How Long Can Sugar Gliders Go Without Food?

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How Long Can Sugar Gliders Go Without Food Will Surprise You?

Sugar gliders are exotic pets belonging to the marsupial infraclass. They are adorable, small, and omnivorous. For their small size, they are required to be fed frequently. If you plan to buy one, you may want to know how long can sugar gliders go without food as you cannot always be around the pet.

The exotic pet has a preference for sugary food like nectar and sap and can glide through the air, so they are called sugar gliders. They need to be fed quite often with fresh fruits and vegetables rich in protein.

Though they should never be left without food and water, if left only with water, they can survive for 3.5 days. And when fed after a long gap and to a massive diet, they may develop an intestinal blockage. Knowing what and how to feed the sugar gliders can come in handy when caring for the exotic and charming pet.

What do sugar gliders eat?

A sugar glider’s diet should contain vegetables, fruits, and water. Make sure ¼ of their diet contains protein. The exotic pet prefers sweet-to-taste food items such as carrots, sweet corn, grapes, figs, bananas, mangoes, pears, and more.

For protein, you can feed them with boiled eggs, tofu, chopped cooked meat without sauces, and spices. Dry cat and dog food can also be included in the diet but should be served sparingly as they may not meet the nutritional requirement of the pet.

Sugar gliders are picky eaters that may cause a nutritional deficiency in them. Know what sugar gliders eat before you adopt a pet, for they call for some real extra care.

What not to include in Sugar Gliders Diet:

Loving and caring for your pet sugar gliders should not be mixed with overeating. A balanced diet and treats can keep the pet happy and healthy. While feeding the pet, make sure you are not serving food items that are high in fat, sodium, sugar, citrus, and low in nutritional value and calcium.

Other food items that should never include in the sugar gliders’ diet are:

  • Bird seeds
  • Caffeine
  • Fruits pits
  • Garlic
  • Lettuce
  • Rhubarb
  • Apple seeds
  • Onion
  • Chocolate
  • Lima beans

Playing with the pet is the best thing you can do to show love and affection. You can teach them tricks and spend quality time together.

How Long Can sugar gliders Be Left Alone without Water?

 Sugar glider owners should ensure the safety and good health of their pets. While you cannot be with the exotic pet all day as you may have work to do, meet friends, party, and may have to travel at times. When leaving sugar gliders to survive on their own in the cage, make sure there is enough water to keep them hydrated.

Extreme dehydration in the sugar gliders can cause sudden death. It will surprise you to know how long can sugar gliders go without food is not the same in the case of water. Sign of dehydration includes loose skin, sunken eyes, reduced energy, dry mouth and nose, seizures, abnormal breathing, and more.

In the case of dehydration, the sugar gliders should be given water using a needle-less syringe, and a veterinarian should be consulted. You won’t have to worry about how long can sugar gliders be left alone if you provide them with safety and enough water and food in their cage. Leaving them outside the cage is probably the last thing you would want to do.

How do set up a Sugar Glider Cage?

The ideal size of the sugar glider cage is nearly 24X24X36 inches. If you buy a wired cage, make sure the space between the wires is less than ¼ inches as the pet can escape. Sugar gliders like to climb the cage and stay up, so a tall cage would work wonders for the pet.

To ensure the pet’s safety inside the cage, wrap it with chicken wire to cover all the sharp ends. You can keep the cage over a table or in a quiet place inside the house. However, the sugar glider cage should be kept at 18-24 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight.

For storing food in the cage, use bird dishes that can be clipped on the cage. Also, keep a bowl for storing water. Your exotic pet may take some time to adjust to the new cage. Ensure the dishes are not complicated for the pet to use. Store the dishes high in the cage as the sugar gliders are more comfortable climbing and eating.

Place a nest box and soft clothes like fleece for the sugar gliders to relax and cuddle inside the cage. To keep the pet entertained, you can place some toys that are not small enough for the sugar gliders to eat. Hang some birds, PVC tunnels, and exercise wheels to keep them busy all day.


Gliders are exotic pets that call for some extra care and comfort. Taking care of them is not easy as owners have to look beyond how long can sugar gliders go without food to ensure the pet is getting enough love, care, happiness, exercise, water, and rest for good health. A depressed and alone sugar glider can fall ill and die. They like to be cuddled and even feel happier traveling in their pocket.

It is always better to have them in pairs as they seek a companion. It is safe to have two sugar gliders in one cage. They will play, tease, and cuddle each other when you are away. Adding toys and accessories in the cage is also a great way to keep them active.


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