How To Trim Hamster Teeth?

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How To Trim Hamster Teeth?

In this article, we will see how to trim hamster teeth. Hamsters are one of the dearest creatures, and they are also family creatures that are good. Of course, there are several types of hamsters available for home breeding, including dwarf Hamster Teeth, long hair hamster, Syrian hamster. As long as they are brought up properly and given good care, they are great family friends and also easy to care for. They are active at night, but they can also be active during the day. They run from time to time and thus expend their energy, so they are not recommended for those who do not sleep soundly.

It is always necessary to warn the Hamster Teeth with your presence, before touching or lifting him, if he is asleep you should gently wake him. They can also provoke allergic reactions in some people, but they are not really aggressive creatures, even though they know how to bite. They can live up to 2 or 3 years, do not require special care, but are still an obligation especially for young children. If you want to make your children happy with such a gift, you need to educate them about care, because these creatures can die for many reasons.

Despite their appearance and insecurity, hamsters are very good and smart, and also good rodents! They have large and sweet cheeks that can hold a large amount of food. Their greed is especially interesting, and at the same time it makes them cute creatures, so you can find many videos on YouTube of how these creatures eat to the point of drowning from food. In fact, they store food in their cheeks so that they can eat it later. The front teeth of these rodents grow constantly, but they are smaller than the lower teeth, ie the lower teeth are sharper. The lower teeth are a third larger than the upper ones.

Hamster teeth broken, is it bad?

Many of these pets, mice, hamsters, etc., have problems with their teeth throughout their lives. But, if your pet is happy and fills his day by biting various objects in the cage, biting toys in the cage, but also food that is hard, we advise you that there will be no problems with his teeth. But there is a great danger that your pet will get sick, so his teeth become soft or become soft if they grow too big, so the tooth clipping process is needed, but if they are healthy you will not need to trim them. You should observe your hamster, if he stops eating and chewing, then you should be informed about the consequences or in this case it is best to go to a veterinarian.

If you decide to do this process yourself, which we assure you is not an easy process at all, you must do it carefully. But if you are doing this for the first time, then it is best to go to the vet where he will show you how to give you further instructions. You, with your insecurity and inexperience, can do a lot of harm to your pet in trying to save him. For many, this act is ugly, because you have to cut your pet’s teeth, and it is not a tasty act at all. If you have done that, if you have calm hands and patience, then you too can perform that process. So, hamster teeth broken, you should worry!

Hamster teeth overgrowing and hamster teeth growing into brain!

If you know how to trim hamster teeth, you still need to follow a few tips that will be crucial in a successful operation.

The information about “hamster teeth growing into brain” is actually true, they can grow that big! Before starting the operation, you need to take a towel or towel to put your pet inside. In terms of this operation, it is best done with a few people, preferably two. One should hold the pet while the other performs the operation. The one holding the hamster should hold it by the neck, so that the hamster does not turn its head, because their heads are elastic. A nail clipper is a sufficient tool to perform the operation, but when cutting, you need to make an angle that will move towards the mouth. Of course, you need to get him to open his mouth, and before that you also need to prepare, so that all this does not stress the hamster.

Also, when you are already cutting, try not to cut the tongue or part of the hamster’s cheek, and for that you need to make sure that your pet is calm and relaxed. Do not cut both teeth at once, but do your best with one tooth and then the other, because if you do it on both teeth, there is a possibility that they will break. Then you can smooth the incisions so that the tooth does not look illegally cut. That way, you will know that the operation is successful, but we warn you that this operation is difficult and can pose a risk to your hamster.

Healthy hamster teeth

In order for your pet to have healthy hamster teeth, you should really pay attention to its diet. Look for a food that’s reach in calcium. If the hamster has too large lower teeth, it means difficulty in closing the mouth, ie unnatural position of the mouth, which can lead to leakage of saliva, which the hamster will lose as fluid from its body. Therefore, this seemingly naive thing can lead to other more serious diseases. That is, the hamster will have difficulty eating, all of which can lead to anorexia and death. Such a hamster will only suffer, will be constantly under stress, will not poop and will refuse to eat food.

Unfortunately, these creatures have only one pair of teeth in their life, ie they can not regenerate like tarantulas, for example, so caring for them is very important. But after the hamster is born and even grows, its teeth constantly grow. Their teeth are similar to our nails, although we can take care of them and cut our nails, the hamster cannot do that, so it needs help. Sometimes, their teeth become too big even for their mouth. There is also a disease called Malocculusion that can occur if a hamster bites a metal or tree, such as a cage, and injures its teeth. And he does not do all this by accident, but because he did not have enough calcium in his diet before.


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