes litter, water, and food. Then you can slowly move them back together. This would help with territorial issues as well.

How can i instantly calm a cat

How to calm down a hyper cat

Some cats are just naturally energetic and overactive. If they do not grow out of this behaviour at about six months, you will want some strategies to calm your cat down.

See if you can identify the source of their hyper behaviour by evaluating a few things. First off, take them to the vet for a thorough examination to make sure there is not an underlying cause.

When deciding how to calm down a hyper cat, think about your interactions with them. Do you play with them regularly? Is their litter box clean? Are they regularly groomed? Do they have a lot of chances to cuddle with you?

Try providing extra toys and playtime for your cat to burn off that energy. Start changing their litter daily as they might be stressed from a dirty bathroom. If they are not grooming themselves properly, you might need to assist with a warm, damp washcloth. And ensure that you are available to have a lot of contact with them for snuggling.

What aids are available?

If none of the above strategies help, you may want to experiment with different calming aids. Using these aids, how can I instantly calm my cat?  There are a wide variety of them available and one of them might work for your situation.

Certain vitamins are known for their effects on the mind and body. There are treats available that boost the levels of these vitamins which may help your cat relax. They can be used as needed or as part of a regular routine.

There are herbal remedies too. Some companies make safe, effective sprays that work within fifteen minutes of application. They contain herbs like catnip and rosemary. They also come in drops that can be added to water or put on their paws.

You can even use an oil diffuser with the right essential oils and pheromones to help your cat calm down. Some are specifically formulated for this very reason. 

If you travel lots with your cat, there are wipes that can be used on them. They contain a similar formula to the ones mentioned above.It may be time that your cat learned to have a collar. There are calming collars that keep essential oils and calming pheromones near your cat’s nose all the time.

There are cat anxiety sweaters available in different sizes. They are safe and effective and often dramatically relax the cat. This strategy may help when cats are going to be placed in stressful situations such as vet visits, nail trims, or moves.

Finally, remember your body language. If you appear relaxed, confident, and calm then your cat knows that they are safe. Do not underestimate your ability to be an anchor for your anxious cat.

How Can I Instantly Calm My Cat? Conclusion

Dealing with a stressed, hyper, or angry cat is no fun. As a cat owner, it helps to know what is causing the behavior and what you can do to support your cat.

You need to know how can I instantly calm my cat so that you and your cat can have a healthy, relaxed life.


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