Can Rabbits Eat Radishes?

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Can Rabbits Eat Radishes: Things to Watch Out For


Radishes are associated with mustard family, have a crispy texture and have an enjoyable flavor, and are frequently quite popular between people, who mainly prefer to eat the vegies raw in salads. The most popular type have red skin and white flesh even though there are other types of radishes available such as black radishes and French breakfast radishes. Radishes provide several essential nutrients such as proteins, dietary fiber, vitamin C and oxalic acid.

So, if we can eat radishes, can rabbits eat radishes?  In this article, we will be answering that question along with looking if radish greens are healthy for bunnies, too. By the end of this short guide, you will know everything you need to decide if radishes are a good adding to your bunny’s diet. Read on for helpful tips and feeding recommendations, too.

Notable Things When Rabbits Eat Radishes

Small Quantities of Radish

 The main diet for a bunny is hay or grass. They have to acquire the high-fiber intake their digestive tract. A high amount of water is essential, radishes should be offered to bunnies in small quantities. Don’t allow their stomach be full with this vegetable. Make sure your bunny is full of their main food, then offer them these vegies once in a while. Slice it and offer it once after six days.

Diarrhea and Bloating Issues

Too many radishes could lead your bunny into diarrhea and bloating stomach. It is due to the high amount of acid and starch that radishes vegetable contains. So, when you initiate the radish as a new meal, offer in small size first. Observe the reaction in 24 hours. In case there is no issue that occurs, you are at liberty to give it again later. Don’t overfeed your bunny.

Radishes are good for your bunny because they are source of nutrients. So answering can rabbits eat radishes and need attention to some things.  Radish contain vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and many more. These nutrients are very essential in supporting your bunny keep active daily and their development, such as for the teeth and bones.

Feed Your Bunny Radish Leaves Too

When you want to feed your bunny the radish, you probably consider offering him the leaves as well. The radish leaves are good for him but don’t offer a lot of them at once. You should cut the leaves into small pieces. You can mix the leaves with the low oxalates green leaves such as carrot tops, cucumber leaves or raspberry leaves. It is advisable that you never mix the radish leaves with the high vegies, like the spinach, beet green or mustard greens.

Select the fresh organic radishes 

The radishes you want to give to your bunny should be fresh and organic. Don’t think of using leftover radishes from your salad, besides, it was dressed with salt. Maybe, you also bought the radishes from the supermarket. The dried radish has a lot of carbons and sugars. So, we don’t advocate you to offer the dry radishes to your bunny. Dry radishes have less nutrition than the fresh one. Therefore, the fresher the radish, the better for him.

Wash the Radishes Thoroughly 

When feeding radishes to rabbits, it is recommended to wash them up thoroughly to remove any chemicals like the pesticide. Wash it with running water, without soap. Just ensure that the skin and the leaves are free from the chemical. Any contents of chemical entering the body of your bunny could cause sickness.

When feeding your bunny, you should understand that his digestive system is extremely sensitive. It’s easy for him to get bloating, or other stomach issues and even diarrhoea. Therefore, when you observe a problem with his stool, just stop any new meal. Don’t worry anymore about can rabbits eat radishes or not since the answer is, it is okay to feed them with radishes.

Conclusion: Rabbits Eat Radishes

Coming back to the initial question, can rabbits eat radishes, yes indeed, rabbits can eat radishes in moderation and not daily staple food. Moreover, make sure to initiate radishes slowly and in small quantities to prevent stomach issues and diarrhoea. Always, observe the reaction of your bunny especially the stool. If your bunny doesn’t show any discomfort or loose stool, you are at liberty to continue addition the radishes to your bunny’s diet. 

Rabbits enjoy eating vegies and what you feed your bunny is entirely your responsibility. Your bunny may likely eat everything and anything.

Rabbits can eat both radish tops and leaves, just ensure you wash them up thoroughly to remove any chemicals like the pesticide. Make sure the radish you are offering to your bunny is fresh and organic, avoid feeding him leftovers from your salad. Thank you and we hope you can now feeding your bunny radishes freely.


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