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With our fur baby’s soft and warm fur coat covering their bodies from ear to tail, it makes the perfect breeding ground for fleas and ticks. But don’t worry because there have been tons of products for you to choose from for which dog flea and tick control is the best!

6 Best Flea Treatments for Dogs

Best Flea Treatments for Dogs You Can Find in the Market

Fleas and ticks are quite possibly the most common and most recurring parasitic infection that any dog of any walk of life can have. They’re insects that feed on your dog’s blood and cause a broad range of health problems such as allergic reactions and serious diseases. 

Bites from these parasites cause itching in dogs. However, for the ones who are sensitive and flea-allergic, these bites may cause much more severe complications such as hair loss from severe scratching and chewing, inflammation, and other secondary skin infections. 

Not only that, aside from irritating your dog to no end, they can also infest your home and yourself. You might be catching yourself scratching your head at times, which indicates that you may have contracted some of your dog’s fleas. 

Given all of that, it’s incredibly important that we, dog parents, take action as soon as possible the moment that we see our dog scratching more often than normal. Fortunately, there have been a lot of developments in flea control products. Listed below are some of the options you can choose from: 

Types of Flea Control Products

best flea treatments for dogs
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Topical Flea Control 

These are products that you apply directly to your dog’s skin. Common areas that are applied on, which are called “spot-ons,” are the space between the shoulder blades or at the base of the neck. Ingredients that can be commonly found in these types of flea control products are fipronil, methoprene, imidacloprid, permethrin, pyriproxyfen, and moxidectin. All of these help eliminate fleas, ticks, and even mosquitoes. 

Flea Shampoos

best flea treatments for dogs
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Shampoos are usually used as a temporary reprieve from the itchiness that your dog is experiencing. Using this will help wash away adult fleas and their eggs but only for a short period of time. Given that, flea shampoos are not enough to completely eradicate an infestation or keep the fleas from returning. To maximize its effectiveness, leave the shampoo on the skin and coat for at least 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly. Should you choose this as your sole flea control product, make sure to treat your dog more frequently. 

Flea Sprays

best flea treatments for dogs
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If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive flea control product, you can make use of flea sprays on your dog. They usually contain ingredients, such as pyrethrins, which enhance their effectiveness in eliminating fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes as well. Some also include some insect growth regulators to prevent the immature stages of flea from developing and reproducing. There are also some that make use of natural ingredients such as citrus oils and other plant extracts. 

Oral Flea Control

best flea treatments for dogs
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Some dogs may be uncomfortable with having topical ointments applied on their skin and coat – some dog parents also have the same sentiments for their dogs. If you’re one of them, oral flea controls are available for your pet. Common ingredients seen in oral flea control products include spinosad, nitenpyram, and milbemycin oxime, some of which eliminates fleas within an hour. 

Given all these flea control product types, here are the 6 Best Flea Treatment for Dogs:

best flea treatments for dogs
Image From Marcus Wallis

Frontline Plus

FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs has been trusted by veterinarians for flea and tick control for dogs for nearly 20 years. Made with 2 tough killing ingredients, fipronil and (S)-methoprene – one to kill adult fleas and ticks and the second to kill flea eggs and larvae – this fast-acting, long-lasting protection provides flea and tick control for dogs and puppies 8 weeks and older, 45-88 lbs. Its long-lasting formula is stored in the oil glands of the pet’s skin to give non-stop flea and tick protection for a full 30 days. 

Sentry Capguard

Sentry Capguard is an oral flea control medication available over-the-counter to consumers. This easy-to-dose tablet begins working within 30 minutes. It cuts out the mess and does exactly what you need it to do: kills adult fleas fast!

TropiClean Natural Flea and Tick Dog Shampoo

TropiClean Flea & Tick Shampoo Plus Soothing kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes by contact, while cocoa helps to soothe irritated skin. This natural essential blend contains nature’s most powerful pest fighting ingredients, maximized with lemongrass and sesame oil for long lasting effects. This natural formula is safe enough for routine pet baths.

Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Capstar (nitenpyram) is a fast-acting flea treatment tablet for use in dogs and cats that starts killing fleas in only 30 minutes. A single dose of Capstar kills 90% of adult fleas within 4 hours for dogs and 6 hours for cats, ridding your pet of these pesky parasites. Capstar is for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens 2 pounds of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age or older.

Zuba Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs by MDX Concepts

There is no need for any sort of internal ingestion by your pet. The spray is to be applied externally and ensures that nothing harmful can reach your pet’s bloodstream while using it. It is 100% organic and causes neither short-term nor chronic damage like traditIonal pesticides. Rub your pet’s coat in the opposite direction of hair growth and directly apply the spray. The formula works the best when massaged into their coat until the product reaches the dog’s skin.

Bayer Advantus Soft Chews

Advantus (imidacloprid) soft chew is used for the treatment of flea infestations on dogs and puppies ten weeks of age and older, and weighing four pounds or greater. This is an especially suitable option for dogs with food allergies as it contains no animal protein. This product starts eliminating fleas within one hour and achieves greater than 96% effectiveness against adult fleas within four hours.

There you have it! The 6 best flea treatments for dogs that you can find in the market. Have you found which dog flea and tick control is the best for your dog?


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