What Walls Can Spiders not Climb?

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What Walls Can Spiders not Climb? Number 3 Would Surprise You

If you have listened to or paid attention to pop culture, you would probably have been told that spiders can climb all kinds of walls. After all, they are spiders and they are meant to be master climbers of any kind of surface bar none. Regardless of the height, difficulty, and barricade, a spider is expected to be able to climb the wall successfully without any impediments, or so we thought.

So, in spite of the expertise of a spider in terms of climbing walls, what walls can spiders not climb? Are there supposed to be any?

Now, forget what you think you know already about spiders and their amazing ability at climbing all sorts of walls, the truth is there are some walls that spiders cannot climb.

You have to agree that no one has everything, and this applies to these amazing arachnids and their wall-climbing prowess too. After all, they can’t climb every wall, and we would be sharing with you the walls they can’t climb below.

What Walls Can Spiders not Climb


  • Ice Walls


While it seems as if a spider can climb virtually all kinds of walls you can think of, one of the few types of walls a spider would fail at climbing is an ice wall. Just like its name, an ice wall is a wall made of ice, and they are usually found in the coldest parts of the world, e.g. Iceland.

Since ice walls tend to melt into liquid forms, it becomes very difficult for a spider to be able to climb this kind of wall. After all, the spider would require a solid base that it can hold on to while climbing, and this is a condition that is not available on ice walls.

These walls keep melting and changing every minute and this means the spider won’t be able to get a hold of this kind of wall and execute its perfect climbing. Hence, it can’t climb this kind of wall.


  • Honey Blocks Walls


Another type of wall that a spider is unable to climb is the Honey Block wall. Honey Blocks walls are made of honey and they are quite similar to the ice walls in some aspects, only that they are much more difficult to climb for any insects, including the usually flawless spiders.

The reason for this is actually very clear for everyone to see, isn’t it? Okay, if you still can’t get the gist, here is why. Remember honey is supposed to be slippery and sticky? Yes, since honey is sticky, its block would also be sticky and when a spider attempts to climb it, there could be only one outcome;


It would get stuck in the block. Getting stuck means it can’t move at all, and it would probably get drowned and dead in the end, and this is why a spider can’t be successful at climbing a Honey Block wall.


  • Walls with an Overhang


There are some walls that a spider would climb easily on a normal day, but when you add extra features such as an overhang to such walls, it becomes nearly impossible for a spider to be able to climb it.

This is why you would find it hard to see a spider near any wall with an overhang. Overhang is always built as an extension to a wall, but it is always designed to come with a slippery slope that is more customarily more than 90 degrees.

Regardless of the surface that it is built with, when a wall has an overhang, it makes it nearly impossible for a spider to climb it as the spiders are not able to grab the underside of walls, and this is why they probably would fail at climbing walls with an overhang.


  • Walls with Cactus


Another type of wall that a spider would not be able to climb is a wall with cactus. If you want to prevent spiders from climbing a wall, one of the smartest things you could do is to insert cactus blocks in the walls.

This works perfectly and you can be sure that spiders won’t be able to climb the wall. In the rare cases where a spider is successful in climbing such a wall, it would probably die.

This is because a wall with cactus hurts spiders in the process of climbing, and most of them would do well to stay off it, and in case they can’t move away from it, it ends up killing them.


  • Lava Walls


The Lava wall is another form of wall that a spider would not be able to climb. Just like the honey blocks and ice walls, a lava wall has elements in place that would naturally prevent a spider from climbing it. While the honey block wall is sticky and the ice wall is wet and slippery, a lava wall would burn the spider and kill it. This is one of the major strategies that people have put in place to prevent the encroachment of spiders on their walls and it works just fine.

What Walls Can Spiders not Climb Conclusion?

Spiders could be one of the most stubborn sets of living organisms sometimes as they try to climb and set up walls in every wall they can find. There is no denying the fact that this doesn’t sit well with a lot of people and they try as much as they could to stop these arachnids from climbing their walls.

If you have asked yourself at some point; what walls can spiders not climb? Then, you now have the answers, as spiders won’t be able to climb any of the walls we have listed above no matter how much they try.

Apart from the ones above, it has also been proven that spiders cannot climb some other walls, including the ones with flowers, water, and fire, and this explains why most of these surfaces are mainly put in place by folks who are trying to curtail or destroy the influence of spiders on their walls.


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