Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mushrooms?

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Can Guinea pigs Eat Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are a vegetable that is available in many forms and is used in many diets and diets. Although they are considered vegetables in science, they are not plants in the true sense. They belong to the fungi family, but unlike the others, they are eaten and that makes them a good benefit, especially since in many cases they appear as a good substitute for meat.

But here we will not discuss this information related to mushrooms, but we will dwell on the question can guinea pigs eat mushrooms? We will answer immediately that they can eat, but still there is a danger that they will be poisonous and the guinea pig is not tolerant towards them. Of course, no one would want to feed their guinea pig with poisonous mushrooms, because it is deadly in a short time.  

If you come from a specific country where specific mushrooms grow, you should first educate yourself about them and what they contain, and then include them in your pet’s diet. Your veterinarian or local vendor can also help, where and where you get the food. Recommended are those mushrooms that are in markets, but fresh and not frozen. However, it is best to avoid these foods and not give them to guinea pigs. However, it is not so simple, let’s see what these mushrooms contain and whether they are really harmful, also we should as the question “Can guinea pigs Eat Mushrooms / celery?”

Can guinea pigs eat mushrooms and what is the benefit from it?

 Some love these pigs Eat Mushrooms, while others smell and reject them, especially because of their smell. However, we should keep in mind that these creatures have different tastes, just like humans, and still prefer a certain type of food. This is most noticeable when you try to change their diet, ie add a new type of food that they will find difficult to accept. If they really chose mushrooms, then that’s a good sign. Because mushrooms are low in calories, have almost no sugar and calcium, but also have a low nutritional value.

  • Low In Calcium / pigs Eat Mushrooms?

Calcium is a mineral that is important for the guinea pig diet. Adult guinea pigs have a lower need for Calcium because they are already grown, so large doses of this mineral can harm them. Calcium in the body combines oxalates and thus crystals are formed, which are in the form of stones and are the cause of abdominal pain. In this sense, mushrooms contain a small amount of calcium, so it is not a big danger, more precisely about 1mg.

  • Potassium / pigs Eat Mushrooms? 

Potassium is also a mineral that is important for the diet and nutrition of this pet. Sufficient amount can improve the heart, muscles and health of your guinea pig. However, if there is little intake of this mineral, it can lead to muscle pain and cessation of the respiratory system. Mushrooms have the ability to produce potassium, containing 350mg per 100 grams. Mushrooms in this sense stimulate the growth of guinea pigs and their health.

  • Fiber / pigs Eat Mushrooms?

Another compound that plays an important role in the life of the guinea pig is fiber, which is very important for the digestive system of your guinea pig. That is, it contributes to good digestion and processing of food and less odor of feces. It is a fact that they will be more empty, but that is good for them. Constipation is the word we use to describe the bloating of guinea pigs, and that is exactly what fiber prevents. Mushrooms contain 1 gram of fiber per 100 grams. True, this does not look like much, and it does not seem to be anything special. However, the high level is compared to other nutritional values ​​of the mushroom.

What can guinea pigs eat / pigs Eat Mushrooms?

There are many answers regarding the question “What can guinea pigs eat?” Although we agree that guinea pigs need a lot of vitamins and nutrients, mushrooms still have those ingredients. However, it is not so easy, because a large dose of mushrooms can be bad for your pet, especially if they are taken from the wild or are poisonous. Mushrooms are a type of fungus, and there is a big difference between them, because there are different families and species. They differ in appearance, poison and nutritional value. Some are good, but some can be toxic. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. The mushroom itself, when growing, has the ability to collect the surrounding toxins from the soil where it grows, so they are dangerous.

For many of them we do not have data on whether they are eaten, because knowledge of mushrooms requires prior education and experience. Separating safe and dangerous mushrooms is difficult, many of them kill immediately, while others produce psychotropic effects. Therefore, it is best not to experiment with wild mushrooms at all.

Can Guinea pigs eat Celery and other Vegetables?

Guinea pigs need a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C. Deficiency of vitamin C can contribute to the decline of the immune system and Scurvy disease. Therefore, it is advisable to give them foods rich in vitamin C. But, unfortunately, mushrooms contain a small amount of vitamin C, almost not at all. Only 2 milligrams in an average mushroom, but it also contains 0.02 milligrams of vitamin A. This is bad information for your Guinea pig, as these vitamins are key to their bone health and boosted immune system.

But, with vitamins, it should not be exaggerated, because of course they will receive them through the usual food that mainly contains hay. To give them a high level of vitamin C, while not giving them a large amount of food, it is best to give them yellow peppers, not mushrooms. Celery is full with vitamin C, and that’s why it should be given 2-3 times a week.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mushrooms or Can Rabbits Eat Mushroom?

Potential poisoning by poison is the greatest danger of mushroom consumption. It is therefore important to choose exactly which mushrooms are given to these pets. For example, if you live in a city, you always have access to fresh mushrooms from the market and the market. Mushrooms can also cause an allergic reaction, as guinea pigs have different organisms and different immune systems than humans.

pigs Eat Mushrooms conclusion

If you notice anything strange in your guinea pig, you should tell your local veterinarian and report the history of the food you have used in their diet. The most obvious symptom would be the strange behavior of a guinea pig and bloating. I hope we answered the question can guinea pigs eat mushrooms, and it is the same answers regarding the question “can rabbits eat mushroom?”.


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