Why do dogs jump on you? Here’s the Best Way to Deal with it

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Why do dogs jump on you? Do you have a dog who likes to jump on you or other people? For pet owners, this gesture is no big deal. Our dogs are just excited when they see us especially when we get home.

But what if your dog likes jumping not just on you but on other people? 

There are instances when pet parents are out for a walk and they find their dog jumping on strangers. To some, it’s scary especially if a dog leaps onto a child or an elderly person. Even if your dog is friendly, other people may find her frightening if she’s big and powerful. The jumping may cause other people to fall and worse, to suffer from injury. Why do dogs jump on you and how will you stop it?  Why do dogs jump on you when you get home? Here, we compiled all of the possible reasons dogs do this act and what you can do to prevent your dog from jumping on you or others.

Why do dogs jump on you?

3 Reasons Why Dogs Jump on People

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You got an active dog who simply likes to jump

Some breeds are more energetic than others. Examples of high-energy dog breeds are Golden Retrievers,  Afghan Hounds, and Siberian Huskies. They always have the instinct to work or move and one of the things they do that satisfy this drive is by jumping.

Spending enough time for exercise can ward off stress. In general, high-energy dogs need at least an hour for exercise. A simple game of fetch in the yard will entertain your dog for hours. It stops them from their instinct to keep moving around. Combine physical exercise with mental stimulation to tire out your dog and eventually stop her from jumping.

Why do dogs jump on your back? Your dog might be seeking your attention and to her, there’s no better way to do it than surprise you with a jump on your back. Teach her that sitting is a better way to welcome people. Reward her with some treats and tell other people, like your house guests to do the same.

Do you still wonder why dogs jump on your back despite training her? Remember that some dogs can be more stubborn than others. It may take a while to train them not to jump but with consistency, your dog will learn that sitting is better than jumping when it comes to seeking their “hoomans” attention. 

It’s your dog’s way of trying to communicate with you

Did you know that dogs greet each other through their noses? A dog may sniff the snout of other dogs to communicate with them. Do note that dogs are selective when doing this ritual. They will not do this unless they are comfortable around you or they don’t feel like you are a threat. 

Similarly, they do that with people just because they want to greet them. Since humans are taller than dogs, it will not be easy for them to read human cues unless they jump. By trying to get to your level, your dog will not have difficulties communicating with you.

Have you ever wondered why dogs jump on you when you get home? It’s because your dog misses you when you’re gone. As with humans, dogs can feel emotional feelings and they may feel sad when they don’t see their owners. Separation anxiety is a behavioral concern that can be treated in several ways. You may exercise more often to prevent boredom and train your dog to stay calm each time you leave.

If you suspect the jumping is caused by stress, check for symptoms of separation anxiety. Dogs normally show this by pacing incessantly and feeling like they need to escape from your place. There are various treatments available for canine separation anxiety. You have to schedule an appointment with your vet so your dog will get the right treatment.

They can’t behave around other people

Why do dogs jump on strangers? This scene might be familiar to you when you have visitors at home. The jumping might be accompanied by barking and howling. If you have visitors coming over, it’s much better to confine your dog in another room. For family and friends, tell them to ignore the dog so it will not get used to getting noticed each time she jumps over people.

Confining your dog in another room is a safer option so your guests will not be uncomfortable. Try to do this even before other people come in, especially if your dog is the type who jumps on people if you believe it can harm young ones. It’s not easy to understand why dogs jump on strangers but it’s just better to be prepared for it than deal with the unlikely consequences.

Dogs might jump when they feel uncertain around certain people. To dogs, strangers are more like a threat and the barking or the jumping could be your pet’s ways of alerting you. Making your environment more foreseeable will lessen your dog’s stress and lack of confidence around certain people. 

Why do dogs jump to your conclusion?

Dogs jumping on people may come for different reasons. Your dog may not have bad intentions doing so, but it’s best to teach her that jumping is not an appropriate way to show her excitement or to welcome other people. If you have a large and powerful dog, train her not to jump while she’s still young.

Training your dog not to jump on you or other people isn’t as easy as it looks, especially if you have a pretty active and stubborn buddy right there. This is why dog trainers recommend training your pet early. Ignore it and tell your friends and family members to do the same. Positive reinforcement is the key to training your pet successfully. 

If you’re still curious why dogs jump on you despite all your efforts training her, consider changing your approach. As dog trainers always remind pet parents, it will take lots of patience and time to retrain your dog.


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