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How Can You Tell If Cat Is In Pain? Cat Hurts

How can you tell if cat is in pain? Well, most pet owners don’t notice because cats are good at hiding their pain even when they are already suffering. We all love the mysterious nature of cats; however, they wouldn’t be able to tell it to us when something’s bothering, or they fell something. That is the reason why pet owners should be very observant if their cat is showing signs of hurting.

Even treatments would rely on the pet owner’s observation. Like when bringing the cat to the veterinarian, cats would be less likely be themselves when they are away from home, even us, we can’t do things on someone else’s place that we normally do in our own home. In any case that you think your cat is in pain, here are some signs or symptoms that you may observe and notice when your cat is in pain.

The Cat Is Missing

The most common thing that you fail to notice is not noticing your cat. If you realized that your cat is missing, that it no longer comes around you, it doesn’t climb up that cat tree anymore, and they don’t jump up on the bed like they usually do, it’s a sign that they’re in pain. When you start noticing that your cat is not around, or mostly hiding but they used to be very active, it’s most likely that this is one of the cat pain symptoms.

Litter Box

One of the signs of pain in cats and how can you tell if cat is in pain is if you notice that the cat stopped using its litter box. If your cat is around 5 months to 1 year old and it always uses the litter box but one day your cat suddenly started going the bathroom or outside the box, it might be one of the cat pain symptoms. Even though the box is usually 4-5 inches and your cat refuses to climb on it, this might be a sign of hurting.

How Can You Tell If Cat Is In Pain During Grooming 

How can you tell if cat is in pain through grooming? Often cats will also stop grooming themselves. You may notice the cats can’t keep itself in great condition because it simply hurts for it to bend around in those twisted ways to clean itself. On the other hand, if you observed that your cat has increase in its grooming it might also be one of the signs of pain in cats, skin problems or cat pain posture.

Less Playful 

How can you tell if cat is in pain through playtime? Being less playful could also be one of the signs of pain in cats. When you can normally call your cat and play with it all this time but suddenly, one day it would try to run away from you when you try to carry it, it becomes snappy and mean or bite you for no reason when you just want to pet her, those are possible signs that your cat is feeling something wrong, especially when it last long.

Normally, there would be a day that your cat just doesn’t feel like playing or just don’t want to be touched. That is why as a pet owner, you must observe it after several days if your cat will return being playful and being friendly with you. You must also be aware of the cat pain posture.


Eating habits. Loss of appetite is a very common indicator that something is wrong, either your cat just doesn’t like the food, or they are feeling something wrong which is why they won’t eat. This sign can be observed to everyone not just cats. However, it’s always be best to observe and try to give your cat a different food to see if it would eat. You can’t just assume that your cat is in pain just because it didn’t eat its favorite food.


An increase in vocalization or howling is common for cats when experiencing conditions such as high blood pressure or hyperthyroidism. Vocalization is one of the common cat pain symptoms. So always be mindful when your cat makes noises. 

Changes On Weight 

How can you tell if cat is in pain?

Weight loss and weight gain. Changes on weight is sometimes unnoticeable due to cat’s thick fur. However, it’s also a factor to consider. If you know that your cat always eats and finishes up the food you give but for some reason, you can see that it is becoming skinny and you can prominently feel its ribs when you lift it, something is wrong. If you feel like your cat is heavy since the last time you pick her up. Obesity can be a serious health concern for cats as it may lead to joint disease


We all know that cat’s vomit, and most pet owners would say that it’s normal. Vomiting once or twice a year is fine, however, vomiting once or twice a week is not good and there is a problem. This problem may not be very bad at first, but it may be harmful on the future if not properly addressed.

How Can You Tell If Cat Is In Pain Conclusion

Those are some signs that you should learn and know how can you tell if cat is in pain. Observing how your cat behaves and noticing changes will help to know if something’s wrong with your cat. It’s important to check with your pet occasionally and don’t expect something super obvious before consulting an expert.

It’s better if we can identify illness of the cat early on and help them. If you think your cat is in pain, never give your cat any medications. Instead, call your veterinarian and describe the signs of pain you have noticed so they can help you figure out the best mode of treatment.

It’s best to bring your pet to a vet, at least once or twice a year. Don’t just bring your cat in just because you notice some signs that your cat is in pain. Always consider having your pet checked occasionally.


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