Can Rabbits Eat Oranges?

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Can Rabbits Eat Oranges? Only as a Treat


An orange is the fruit of various citrus species. It is the most common and popular citrus fruit you will find in the market. An orange is round and have those little holes on its surface, and well yeah, it color is – orange. Its juice tastes superb, particularly with a breakfast. Oranges are favored for their natural sweet taste. Can rabbits eat oranges? Oranges, just like several other vegetables and fruits, are safe and fine for a bunny to eat. Oranges naturally have great health benefits in them. This particular kind of fruit has vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals as well, like carbohydrate, potassium, foliate and more.

Your rabbit can eat all parts of the orange, but don’t offer them. Some parts of the orange are not good for your bunny. We are talking about oranges as a treat to rabbits. Let us begin! 

Vital Information on Feeding Rabbits Oranges 

More frequently than not, your bunny would like it if you offer oranges to them. If you decide to offer them a piece of an orange, they would repeatedly play around with it first before munching on it. If you desire to keep your bunny healthy, restrain it to having no more than quarter of the fruit. Giving it once after six days is enough for your bunny to enjoy a diverse meal. Doing so will supply additional nutrients and protection to your bunny. It also stops hairballs from being established in your bunny’s gut.

Although orange fruit is highly defined for us human beings, it is not a daily source of food for bunnies. It has all the mineral, vitamins, water content and fiber that he needs but it will still generate damage on your bunny health system if it is offered to him on regularly.

An orange fruit is rich in acid. Therefore, if you keep on feeding rabbits oranges, his stomach will in time suffer. It might suffer from mouth ulcers too. An orange is also high in sugar. That is why bunnies love it so much. The next time that you feed your bunny with an orange pulp, you will realize that he becomes easily excited. In time, your bunny will get addicted to it and will cease to eating its regular food.

Furthermore, in moderating the intake of orange to your bunny, make sure that the orange that you are giving to your bunny has no seed in it. Or else it may cause stoppage to the respiratory tract of your bunny.

An orange peel is more preferred treat to a bunny than the pulp itself because it is healthier. The orange peel is known to provide higher than four times as much fiber than the pulp. Besides, it contains more nobiletin, tangeretin, flavonoids and anti-inflammatory properties too. To wrap up, an animal study done on 2004 indicates that the nutrients the orange peel contains are so much better in minimizing harmful cholesterol than some drugs.

A veterinarian advises rabbits to be fed with foods that are low in protein and rich in fiber. That being the case, it would need a lot of water, grass, hay, fresh vegies in its everyday meal. Make sure that all food is fresh lest it can destroy your bunny’s digestion. Occasionally, you can feed him with treats like fruits for extra nourishment.

Can rabbits eat oranges? After reading the vital information on feeding rabbits oranges, we hope you can make a valid decision on whether to feed your bunny oranges.

Health Benefits of Oranges to Rabbits

You by now know the answer to the question, “can rabbits eat oranges?”
Here are some of the health benefits of oranges to rabbits

Orange helps in digestion: oranges contain a large amount of pectin (a soluble fiber) that aids in digestion. It can alleviate your bunny’s constipation, lower their cholesterol levels, and enhance the blood sugar levels.

The magnesium, calcium and potassium in the orange supports the bones, nerves, and joints. Oranges also have vitamins B6 and B 12, which are best for the body’s metabolism.
Oranges are well known to be a healthy food containing vitamin C, which is the best element to boost your bunny’s immune system. It aids fight and stop disease that your bunny may face.

When Can Orange Be Bad for Rabbits?

Although oranges have health benefits to your bunny, there are times when the same fruit is considered bad. So, when can orange be bad for rabbits?

When the orange is unripe; make sure the orange you want to feed your bunny is fully ripe. You can check it by tasting it. In case the pulp is sweet and juicy, then you can offer him the treat. 

Rabbits Eat Oranges

Feeding your bunny, too many oranges is considered bad. Give him in moderation.

Can rabbits eat oranges? No, not for rabbits who have diabetes. Oranges will affect their blood sugar level. 

Seeds of oranges have hydrocyanic acid, which is toxic and highly poisonous chain blocker. The seeds are used mostly in pesticides. By just from this information, you should avoid feeding your bunny the seeds.


Can rabbits eat oranges? An Orange is contemplated a healthy fruit rich in minerals and vitamins. Yes, rabbits can feed on oranges. However, it would be a great idea to moderate your bunny’s orange intake to just little bites. Make sure to peel the skin of the orange off and have the seed removed because they are highly poisonous and harmful to the bunny’s health.

Because oranges nutritional value to bunnies is limited in contrast to other fruits and vegetables, they do not need to be main diet of your bunny. Rather, oranges should be given sometimes as treats, not as food substitution. Even though we concluded that rabbits can eat oranges, we should keep in mind that different bunnies may respond differently. This what we got for you. However, always reach your bunny’s vet to get more advice on how much orange to offer your bunny.


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